Age difference: should it matter?

A lot of men are puzzled when they get the letters from the ladies who are 12-25 years younger than they are. So they ask a lot of questions and now it’s time to explain why young ladies write to older man and why they are not afraid of age difference.

For European and American men it is a little bit strange when younger lady show the interest, at first it may frighten but then as usual they get used to this. Why it is common? The different mentality, culture, way of life and, of course, a social aspect.

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For the ladies who are in their early twenties or even they are 18 or 19, it is not common to start the relationships with the men who are over 50. However, age different under 20 years will not frighten them. So you may try to build the relationships and don’t worry about the age difference in dating.

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When does a bride become an old maid?

To answer this question we need to talk about life and culture of women in Ukraine. As usual women would like to create a family and to have children, they are ready for this much more earlier than the men there. The Ukrainian men don’t think about the family life and children at the age when the women do. That’s why single ladies look for the older men who are ready to build strong family relationships.

Now about the age. An average 22-23 years old lady starts to think about the family and she is in the active search. Her relatives and friends ask all the time if she is dating to somebody. If she doesn’t, they try to hurry her up. If she dates, then there is the next question when the wedding will be. It is normal for women here to get married under 30 and a lot of women are in a hurry because they don’t want to be an old maid.

But it is very important to understand that men older that 50 or 60 have very little chance to get married to 18 years old lady. It’s better to use filters and check the ladies’ profiles who are in their thirties or forties. All the ladies look great and they are attractive. To be realistic is a very important thing if you are serious in your search.

However, there are some situations when the ladies won’t be afraid by the big age gap. As usual, when a man is very rich or famous but it is not common. When you are looking for a life partner it’s better to care about acceptable age difference.

Don’t forget that Ukrainian ladies over 25 are more serious. By this age some of them have already been married and have a child as well.

If you decide to find a lady and to create a family with extremely big age difference, think carefully about the future problems. There is no doubt that right now you are full-width of energy and you feel young and love gives you wings. But later the couple may have problems when you have different aims, goal and lifestyles.


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Expert opinions about couples and marriages with big age difference


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When we meet a couple with big age difference, we ask ourselves a lot of different questions. First of all, it is curiosity, why are these people together, what do they have in common? Especially when we meet couples with extreme age difference when a men looks like a grandfather. What make the lady to be with this man? Frankly speaking, it is not our business, if the couple is happy. The scientists say that children who were born by couples with big age difference are mostly talented and intelligent.

There are a lot of well known couples whose age difference make people talk about them but they prove that they are happy and love each other.

Among the celebrity couples are George Clooney & Amal Clooney: 17 years, Jay-Z & Beyoncé: 12 years, Jason Statham & Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley: 20 years, Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones: 25 years, Princess Charlene & Prince Albert: 19 years, Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart: 22 years, Alec Baldwin & Hilaria Baldwin: 26 years, Emma Heming Willis & Bruce Willis: 23 years, Rod Stewart & Penny Lancaster: 27 years, Rupert Murdoch & Jerry Hall: 25 years.

What is she looking for: maybe experience?

It’s difficult to argue that in such couple each partner get something. Now it’s time to understand what it is. Let’s talk about the ladies first. Of course, they are looking for a mature man and would like to have comfortable life that may be suggested by the older foreign man. But what about spiritual side? The older man can suggest the lady feeling of security, protection and support. So what the man gets back? It’s great to be together with a young lady who shares with you energy, positive and gives you power. The older man close to a young woman becomes younger himself. It’s possible in the age difference marriage to think about children and to become parents. Both a man and a woman gets benefits when they decide to join youth and experience.

What is she looking for: maybe experience?

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Age difference in marriage


5 years difference in marriage


  • It is a perfect age difference, when a man is 5 years older than a woman. In this case both are on the same level of maturity and mentality; because a woman often gets mature life views earlier than a man.
  • Usually, in these conditions a man has managed to get some life experience and he is more responsible concerning relationships and marriage.
  • Couples with a 5 years age difference usually have more children.


  • There may be a big probability that one becomes a complete leader while the other one becomes a totally leaded in relationships with 5 years age difference.
  • It may be very hard to maintain such relationships, that’s why it is advised to pay a serious attention on these matters.

10 years difference in marriage


  • When a man is 10 years older than a woman, usually a man manages to build his career, he stops depending upon the opinion of his family and relatives, he becomes more independent in his decisions.
  • Having bigger life experience than his younger wife, the man can build relationships which are based not only on emotions, but also on understanding of female psychology.
  • 10 years age difference permits man to avoid those mistakes which are usual for young men in the beginning of relationships.
  • This man is more patient with his wife, he is wiser in solving problems.
  • Such man also has bigger sexual experience and it plays an important role in relationships with his younger wife.


