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Ukrainian ladies

  • Are all of these ladies real?

    Yes, all the women on UaDreams.com are real and actively trying to find a foreign partner for marriage or a long-term relationship or marriage. Our employees stay informed about each lady's current situation in her romantic life so we only list the girls who are searching for a partner.

    How do your ladies receive letters from men?

    When you write a letter to your lady we translate it and invite your lady to pick it up in our office or deliver it to her by any other convenient means. The lady writes her answer and we translate it and send it to you. In case of her refusal in correspondence with you, our agency will not charge you and return your e-mail credit.

  • Do your ladies have to pay for your services?

    No. All services for our ladies are for FREE.

  • How do personalities of Ukrainian and Western women differ?

    Ukrainian and Western women have both common and different personality traits. For example, they love shopping and chatting like all women in the world do. The main difference between them is that Ukrainian women are much more domestic and housewifely than Western ladies are. Ukrainian women don't put career on the first place in their life. Family is the most important thing for them. They are partners, not competitors.

    Ukrainian women are well groomed, stylish, educated and intelligent. They take good care about their look. They do sports and don't eat much junk food. They make much effort to be healthy and shining.

  • What do Ukrainian women think about interracial marriages?

    There isn't any prejudice towards such interracial dating. They don't condemn somebody else's marriage to a person of a different race. There are many foreign students of different races in Ukraine and many ladies get married with them and have children.

  • Why do the ladies on our site prefer foreign men

    First of all we want to assure you that the majority of Ukrainian women looking for foreign men are NOT desperate just to find foreign husbands or immigrate from Ukraine. Those women are usually well-educated, attractive and smart. It would be mistaken to think that they are after the Green Card or passports. They seek compatible partners. The point is that women in Ukraine want to have family and children, and this is the main reason pushing them to seek for mates elsewhere, since in Ukraine there is officially only 87 males for 100 females.

  • Do I have chances with a much younger lady?

    This is where Eastern European women differ from other European and American women — the age of the partner they prefer. Family is very important to them. They are typically attracted to men who are years older than them. They look for stability and someone who will be a good father and can provide for a family.

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