“My man has to be successful. He has to be purposeful too... I want him to set goals and achieve them. I don't want to have misunderstandings in relations, and it would be great him to be an understanding person... And finally, if my man is romantic, he will win my heart for sure. ) ”

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Testimonials & reviews


Dear Gentlemen, here we are happy to present you the testimonials of the members who have found their soulmates with help of our Agency.

Here they express their opinion, experience and suggestions for those who are looking for a second half in another country, as well as appreciation to the company and staff.

Please read our ladies' testimonials about UaDreams, reviews of our agency as well — they are also very happy to be with our agency! Some ladies' testimonials you can also find in How we take our ladies photos.

We are so proud of what you, our dearest members, are saying about us

Saulo / Brazil Uadreams rewiew

Saulo / Brazil
30 March 2021

Saulo: Compliments

Hello, I would like to report my experience. I confess that in the beginning it was difficult to trust the site, because I have already received many scam emails and scans on other sites. He was tired of it and discredited the human being for a few moments. But I must confess that I am thrilled and delighted with your purpose.

I almost cried when I read behind the scenes of the photos and I couldn't believe it because these women were afraid or don't believe in themselves. I have known the most beautiful flowers in the garden of God on Earth here on this site.

I confess that I am a man with my weaknesses like anyone, and amid so many women with exuberant beauty, our sexual instincts do seek beauty, because for us to give our life and heart to one woman for the rest of our lives, we want the one that attracts us the most, I can't be hypocritical, especially when it comes to women than from all the countries I researched a wife, (Venezuela, Colombia, South Korea, Russia) for finding the most beautiful in the world, I didn't even imagine that the Ukrainians were not only beautiful. They are the sweetest, smartest, most educated, modest, simple yet ambitious women, focused on the family, respectful of the leadership role of men in a marriage, and I am sure that each one here will be a great wife and exemplary mothers.

Not that I underestimated them, but it exceeded my expectations, I came at the invitation of a very special lady, but I received and talked with other girls respectfully to get to know better how they think. I never want to hurt anyone's heart, but we need to be loyal and choose only one, this is the only difficult part on this site lol Because each one carries something special that will change the way I see women and I see each one as my future daughters. The girls in the eyes of the Creator of the Universe. Gratitude for you to exist! If I could I would give a warm hug to all of them and say how amazing and wonderful you are!

Unfortunately I have lost some friends due to the pandemic and I can't travel now, so I don't want to warm the hearts of the girls right now because I still need to overcome the bureaucracy to work some time there and learn a little of the language and learn more about your culture and family. to give the least they expect from a man.

But it was already a very nice experience! Keep taking good care of our treasures with affection and respect because they deserve it!

Congratulations, since Brazil!

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Gregg / USA Uadreams rewiew

Gregg / USA
7-11 August 2014
trip to Sumy

Gregg: I felt completely safe and comfortable during my entire visit

This is my last day in Sumy and has been one of the best of trips of my life. Two months ago I met a wonderful lady online. After exchanging letters and photos for a few weeks, we decided to video chat. We would talk several times a week and still exchanged letters. We decided to meet in person but each of us could not meet before mid-August sue to work obstacles.

Despite the short time to plan and make arrangements, the agency staff made it happen. I can not express my appreciation enough to the staff helped me. When I arrived at the airport, I was met by my driver and was called by the translator to check on me.

I meet a wonderful lady and we had so much fun during our time together. Julia (our translator) was wonderful. She was always there to help translate but also made sure dinner reservations were made. She also helped me in making sure the taxi and restaurants treated me fairly. Thank you Julia! I will remember your kind and professional attitude.

Despite the recent conflict in the southeast part of Ukraine, there was not sign of trouble in Sumy. I felt completely safe and comfortable during my entire visit.

Thank you to the main branch and Sumy branch!

See what our clients say

Tinus / Denmark Uadreams rewiew

Tinus / Denmark
30 August 2021
trip to Kharkiv

Tinus: Everything was very good

Everything was very good.

Nick / Netherlands Uadreams rewiew

Nick / Netherlands
29 August 2021
trip to Kharkiv

Nick: I enjoyed my trip

I enjoyed my trip.
Everything is arranged very good.
Julia helped me a lot.
Thank you uadreams.

Muhammad / Saudi Arabia Uadreams rewiew

Muhammad / Saudi Arabia
28 August 2021
trip to Rivne

Muhammad: I am pleased with services and support

I would like to thank Ella for her excellent support. She was friendly and clearly explained everything I needed to know.

Ella contributed positively with developing the meeting plan – which improved the experience for me and for my lady greatly. Also, she effectively and clearly communicated and translated between me and my lady.

