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Testimonials & reviews

Dear Gentlemen, here we are happy to present you the testimonials of the members who have found their soulmates with help of our Marriage Making Agency.

Here they express their opinion, experience and suggestions for those who are looking for a second half in another country, as well as appreciation to the company and staff.

Please read our ladies' testimonials about UaDreams, reviews of our agency as well — they are also very happy to be with our agency! Some ladies' testimonials you can also find in How we take ladies photos.

We are so proud of what you, our dearest members,
are saying about us

Just look at these people and their sincere gratitude towards us. Each employee of our company invested a part of his or her efforts and talent, to help you to find your dream!

Keith: I promise you will not regret it!

I am writing this testimonial to my fellow UaDreams members who would be considering a trip to Ukraine. Let me first start by saying that a trip like this was complete out of character for this man from Phx, Az in the US. I was invited by such a beautiful woman that I just couldn’t resist. While the first time here I set up my own travel plans and traveled with my brother, I can say next time I visit I will use the agency.

Guys, I want to tell you that my translator Natalia was so much more than I could have hoped for. She greeted me as I exited the car and calmed my nerves with her warm smile and wonderful nature. I was so relieved that she understood exactly what this experience much be like for a stranger in a far of land who is meeting someone special face to face for the first time. Natalia spent the day with us and made the experience one of the best of my life. Thank you again, Natalia!  From what I have experience here in country I can sum it with one statement: "the women of Ukraine are this country’s greatest treasures!"

If you are for one second considering an invitation from someone special you have met here on this site or if you would like to meet several beautiful women, all I can say is "DO IT". I promise you will not regret it!

Keith / USA Uadreams review
Keith / USA
21 May 2018
trip to Kremenchug

Karl-Heinz: This is my 3rd trip together with the Uadreams

After a situation of not believing in love any more I found with the agency the lady of my dreams and love.

We chatted and wrote several weeks and months and with the help and organization we met this weekend at Cherkassy. We fall in love and we plan to stay together in Germany and marry this year.

The service of this agency is very helpful and unique.
We thank UADreams very much for making our dream alive.


My name is Karl-Heinz and this is my first trip to Cherkassy and the 3rd trip together with the Uadreams. All together I spent here 4 days in Cherkassy and I can say that Ukraine at the moment is very safe, the people that I met here are very friendly, we met a lot of wonderful people here. I've met the lady of my dreams.

I had a wonderful service by agency and interpreter. They took care of me, beginning from when they took me in the airport, they brought me to this town which is around 2.5 hour away from Kiev. We had a wonderful trip here and spent a wonderful time and I met the lady of my dreams for 2 days. I was able to see the city, all important places around the city, we also visited several restaurants.

The food is very good here, the restaurants are very good and I can only say the company and the agency took very very good care of me. And I am very happy that finally I met the lady of my dreams and I thank the agency very much and I recognize and I suggest to all people that see that video and are looking for the perfect match to come here to Ukraine to go with UaDreams for your trip and come here and find the lady of your dreams.

Karl-Heinz / Germany Uadreams review
Karl-Heinz / Germany
20-23 February 2015
trip to Cherkassy

Latest and fresh testimonials date by date

AF: It is all true. It is not a scam

Dear uadreams

I am writing to thank you for the meeting I had today with my lady.

First I would like to say I had my doubts about your agency before and I was not sure whether all this was true or whether I was being scammed. Now, I know all was true and I am very pleased with your service. Your translator was very friendly and helpful too.

I hope to see this beautiful lady again and I hope this is only the beginning. There is a difference in age, but, who knows I may be lucky enough to win her heart. I will work on it because she melted my heart and made me want to live again.

I would like to ask you not to put our photos together on your website please. I am happy for you to put this thank you to uadreams, but under the name AF or something else.

Finally, I read some comments in the past putting bad reviews on you. I will in the future reply to some of these comments and tell the truth about the excellent service I received from you. It is all true. It is not a scam. If someone put a bad review then this was their failure and not your fault. People will have to remember that you are a business after all and you need to charge money to continue your business.

Once again, thank you. I am very grateful to you.

6 May 2019

Edward: I was extremely pleased with service provided

I was extremely pleased with service provided. They exceeded all my expectations. My meeting with my lady went well and I look forward to seeing her again.

