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Testimonials & reviews

Dear Gentlemen, here we are happy to present you the testimonials of the members who have found their soulmates with help of our Marriage Making Agency.

Here they express their opinion, experience and suggestions for those who are looking for a second half in another country, as well as appreciation to the company and staff.

Please read our ladies' testimonials about UaDreams, reviews of our agency as well — they are also very happy to be with our agency! Some ladies' testimonials you can also find in How we take ladies photos.

We are so proud of what you, our dearest members,
are saying about us

Just look at these people and their sincere gratitude towards us. Each employee of our company invested a part of his or her efforts and talent, to help you to find your dream!

Tim: Being completely honest, I did not want to leave Ukraine

I thank UaDreams dearly for all of their help during my latest 3 week trip to Ukraine. My lady's translator (from Nikolaev), Natali, was again wonderful (and a great singer!), and I greatly appreciated their long 11 hour travel by train to meet with me for a glorious week in Kiev. I am glad that I was able to get them a room in one of the most glorious hotels in Kiev. In Poltava a lady again, was wonderful and I again had a lovely visit with another lady. Without a doubt in my mind, the better the translator, the better the dates. The translator Marina in Poltava was wonderful and ended my trip to Poltava smiling. The translator Elena in Kiev was equally as wonderful as we turned a planned few hour date into a near all night evening of fun, that was substantially greater than we both had anticipated. It was one of those "wow" moments in life we dream about.

Though I had some sad moments with relationship decisions, I also had incredible happy moments. I mostly thank Irina in Poltava for getting me an incredible apartment to stay, and moving me to another apartment when water was being shut off to the building for several hours. Though the water shut off was not a concern for me, it was for Irina and I can not thank her enough and I regret not going to the agency and thanking her in person.

Obviously, Kate has been the most incredible trip coordinator, again. It is exciting to come to Ukraine where the food and the ladies are the best in world. I only wish you had an agency in Lviv, where I stayed for a week. Ahhhhh, I love Lviv…though it was sad to be there alone. Can I marry a city?

I don't know what will happen, in the long run with any of the ladies in Ukraine, but I can definitely say that my 2 trips there are 2 of the best trips of my life. Being completely honest, I did not want to leave Ukraine. That is how comfortable and happy I was in my trip. I feel more relaxed in Ukraine than I do in my hometown in America. I don't know what that means, but it means something special. That statement says something special about Ukraine and about UaDreams. I learned to read in Russian, but I forgot to learn Ukrainian in Lviv. Oooops.

Having been to Kharkiv, Poltava, Cherkassky, Nikolaev, Odessa, Kiev, and Lviv, I found out that I know more about Ukraine than most of the ladies I met. Does this make me Ukrainian? Hah

Thank you from deep within my heart. 1000 air kisses to all.


Tim / USA Uadreams review
Tim / USA
27 October 2015
trip to Kiev, Nikolaev, Poltava

Phil: There was nothing hidden from me

[I] Was very skeptical of online dating service. When I did search on google saw good and bad, but the bad was not at all bad. When I got here, agency picked me up at airport and got me to the hotel with no problems and made sure everything was good before driver left.

Everything was as the agency stated. There was nothing hidden from me. Translator was very good and enjoyed every minute of my visit. The choices of restaurants were very good. This is my first time abroad and I would do it again. I feel very safe and comfortable with this agency. If you have doubts, you shouldn’t! The agency is one of the best I have found and very pleasant with everything.

All the negative comments that come up when you search this agency is from men that want everything for free. Companies can’t stay in business if everything is for free! Prices are reasonable. I would recommend this agency to anyone that asks me. Thanks again for for your services and help.

Phil / USA Uadreams review
Phil / USA
11 August 2014
trip to Sumy

Latest and fresh testimonials date by date

Xavier: Todo muy bien, perfecto

Todo muy bien, perfecto la guia muy amable y muy bien, todo genial muchas gracias.

Everything is very good, perfect, the giude is very nice and very good, everything is brilliant, thank you very much.

Xavier / Spain Uadreams review
Xavier / Spain
1-2 September 2019
trip to Ivano-Frankivsk

Dave: The experience was excellent and the trip was fan

I am happy to made the trip to Rivne. The experience was excellent and the trip was fan. The translator really helped everything run smoothly and was great to set up special occasions.