I am pleased with services and support Ella provided.

Miguel / Spain Uadreams rewiew

Miguel / Spain
27 August 2021
trip to Rivne

Miguel: Everything is very good!

Everything is very good! My lady is very beautiful. I am happy to meet her.

Walter / Italy Uadreams rewiew

Walter / Italy
25 August 2021
trip to Kharkiv

Walter: The ladies are 100% real and look like in the photos

It was nice experience to meet the lady in real. It’s difference also chatting, also the translator till are very serious in there job was also attentive in translation and also very kind.

The branch Kharkov have support me also with the test PCR.

I will suggest to every on the interesting in something serious not waste time with talking but providing to a meeting. The ladies are 100% real and look like in the photos.

Their culture are little difficult to understand but after 3 dates is easy to understand and she will also try to understand your own culture.

Enjoy the meeting and not joke with this kind ladies.

Walter from Italy

Tim / USA Uadreams rewiew

Tim / USA
24 August 2021
trip to Kyiv

Tim: Nazar was a very good translator

Nazar was very helpful today. He helped the lady and me with information from a travel agent regarding the visa process to America.

Overall, Nazar was a very good translator. He knows English very well and had a great sense of humor, and is always willing to help.

I would not be afraid to use his talent in the future.

Tim / USA Uadreams rewiew

Tim / USA
24 August 2021
trip to Kyiv

Tim: My lady and I had a very good time

Anna - was a very good interpreter. Her English is almost flawless. She presents herself very well and is pleasant to be with. She is very respectful.

She has a great sense of humor but takes her job seriously. My lady and I had a very good time with Anna. I would hire her again on my next trip to Kyiv.

Greg / USA Uadreams rewiew

Greg / USA
23 August 2021
trip to Kyiv

Greg: My translator was awesome

My translator was awesome. Took time to explain. Funny. She explained everything to my lady. Going to use her again.

Walter / Italy Uadreams rewiew

Walter / Italy
23 August 2021
trip to Kharkiv

Walter: Thanks for organization

Thanks for organization for agency Uadreams

Hide / Japan Uadreams rewiew

Hide / Japan
17 August 2021
trip to Zaporizhzhya

Hide: Interpreter Olga’s job was really good

Interpreter Olga’s job was really good.
She helps a customer anytime.
Thanks a lot for her support.

Laith / USA Uadreams rewiew

Laith / USA
16-23 August 2021
trip to Zaporizhzhya

Laith: I felt like I am with my family


From the first minute I felt in home and very welcome, and the team helped me with many things to make my visit to the city the most wonderful trip, and they helped me to meet my dream lady. I felt like I am with my family, Thanks a lot


Jeff / USA Uadreams rewiew

Jeff / USA
14-16 August 2021
trip to Rivne

Jeff: Everything met my expectations

Overall, everything met my expectations. Luba was an exceptional translator.

Jeff / USA Uadreams rewiew

Jeff / USA
14 August 2021
trip to Rivne

Jeff: I can definitely recommend this service

The first date was terrific. I arrived in Rivne. The interpreter actually arrived early, which I appreciated. Her interpreting was very fluid which made communication easy. We spent several very pleasant hours together. I can definitely recommend this service.

Lucas / USA Uadreams rewiew

Lucas / USA
5-12 July 2021
trip to Ivano-Frankivsk

Lucas: Everyone was incredibly friendly

Overall I was amazed at the level of professionalism from everyone at the agency. Everyone was incredibly friendly and answered any questions no matter how ridiculous it may have been to me. Ira was a great translator and she kept in good constant communication the entire time. I admit being at the end of my trip to Ukraine, part of me doesn’t want to leave, but I do hope to be back soon to be by my lady’s side more.

Anastasios / Greece Uadreams rewiew

Anastasios / Greece
4-6 August 2021
trip to Ivano-Frankivsk

Anastasios: I met a real angel

— Tell us about your general impression from your trip to Ukraine.

— Всім привіт (Hello to everybody). Everything here in Ukraine was quite excellent. The food was very delicious. The local people were very polite for me. That I can say about I didn’t enjoy so much was the public transportation to be transferred from Kyiv to Ivano-Frankivsk. It took me many hours with a train. But when arriving here everything was very excellent. My hotel was very deluxe. And the most important is that I met a real angel.

— Are you satisfied with the agency services?

— I am very satisfied with the agency services. I had many second thoughts about the quantity of the services. But I understood on my own by coming to Ukraine that everything was special and here there are no scammers and just forget what is written on the internet about the site.

— Would you like to come back here again?

— I would like to come back here again from Greece as soon as possible.

— Слава Україні! (Glory to Ukraine!)

