UaDreams: complaints and solutions

29 Feb 2024

What to do with your appeal concerning UaDreams services?

The company of has more than 18 years of matchmaking experience and deals with all defficulties regarding their services. We no longer postpone problems or misunderstandings but we forward them to the proper department for immediate investigation and fixing. We care about each our member and give the immediate solution to every individual problem that may occur.

Uadreams complaints: call centre

Besides, your personal help is more than important for us and it increase the chances to resolve your issue as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to share your point or suggestion or notice with us - our goal is keeping the high level of our services and crafting the individual approach. In order to be helpful from the very beginning be oriented with our terms and conditions.

Experience shows that many issues used to be risen due to the lack of proper information. In this case we would like you to be guided with several of them below. By the way, feel free to forward this link and visit  FAQ.

Scam complains and others claims

We are more than serious as to our valued members. scams policyis a system of a careful defense developed by our professionals. Be encouraged by sending your feed back and sharings as to any suspicious think you notice while using our services. What is more, the detailed explanation of the problem with indication ID number of yours or a lady is very much appreciated.

We underline that all single ladies who are members of are not working on our website, all services are free for them and our staff provides regular monitoring of each female profile. However we cannot take any responsibility for the ladies being members of another website, we are not able to force them to do something or not to do something. So their actions are out of control outside the agency but under strict control inside the according to policy of the company and the law.

Uadreams complaints: customer survey

If your complain is in process, you will be informed accordingly. In this case you will be recommended to perform us all necessary facts and proof ( for example: screen shots of the documents and etc.). Please do not hide any evident facts or contacts you got outside our website as the concealment would make the investigation more complicated. Please be careful with communication with someone out of the while you do not know each other in person, this will prevent you from being scammed. Remember that fraudsters and scammers adore free dating websites as well as anonymous profiles and direct communication.

We kindly recommend you to use your time and read carefully  UaDreams scams prevention- this wil give you whole explanation of how our defensive system works.

Website technical difficulties and problems

Go ahead and be guided our user-friendly website with cosy and modern design and lots of opportunities for your immediate communication with the lady.

Just browse the pages and look them through and you will see lots of interesting and important information for you.

Uadreams complaints: not found

The website works 24 hours per day and our programmers department covers the server and necessary technical maintenance. Indeed no one can give a guarantee of a perfect work of the web systems, that is why some temporary problems may happen. (We won’t deceive our members) So first of all if you experience any technical troubles please make sure you logged in properly. Use options for logging in Facebook (or Google) accounts. Sometimes problems may be a reason of a technical glitch of your local provider therefore we recommend you to log off, to clean the cash of the browser you are using, restart your computer. If that does not help, please contact our Members Support Center for assistance.


Online payment is the most convenient, the cosiest and the fastest way of making purchases. You are able to use credit or debit card.

Western uni0n or Money Gram options as well as Bank Transferring are another ways of payment for our services. If it is good for you, feel free to ask for necessary details here:  our member service center.

Be sure, we never use or collect any personal information of yours you paste while submitting online payment (address, email address, credit card details and etc) for any profit. This information is required by our bank for proceeding the payment successfully.

If you have any complaint or notices - please do not hesitate to forward them to our Members Support Center and we are more than ready to assist you to any issue aroused. We thank you for joining to!