Dating tours to Ukraine: Departure & Arrival

Meeting at the airport

We offer our own service to transfer you to any place in Ukraine. Car pick up by UaDreams works in the following way:

You provide us with details of your flight (flight number, time and date of arrival). UaDreams representative meets you at the arrivals gate of the airport. He or she will be carrying an A-4 piece of paper with your name on it. UaDreams provides you with a mobile number of the office.

UaDreams representative will accompany you by car, which is going to be waiting for you on a parking lot of the airport, to your accommodation in Ukraine.




When you cross the Ukrainian border you must fill out a customs declaration. It's recommended to declare valuable items and money you bring with you in Ukraine.

If you need to bring more than $10,000 in cash you will have to obtain a special form from the National Bank of Ukraine. The process can take up to several days. Note that you cannot leave the country with a sum more than stated in the declaration you have filled out upon arrival. Do not lose your entry declaration, as a custom office has the right to confiscate all your valuable items, including cash.

You can bring the following items with you in Ukraine duty-free: alcohol (1 liter of spirits and 2 liters of wine); cigarettes (200 cigarettes or 200 grams of tobacco or cigars); foodstuff for private use; personal belongings and toiletries; gifts.

There is a list of prohibited items you cannot import or export. The list includes weaponry, radioactive and other harmful materials; printed materials, films, records, scripts and other stuff containing propaganda of war, racism, discrimination, etc.

Upon departure from Ukraine your customs declaration will be carefully examined. So it's better not to forget to declare all your valuable items upon arrival and to keep all the receipts for purchases in Ukraine.


Bus transfer is yet another option for you to reach Branch offices from the international airport. Riding a bus has got its pluses, as well as minuses if compared with airport car pick up service.

Riding a bus saves you money. You can bring as much baggage with you as you want, though for an additional fee. But bus schedule is not flexible, it won't wait for you if your plane is late, or if you take too much time to pass through passport control. Bus makes only a few 15 minute stops.

For long journeys, train is the preferred method of travel in Ukraine rather then by bus. Carriages are old and the network in need of updating, but services are mostly punctual.


Airport and Branch Transfers

UaDreams will be happy to be your best car transportation service solution. We are able to provide the highest quality service to our members.

Our chauffeurs are highly trained, and all have many years of driving experience. They always greet you respectfully, offer to carry your luggage, and open the door of your car for you. They are friendly and professional, and most importantly, excellent and safe drivers, with the best track records in the business. All our drivers are thoroughly screened. You will be impressed.

To book Airport Transfer, please contact  UaDreams Members Service.

Map of our branches in Ukraine

The distance between our branches and airports

Dear Members, besides local Ukrainian flights you can also take a train to the branch you need. We have well developed railway system. You may also order a car transportation. This service is offered in case you purchase a trip package, please see our  Trip Packages and Prices.

If you need additional information about local Ukrainian itineraries, please, feel free to  ask our trip manager.

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We also can book airtickets for you

In order to provide the maximal convenience and save your efforts during the preparation of your trip to Ukraine, we book air tickets for your flights throughout Ukraine and internationally.

When you are planning to travel by air, getting the cheap air tickets is one of the prime considerations. Air tickets can make for a significant part of the travel expense and getting cheap flights tickets could mean saving quite a good sum of money. That's why we book tickets at low rate so that you could stay within a reasonable budget for your trip.

Please, kindly consider that the cost of trip package doesn't include the price for tickets.

Also we kindly ask you to inform us about dates of your trip in advance, so that we could guarantee the best flight option for you.

One way

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