— Героям слава! (Glory to the Heroes!)

Irek / Norway Uadreams rewiew

Irek / Norway
31 July 2021
trip to Sumy

Irek: I definitely recommend your company's services

Nie mam zastzezeń. Jestem zadowolony z waszych usług oraz spotkania w waszym biurze w miejscowości Sumy. Pierwsze spotkanie w obecności tłumacza Nastia – jest bardzo profesjonalnym pracownikiem.

Zdecydowanie polecam usługi waszej firmy dla innych znajomych.

I have no warnings. I am pleased with your services and the meeting at your office in Sumy. The first meeting in the presence of an interpreter Nastia – she is a very professional employee.

I definitely recommend your company's services to other friends.

Harold / USA Uadreams rewiew

Harold / USA
30 July 2021
trip to Kharkiv

Harold: Very good service

Very good service. Julia (translator) was right at the airport, found me, looked after me very well and with kindness. We have had 2 very nice dates. I hope to return. I will ask for Julia.

John Paul / Ireland Uadreams rewiew

John Paul / Ireland
30 July - 4 Aug. 2021
trip to Ivano-Frankivsk

John Paul: I look forward to coming back again

This is my first visit to the Ukraine / Ivano-Frankivsk. With Covid it made planning a bit more difficult to organize with non-essential travel basis. Agency was very good in setting up the meeting with my lady. Olga who was translator was very helpful, friendly and helped with organizing tours around the city. Weather was nice and sunny and I look forward to coming back again when the weather is cooler when the skiing season is here.

As for the lady, I came here with the intention of meeting only one lady and she did not disappoint. We plan to continue communication further.

Transport systems are good + food in the restaurants have many varieties and priced very good.

Max / Denmark Uadreams rewiew

Max / Denmark
30 July - 2 Aug. 2021
trip to Ivano-Frankivsk

Max: I’ll come back

Perfect trip.
Translator is helpful and nice.
The lady is everything that I dreamt of.
Beautiful city.
I’ll come back.

Jose / Spain Uadreams rewiew

Jose / Spain
28 July 2021
trip to Kyiv

Jose: I would love more time

For me it is nice.

All was normal, I would love more time, good service, thanks.

Anthony / USA Uadreams rewiew

Anthony / USA
26-28 July 2021
trip to Kyiv

Anthony: The translator went up and beyond for me

I met my lady in March 2020 and we have been talking for more than a year.

My trip to Kyiv has been great, the translator went up and beyond for me to feel comfortable. The translator and my lady taught me some Ukrainian and Russian words. I give this service 10 out of 10. My lady is sweet and caring. I am happy to be with her.

Lucas / USA Uadreams rewiew

Lucas / USA
23 July 2021
trip to Ivano-Frankivsk

Lucas: I appreciate everything the agency did for the trip

I had a wonderful time in IF, saw many wonderful places, experienced many great things, ate some delicious food, and spent time with a wonderful lady. I appreciate everything the agency did for the trip.

Stephen / USA Uadreams rewiew

Stephen / USA
17 July 2021
trip to Ivano-Frankivsk

Stephen: Incredible experience

Knowing Khrystyna and the time here was an incredible experience. She was very personable, exceptional in service. Khrystyna has gone beyond expectation for helping me with getting to know my lady.

I requested Khrystyna personally because she had been translated for me while getting to know the lady in our chat over a period of tem months. Thank you so much UaDreams for making my dream come to life.

Xavier / USA Uadreams rewiew

Xavier / USA
17 July 2021
trip to Sumy

Xavier: My lady was a dream come true

First of all, Kate was very courteous and great translator. Meeting my lady was a dream come true. Our meeting was very natural and a seemless progression from our chat sessions. I have not seen much of the city, but the little that I have seen is very charming.

Thor / USA Uadreams rewiew

Thor / USA
16 July 2021
trip to Ivano-Frankivsk

Thor: Helpful with everything

Olga is the nicest person I met. She was very helpful with everything.

Marcel Uadreams rewiew

4 July 2021
trip to Kyiv

Marcel: This meeting will not be the end

The meeting with my lady and her translator was wonderful, we had such a good time and could talk a lot and exchange more than only that.

My lady chose a superb restaurant location with a magical view on the Dnepr and west bank of Kyiv.

This meeting will not be the end and whereall goes well, we see each other in Italy next weekend.

With my best regards.

Dallas / USA Uadreams rewiew

Dallas / USA
12-13 July 2021
trip to Zaporizhzhya

Dallas: I am totally satisfied with the service

I am totally satisfied with the service I have had all taken care and have met a beautiful woman.