Also the translator made it easy to interact with the lady and survive in the city. I had an amazing trip and plan to return soon.

Dave / USA Uadreams review
Dave / USA
31 Aug. — 4 Sept. 2019
trip to Rivne

Tim: UaDreams did a great job introducing me to my partner

UaDreams did a great job introducing me to my artner. They were even ready to make last minute adjustments on the day of the meeting. Lol, I was on my best behaviour, and we all had some nice sushi at a nearby terrasse.

Thanks guys, for making this a smooth process.

Tim / Canada Uadreams review
Tim / Canada
31 August 2019
trip to Ivano-Frankivsk

Luis: I been delighted to get to know her and find what a great girl she is

Good day to you and this message is to let you know that I really happy with your services and the great attention to details and your help also.

But what I am the most happy is finding my lady, I been delighted to get to know her and find what a great girl she is.

My self I got pass all the misconceptions about using an agency and was not inmune to the negative exposure that is out there, but I always liked how in a very classy way you guys are educating people about the misconceptions and you guys always are there to defend yourselves. I like that.

What has win me over is the beauty, grace and integrity of my lady and your grace also in dealing with problems.

I been around so I have a wider perspective on things.

Thank you for everything and even that some many beautiful women have contacted me I concentrated in one, is been difficult because I love women, but it gets to a point that you need to settle down as a person.

My best

Luis / Mexico Uadreams review
Luis / Mexico
26 August 2019
trip to Mykolaiv

Bailey: It’s feels like Heaven here

I had awesome time here with my lady and the translator was good as well. I can’t wait to come back to meet my lady. We don’t know when but will be soon. Had a lot of fan with her, she makes a perfect match and my lady agrees to. Everything went so good my lady can’t wait for our next meeting or to see each other for another week of fun together we make up. Thanks a lot UaDreams what a perfect time we had together. A dream come true. It’s feels like Heaven here, but will soon be back. I had the time of my life the best yet, with my peach.

Bailey / USA Uadreams review
Bailey / USA
24 August 2019
trip to Lviv

Michael: She looks better than her photos

The flight was normal and long. Live in Kyiv Apartments. The apartments are fine.

Meeting was wonderful and looked forward too hearing her voice.

She looks better than her photos but I look mine in personality and inner beauty.

We ate at Beef Restaurant and shopped at Gulliver.

We exchanged information - Viber.

I came to meet my lady only, not interested in none at this time.

I hope to see her again.

Michael / USA Uadreams review
Michael / USA
23-25 August 2019
trip to Kyiv

Daniel: She is amazing, perfect, excellent

She is amazing, perfect, excellent.

Daniel / USA Uadreams review
Daniel / USA
22 August 2019
trip to Lviv

Michael: She has been very nice just like I expected her to be

I have been very satisfied with the help of translation and other things from Kate. She speaks a very good and understandable English. So I am very satisfied with her!

The lady I have met here I have known for a very long time. And she has been very nice just like I expected her to be. And we have so far had a good communication. And I can’t see it should change as she is very nice lady! Moreover is she very beautiful always when I see her in chat on the dare. I really forward to see her today again.


Michael / Denmark Uadreams review
Michael / Denmark
17-18 August 2019
trip to Zaporizhia

Andre: The translator is very nice and her work is fantastic

The translator is very nice and her work is fantastic. I met my lady with a real smile.

The translator helped us in several questrions, everything was great.

Thank you very much!

Andre / Canada Uadreams review
Andre / Canada
16 August 2019
trip to Poltava

Carl: Many places to see, and the food is great

This is my 1st trip to Zaporozhie I have been to Ukraine on 3 different occasions, I came to meet a lady from UaDreams. Everything has been great. I have enjoyed my visit to the city. Many places to see, and the food is great. I have spent time with my lady and she has shown me her city. I hope to spend more time with her in the future.

Carl / USA Uadreams review
Carl / USA
16-26 August 2019
trip to Zaporizhia

Zsolt: Every experience I got from you is decisive and lifelong

Kedves UaDreams csapata.