It is my first time here and I am surprised by the quality of service that I received. Very happy and satisfied with translation and very happy to have met my lady.

Edward / USA Uadreams review
Edward / USA
3 May 2019
trip to Odessa

Takuma: Support staffs did their best even in very short time

This first meeting means emergency schedule with her effort to meet me. However, she and support staffs did their best even in very short time in 2 days.

Our translator, Yana did nice support and care.

Above all, the lady took her best day-off in her busy schedule of her medical work in hospital. Even only for few hours. I was very glad to share my moments with her.

— Hi!
— Can you tell me a few words about your trip to Ukraine?
— Well, that was very interesting for Ukrainian tradition and culture and kind of I'm inspired of the local city. I loved very much.
— Thank you. Did you like the hotel?
— Oh, yes. Actually I booked it by myself my hotel, but it was very clean and very cozy to stay for a week.
— Did you like the translation services?
— Yes, I liked it. The quality of translation service during the first meeting with her.
— Would you like to back to Ukraine again?
— Yes, well, actually, im planning come to Ukraine again in December, I think so.
— Thank you.

Takuma / Japan Uadreams review
Takuma / Japan
1 May 2019
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Daniel: It was great trip to Kharkov

It was great trip to Kharkov. I had very good conversation with my lady. It was good atmosphere. And the translation was excellent. And the translator Alyona was very kind and helpful. I liked all. It was good to be here and meet my lady. Thank you!


Daniel / Germany Uadreams review
Daniel / Germany
26 April 2019
trip to Kharkiv

Steve: The interpreter was very helpful like

The lady was wonderful and the interpreter was very helpful like "cupid".

Enjoyed the company and I would recomend this agency.

Steve / Australia Uadreams review
Steve / Australia
22 April 2018
trip to Poltava

Trevor: I believe she is a wonderful, genuine girl

From the very beginning of my trip I felt very unsure. Slowly as I acclimated to my lady and our interpreter Marina. Marina was very helpful in our “Ice Breaking” stage. It was hard having a 3rd person on a date, but soon enough, everything went seamlessly. The girls are both very kind and helpful!

We have seen many places in Sumy. When I come back we will explore places outside of Sumy. Spring time allowed us to walk around the city late at night. We had a picnic in the park and floated on a raft in the pond. Sumy is so beautiful! My lady and I have learned a lot about each other and I believe she is a wonderful, genuine girl and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Trevor / USA Uadreams review
Trevor / USA
21 April - 5 May 2019
trip to Sumy

Masayuki: It was very friendly place

Everything was fine. It was very friendly place, so I could relax. Thank you very much!

Masayuki / Japan Uadreams review
Masayuki / Japan
20 April 2019
trip to Lviv

Detlef: Lady was overwhelming

Nice restaurant. Lady was "overwhelming" with this special situation — for my impression. Translator was perfect!

Detlef / Germany Uadreams review
Detlef / Germany
19 April 2019
trip to Kharkiv

Glen: Both teams were very professional and caring

Thank you to Daria and the team at UaDreams Kiev for their warm welcome and introduction service. As a result of close collaboration between the Kremenchuk and Kyiv offices I was able to meet the woman of my dreams! Both teams were very professional and caring of bringing my lady and myself together and helping us continue to build our relationship now and a promising future.

Glen / Canada Uadreams review
Glen / Canada
18 April 2019
trip to Kiev

Christopher: Warm, friendly people

Warm, friendly people made my experience very positive and comfortable. Thank you.

Christopher / USA Uadreams review
Christopher / USA
13 April 2019
trip to Kiev

John: I was very happy to have UaDreams to help me

Overall I am very pleased with UaDreams. I have been particularly only interested in one woman here and my intentions were to meet her and get to know her more personally. I was very happy to have UaDreams to help me get to know and actually meet in person someone I may have not even had the opportunity to meet and/or get to know. Thank you UaDreams for helping me with my Dream to find my soulmate!

John / USA Uadreams review
John / USA
12-15 April 2019
trip to Nikolaev

Bruno: It was not my last trip to the Ukraine

In general everything was fine.
The translator (Kate) made an excellent job.
It was a pleasure to meet "my" lady.
We will see if we meet us again in the future — I hope so. Time will tell!
Other thing I know, it was not my last trip to the Ukraine.

