Gemini Woman Dating

Gemini Woman Dating
Gemini Woman Dating

Welcome to the world of dating a Gemini woman! Geminis are ruled by Mercury which is the planet that influences ones thinking. You can recognize a Gemini by the way she sees the world around her. A Gemini woman is looking for a person who keeps thoughts flowing and does not bore her with a narrow mind - someone who knows how to deal with a Gemini girl.

How to impress Gemini Woman?

Having a lot of patience with a Gemini girl is a key to being happy with her. Geminis are smart and sneaky, and they value their peace of mind. Make them feel comfortable around you, so that they believe they can share full intimacy with you, without feeling forced or awkward when doing so.

How to date a Gemini Girl?

Gemini Women like being active, so it is good to make a full schedule with activities for example picnics, trivia nights, or maybe a drive through movie. They are looking for a partner who will go on adventures with them and keep their minds continuously intrigued. Geminis need time to let you in, but you are very lucky if you catch them on a night, when they feel adventurous - this will be a time where they will open up.

How to Flirt with Gemini Woman?

If you want to keep her entertained, you should learn how to flirt with Gemini woman. It could help to be a bit of a tease. Geminis do not like feeling forced into intimacy, as soon as they feel the pressure they will pull away. Taking interest in their hobbies, even if you don't particularly like what they enjoy, will allow them to see that you respect their opinion. This is a big bonus point if you know how to love a Gemini woman.

Gemini Woman in Relationships and Love: What are they?

There are a few things to know when dating a Gemini woman and a few things to know on how to impress a Gemini woman. Gemini women in relationships are naturally curious; they may find you boring if you cannot keep up with their inquisitive minds. Gemini women are very active personas, who always have places to be and a path that they want to follow. There is nothing better than a Gemini woman in love. Most Geminis are a walking contradiction and tend to have no filters when it comes to expressing their opinion.

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