Engedjék meg,hogy ezúton mondjak köszöntet önöknek ezért a felejthetetlen 4 napért,amit Kharkiv-ban tölthettem. A találkozóm a hölggyel több lett mint tökéletes,ebben nagy szerepe volt a segítőimnek. Minden m ottani munkatársuknak hálás vagyok az idejükért,amit rám szántak. Külön köszönet a tolmácsunknak is a precíz segítségért,amit az első nap nyújtott a. számunkra. Igaz a második nap,már nem volt szükségünk rá,de érdeme így is nagy. Minden élmény amit kaptam ónoktól,meghatározó és életre szóló. Hálás vagyok önöknek. Tiszta szívből kívánok tovább sikereket,és elégedett ügyfeleket, a hölgyeknek pedig igaz boldogságot.

Maradok tisztelettel Zsolt Magyarországról

Dear UaDreams team.

Allow me to say hello to you for this unforgettable 4 days I spent in Kharkiv. My meeting with the lady was more than perfect and my helpers played a big role in it. I am grateful to all the workers there for the time they have devoted to me. Special thanks to our interpreter for the assistance she provided to us on the first day. It is truth that on the second day we did not need it anymore, but her merit is still great. Every experience I got from you is decisive and lifelong. I am grateful to you. I sincerely wish you continued success and happy customers, and I wish true happiness for the ladies.

With respect,
Zsolt from Hungary

Zsolt / Hungary Uadreams review
Zsolt / Hungary
16-19 August 2019
trip to Kharkiv

Domen: Lady was very relaxed and with good sense of humor

It was very nice experience, lady was very relaxed and with good sense of humor. And translator was very fluent.

Domen / Slovenia Uadreams review
Domen / Slovenia
16 August 2019
trip to Kyiv

Nicholas: Visit to Nikolaev

This was the first time I have visited Nikolaev. I made my own travel arrangements as I travel frequently and it is not unusual to have to make my own arrangements.

I found the office easily and met Kate who was to be the translator for the two days I was in the city. I have absolutely no complaints about the translation service she provided and the arrangements for initial meeting and dinner with my lady. I would have no objection if Kate provided translation for my next visit.


Nicholas / United Kingdom Uadreams review
Nicholas / United Kingdom
15 August 2019
trip to Mykolaiv

Hide: I feel very comfy and pleasant

Thanks a lot for Julia’s interpretation. first, she is an excellent interpreter. Although I stayed in Sumy for a few hours, I feel very comfy and pleasant. Besides, thanks for my lady to have a unforgettable meeting. Totally it was excellent.

Hide / Japan Uadreams review
Hide / Japan
15 August 2019
trip to Sumy

Trent: Her translator Oksana was so accomodating to help me

Enjoyed my lady’s and translator’s company very much. We talked about life over here and where I am from. We compared our differences, and found it very entertaining.

I also needed to get groceries before my date began, and her translator Oksana was so accomodating to help me shop and pick out correct items, so I could cook a wonderful meal for lady on our next date.

Overall experience went well and looking forward to many more conversions with lady in the near future. Hopefully, which will lead to a marriage proposal if everything goes well for us.

Thanks for a nice evening!

Trent / USA Uadreams review
Trent / USA
14-15 August 2019
trip to Zaporizhia

Yu: Personally I think the meeting went well

My flight was long and made me very tired.
I am staying in the apartment.
The place for climate is good and enjoy the food here.
Personally I think the meeting went well and hope the lady feels the same.
My lady? I like her and she has high IQ score.
We have known each other for seven months.
Yes, she is the same person as on the pictures.
I am not sure and cannot force my lady to stay with me all the time during my stay, maybe the whole weekend, it’s up to her wishes too.

Yu / USA Uadreams review
Yu / USA
12 July 2019
trip to Kyiv

Adrian: Dare to dream, take the risk

Despite the concerns, doubt, fear, or insecurities, I am happy I came to see my lady. I am so far from home, yet feel welcomed. These past few days has made me feel like I have a second home. They say "Home is where the heart is". Such a cliche, but true. As my lady is here and as long as she is here, this place is my home.