Bruno / Switzerland Uadreams review
Bruno / Switzerland
11-13 April 2019
trip to Sumy

Edwart: All was succesful

The first time in Kremenchuk I felt me good and in helps of the Agency Agent she helped me very well in all things not only transportations but in all others asking from shops until Markets. I felt me shaped. With the lady will be closer in a Relationship. So all was succesful. Perfect.

Edwart / Germany Uadreams review
Edwart / Germany
11 April 2019
trip to Kremenchug

Earl: All feel comfortable and able to relax

I had a great time. Oksana did a wonderful job. She made everything between my lady and me. All feel comfortable and able to relax and be ourselves. I am forever grateful to Oksana and her help over this past year in her help in bringing my lady and me closer together. Thanks again!

Earl / USA Uadreams review
Earl / USA
10-25 April 2019
trip to Zaporizhia

Alessandro: Very serious service

I had a very good trip. The lady has been sweet, traduction (translation) service very helpful. Now only future knows what will happens.

P.S. very serious service.

Alessandro / Italy Uadreams review
Alessandro / Italy
8 April 2019
trip to Rovno

Fabio: Congratulations UaDreams!!!

Congratulations to the company UaDreams for the benevolence and sincere philanthropy and magnanima for the social service and support the Ukrainian children, wonderful benefits the human life, this makes the Ukraine a model for the world. However the work of loving security and happiness for the beautiful Ukrainian ladies true soul mate women who contribute their feminine charisma and beauty.

Fabio / Brazil Uadreams review
Fabio / Brazil
8 April 2019

Member: I’ve met a beautiful, spontaneous girl

My visit to Poltava was wonderful.
I’ve met a beautiful, spontaneous girl. Loved my time. Had a lot of fun.
Translator was very nice. Translation was very good.
I’ll be back.

Member / Netherlands
6-7 April 2019
trip to Poltava

Peter: Without the interpreter we would never had the chance to communicate

I had a nice introduction to the lady at the branch office. Without the interpreter we would never had the chance to communicate, nor to get to know each other. Thank you for your services.

Peter / Sweden Uadreams review
Peter / Sweden
5-7 April 2019
trip to Zaporizhia

Stuart: Ukraine is worth the visit, the people are great

Everything was great. Translator services were beyond excellent. Hotel was convenient. Ukraine is worth the visit, the people are great.

Stuart / USA Uadreams review
Stuart / USA
5 April 2019
trip to Rovno

Josh: I really enjoy my time here

So I really enjoy my trip in Nikolaev. Liubov she is very helpful during the trip and I really enjoy my time here. So I look forward to coming back to Nikolaev.

Josh / Canada Uadreams review
Josh / Canada
5 April 2019
trip to Nikolaev

Hilario: I find the lady be elegant, sincere and beautiful

Kremenchug is a smaller city a few hours from Kiev. I found the branch office to be helpful and supportive. The translator picked me up at the hotel. Translation was accurate and effective. Also, before the lady arrived we spoke about cultural matters that helped me understand the women’s opinions. I find the lady be elegant, sincere and beautiful. I will certanly return in the future. The experience was very positive.

Hilario / USA Uadreams review
Hilario / USA
4-17 April 2019
trip to Kremenchug

Larry: I’m very pleased with the level of support I have received from UaDreams.

Thank you so much for instilling the positive reinforcement for my experience.

So I will just say Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you.

I know my experience here is going to be everything positive. I truly feel blessed as a man to be able to experience this level of unconditional love from a distance. It has been my truest level of positive experience to say the least. It is my opinion that the Ukrainian culture as a whole is the closest thing to a Paradise on earth. The ladies are so humble to disagree because of the internal perspective of so many negative personal experiences because of poverty or because of government corruption.

But I know for sure I will find my future wife Lover and best friend here on uadreams.

I can attest first hand everything I have experienced here has been nothing but positive experiences with every one of my communications.

I’m very pleased with the level of support I have received from UaDreams. Very truly and sincerely Larry

Larry / USA Uadreams review
Larry / USA
4 April 2019

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