  • If there is a 10 years age difference in relationships when a man is older and a woman is younger, it is clear that such relationships will require making constant efforts to maintain them, to make them long-lasting, stable, strong.
  • Both, man and woman, should be ready to work hard to keep fire between them and bring this fire during their life together.

15 years difference in marriage


  • It can’t be a big problem if a man and a woman want to start relationships and create a family, but have a 15 years age difference.
  • In such a situation in man’s organism all necessary hormones for happy and successful relationships turn on.
  • A young wife will always inspire her man during their life and it is a guarantee that she will feel loved and cared next to him.
  • Such marriage also has many chances to become happy and successful if both man and woman pay attention to their personal self-development.


  • Relationships with such age difference can be called as fateful.
  • If both are ready to get rid of all doubts and hesitations and give everything to each other, then it is possible to become happy.
  • If you are not ready for such serious steps, then a happy-end won’t happen.

20 years difference in marriage


  • The marriage with 20 years age difference can be rather harmonious.
  • In such relationships woman may rely on understanding and support from her man who is stronger and more experienced.
  • From the other side, a man who gets married with a 20 years younger woman often starts feeling better and looks much younger.
  • A young wife shares her youth and energy with her husband.
    There are many examples of happy relationships when a man is 20 years older than a woman.
  • These women don’t regret about their choices because they are loved and cared by their older men.
  • For a woman it is just necessary to understand very clear what she may get and what she may lose in the marriage with a man who is 20 years older.


  • The marriage with this age difference may be seriously affected by a social attitude, gossip and prejudices from people around. It may cause stress which can influence relationships.
  • A young wife also should realize if in the beginning of relationships her older man has a certain charm of maturity and experience, but in course of time his considerable age may cause health problems.
  • It is necessary to understand that sexual life with an older man won’t be so active as it could be with a younger man, especially over the years.
  • The chance to give birth to a child decreases significantly because an older man either can’t become father physically or simply does not want to have a small baby at his age.

25 years difference in marriage


  • In many cases couples with 25 years age difference have a happy and stable life. In this instance a man is mature, confident, he realized himself in professional sphere, he is financially independent.
  • The man is able to provide a happy, comfortable life to his wife and children if they decide to have them. It is a case when a young wife next to older man will feel safe, loved and surrounded by comfort and care.
  • The woman may not worry about financial or professional problems, she has the possibility to concentrate on home, family, children. In such marriage a woman has a wonderful chance to become a real keeper of a home fire for her family.


  • A man who is much older than a woman may become not only the head and leader of the family, but with the passing of time there is a risk he may convert into a real dictator who does not hear and consider his wife’s thoughts and opinions.
  • There is also a chance that a young wife may feel boring next to an older husband and she may want to communicate with her peers.

30 years difference in marriage


  • When there is a 30 years age difference between a man and woman, often roles in such relationships are enough clear - he is older, she is younger, he is strong and mature, she is fragile and weak. Such distribution of roles gives a woman the feeling of comfort and safety.
  • Man is significantly older, more mature and experienced, he may become a Pygmalion for his young wife. It will be always interesting to be next to such a man.
  • Usually men at the age of 50-60 are very romantic, they like courting the lady, make surprises for her, giving her emotional and spiritual food.
  • It rarely happens in relationships with young men. In marriage with such age difference a young wife can be showered with attention, care, tenderness. She will be spoiled and pampered.


  • The mature age also carries certain problems usually connected to the health of the older husband.
  • In the marriage with older man the woman should have a lot of patience, compassion and tact.
  • She should be not only a wife, a house keeper but also a nurse in some degree.
  • A caring attitude is expected from her side.
  • She will need to help her husband to keep healthy life style, support him, inspire and bring joy and brightness into their life.

Experts say that an age difference is a great thing. It’s the combination between the experience and the youth, everybody brings to the relationships something new and something very important. It is a good chance to get what you don’t have and to share what your partner needs. David Brass is an American psychologist, who talked to more than 10 000 men and women around the world, found out that men, there is no difference where they were from, preferred mostly younger women and they would be happy to be with a young lady.

In fact, when people meet and get married that is not important what the original reason to look for the age difference love and marriage. If you marriage is based on love, happiness, trust and support, the ideal age difference for the couple won’t matter.

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