With the help of our wonderful translator, my lady and I got to connect and strengthen our relationship. As I get ready to leave, I find it very hard to pack. Nikolaev has been great to me, and I can’t wait to come back. So I would like to thank everyone here in this wonderful city. Dare to dream, take the risk, and just focus on what is important. Thank you Nikolaev

Adrian / USA Uadreams review
Adrian / USA
12-17 August 2019
trip to Mykolaiv

Hide: This trip seems greatly successful

This time I made all schedules to visit Rivne by myself. In spite of such situation the interpreter Irina cooperated with me and led the meeting with us to the success. I appreciate that.

Thanks to my lady and Irina. This trip seems greatly successful. If possible I would be back here as soon as possible. Thank you again. Good luck.

Hide / Japan Uadreams review
Hide / Japan
12-13 August 2019
trip to Rivne

Jens: Nice hotels and food

Great trip. Nice hotels and food. Office difficult to find, but I called and was picked up. Nice evening with Tanya ad the translator. Looking forward to the next two days.

Jens / Denmark Uadreams review
Jens / Denmark
9-12 August 2019
trip to Zaporizhia

Paul: Do not want to leave

Wonderful time.
Interpreter Iryna was great.
Love the city and restaurants.
My lady is amazing.
Do not want to leave.

Paul / USA Uadreams review
Paul / USA
9-16 August 2019
trip to Rivne

Johnny: Everything was as stated on website

Everything was as stated on website. Bogdan did a great job translating! My meeting with my lady went very well, and we continue to see each other, and I think we could have a bright future together!

Johnny / USA Uadreams review
Johnny / USA
9 August 2019
trip to Zaporizhia

Yuuichirou: This is a trusted marriage agency

I visited Ivano-Frankovsk for the first time in August 2019 to meet my dear woman. The driver here greeted me at Lviv airport at midnight. And despite the early morning at 2am, I was able to check into the hotel smoothly. The atmosphere and service of the hotel was very nice and the staff was very helpful. The hotel breakfast met my requirements and I was very happy.

On the first day of the meeting, an interpreter from the Ivano-Frankovsk branch visited my hotel. I am not good at Ukrainian or English, but she understands my intentions well. And for the first time I was able to meet my dear woman at the branch. She was a wonderful woman than I imagined. What I couldn’t understand just from correspondence or chatting made me seeing Hyakumon at first glance by meeting her. Our meeting was a great atmosphere. We promised to meet again and I will never forget the very kind support of the branch manager. I will come back here again.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to my dear woman, Ivano-Frankovsk branch staff, UaDreams staff, and all Ukrainian people who supported me.

Thank you!
Yuichiro. Japan.

Yuuichirou / Japan Uadreams review
Yuuichirou / Japan
9-13 August 2019
trip to Ivano-Frankivsk

Yuuichirou: Thank you Ukraine!

I thank the staff and interpreter who supported this meeting here. I am the second visit this time, but I feel nostalgia and unease whenever I visit here.

I was able to enjoy every happy moment with my lady. I really met her, and I was attracted more and more by her. I will return to her again!

I love the simplicity of the people and this country and strength and gentleness heartily.

Thank you Ukraine!

And thank you, it is my dearest lady!

Yuuichirou / Japan Uadreams review
Yuuichirou / Japan
9-13 August 2019
trip to Ivano-Frankivsk

Jay: I was so happy and so pleasure

I am Jay. I was four days ago. I arrive here (Lviv). Agency is so good especially translator is so kind, and good English level that was so comfortable and, I was so happy and so pleasure. I hope next time I will use same translator. Thank you a lot, Jay

Jay / Democratic People's Republic of Korea Uadreams review
Jay / Democratic People's Republic of Korea
8-11 August 2019
trip to Lviv

Uriel: I want to congratulate you for your services and all support

First of all I want to congratulate you for your services and all support, even when I was in Ukraine and I had a meeting with the lady, was incredible, actually we're still in touch.

About my testimonial, I can't say too much, I speak Ukrainian, so, when I was at the branch, I only saw the girl and we sent for a dinner that day (I didn't require translation services or any package), later we had many meetings more, so, we are in touch outside of the agency.

Uriel / Mexico Uadreams review
Uriel / Mexico
7 August 2019
trip to Kyiv

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