Elior / Israel Uadreams rewiew

Elior / Israel
9 July 2021
trip to Kyiv

Elior: Without you I will never had a chance to find the love of my life

I am Elior who I accidentally ented the site and I was sure everything you want to say is not true.

Today I am writing this letter reveahol. I am really grateful for the agency which help me to find my dear lady. Give you guidance to continue. Really thanks without you I will never had a chance to find the love of my life and searched a lot. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Rene / Germany Uadreams rewiew

Rene / Germany
3 July 2021
trip to Sumy

Rene: I feel the love about everything!

I felt very well about everything! Very good translator and wonderful woman I met and I feel the love about everything! I want to marry my girl one day!

Charles / USA Uadreams rewiew

Charles / USA
28-30 June 2021
trip to Sumy

Charles: UaDreams put worries away

To be honest, I had some worries that online dating from Ukraine could not be safe. UaDreams put those worries away. This dating site is very authentic and safe. The protection measures that Uadreams has implemented are safe for men and most importantly for women. I read so many investigative reports of men bad expressions.

I am one man that is very happy to meet my wonderful and caring woman.

She and I both were looking for that one special person to make up a whole loving relationship. To share our passions our goals and most important to be with some who trusting who is our "Rock" in good times and bad.

My lady and I are having a wonderful time together where she is showing me the best her country Ukraine has to offer.

My lady and I both put in the work in getting to know each other. We had written over 200 emails and over 25 plus video chats where we asked these questions and concerns about what we are looking for in a partner. Intimacy can be found in this way. As such we have an authentic connection and chemistry when we first meet. "Men do your work to win her heart - it’s work".

Thank you UaDreams for all the hard work you and the support staff had on this very professional dating site.

My lady and I are very serious about having to the next level of our relationship where we live together as a loving couple in Kansas.

Hide / Japan Uadreams rewiew

Hide / Japan
25 June 2021
trip to Kharkiv

Hide: The Agency gave us excellent service

In spite of difficult period for coronavirus, the Agency gave us excellent service. Thank you. Especially Julia’s consideration to us is really wonderful. I am greatly grateful to her.

David Uadreams rewiew

24 June 2021
trip to Cherkasy

David: I was worried about being scammed but I decided to go with UADreams

What can I say. When I started this process I was worried about being scammed but I decided to go with UADreams. Now you do have to pay for minutes but look at it this way dating is expensive also. I’m from USA and anywhere you go is expensive.

After looking through the ladies there was one that caught my attention. We spent over a year chatting and getting to know eachother on video chats and mails. We wanted to meet in person sooner but Covid delayed it. With the delay we became very close and with every chat we became very comfortable with eachother. It became very obvious that her and I were on the site looking for the same thing. Last week I traveled to visit her. The agency made it very easy and picked me up from airport to travel from Kiev to Cherkassy (2.5 hr drive). Included hotel and interpreter in package. They also provided the documentation list needed from me. I was a little worried about safety since in another country but I never had any issues during my trip and people were very friendly.

I met my Lady on the first day at the agency. She was pretty in the video chats but in person was even more beautiful. I mean gorgeous. She speaks English very well so we didn’t need the interpreter but they called each day on a cell phone they provided to check if I needed anything. My trip was for 3 days and 4 nights. We spent all my time there together. All I can say is I’m so grateful to this agency for my introduction to my lady. And when I say lady I mean it. Very classy, smart, independent and if your looking for a serious relationship at least I know from my experience that I’ve never met a lady like her.

On my last day we exchanged personal info and talk daily now. For me she’s the one and we’re looking at moving to the next level and have her come to the USA and take a chance on marriage.

Christian / Denmark Uadreams rewiew

Christian / Denmark
5 June 2021
trip to Lviv

Christian: I think we have had a nice meeting

I think we have had a nice meeting, despite heavy rain.

And we enjoyed friendly helpful interpreter Ira.

John / USA Uadreams rewiew

John / USA
4 June 2021

John: I can't thank you enough for the great service you give

This agency has class and a wonderful staff, I can't thank you enough for the great service you give, Truly John

Kjell / Sweden Uadreams rewiew

Kjell / Sweden
3 June 2021
trip to Rivne

Kjell: Very good service

Very good service, translation nothing to complain.

Mik / USA Uadreams rewiew

Mik / USA
3-6 June 2021
trip to Lutsk

Mik: Translation service was beyond excellent

I cannot thank Helen and Lutsk branch team enough for their support. I met my lady and ended up spending every day with her. We will absolutely keep in touch.

Specifically Helen’s translation service was beyond excellent. Without her, I would not have been able to nurture my relationship with my lady this quickly. Date options including where to go, restaurants were all amazing.

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