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Site Ideas

  • COVID-19 Diagnostic Test for my lady

    I would like to order a COVID-19 Diagnostic Test for my lady through your agency. It would be nice to have the possibility to order the both types of the test: IgG and IgA that show, if a person has immunity to Coronavirus. So the lady can find out 1) if she went through a clinically silent COVID-19; 2) if she may go through active phase of the illness now.
  • Displaying times

    It would be a lot easier when you displayed the times ex: chat times it would be nice to see AM or PM
  • French version of the site

    Hi UaDreams Team, I see you have Italian and German versions of your site. But there are some french guys like me who would not be fluent in English. Would you consider the possibility to build one french version of your site ? Would you consider the possibility to suggest french lessons books to ladies ? Would you consider to have French translators ? I would understand the difficulties and big jobs to do it... And the refusal... Please let me know. Thank you in advance. Best regards.

  • Translate website to Spanish

    Spanish is the third more spoken language in the world and is the second more spoken in the USA. So i think you could reach a lot of millions people all over Spain and America with an spanish translation better than an italian or german one. Thanks.


  • Organisation of mailbox into «conversations»

    I'd like the ability to sort my mailbox by things other than just the date... Or... better still... The ability to view my mailbox in the History view (especially showing the photos on that page too) is awesome. It's almost like being able to organise it all into "conversations", the way gmail works for example. Also, the ability to tag emails to categorise them is nice too (sort of like putting them in folders). But I'm a lot more interested in being able to categorise/tag the entire conversation with a lady, rather than the individual emails. So the ability to tag each conversation on the histroy page in my mailbox would be great. Then I'd also like to be able to sort those "conversations". I hope this all makes sense and you like these ideas. Thanks!

  • Simpler options for purchasing services - «dream credits»

    Hi there. Sometimes i feel like the options we have for purchasing services (emails, chat minutes, photos, videos) are all kinda complicated. We have to buy all these separate things and decide how we're going to use them before we buy them. I think maybe you've recognised this because you've given us the option of exchanging some items for other items (eg. exchange 1 email credit for 1 photo credit), but I propose what I think might be a better alternative. Why don't you let us just buy "credits" or "points" and then we can spend the credits or points as we see fit whenever we want to. Instead of calling them email credits, photo credits, video credits, etc, why don't we call them "dream credits" or something like that. So maybe an email is 2 dream credits, a video is 2 dream credits, a photo is 1 dream credit. Or something like that... When we go to the shopping page on your website, instead of buying emails, videos, photos etc. we just buy dream credits. I've got $100 to spend here, that gets me 40 dream credits. Oh and look at all the cool things I can do with those credits later when I figure out what I want to do. I really hope you like this idea, and I'd love to see you implement it very soon. Thanks!


    I was thinking whether certain type of Payment can be made via SMS. This would mean the person wanting to do the minimum payment i.e. 10 Pounds or 10 USD or 10 EUR, would pay by sms. How this payment can be done is simple, there is a sms number. The subscriber to the website writes their I.D. number of their profile and payment is made via SMS. Many websites have this sort of service. I hope this would be considered.

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