Childfree singles from Ukraine

Childfree singles from Ukraine
Childfree singles from Ukraine

Family is redefined now and not all women want to have children. There are more childfree singles by choice in Europe and the USA than in Ukraine. The most of Ukrainian women follow traditional lifestyle and believe that family is the main value.

The reasons for decision to be childfree can be different — financial or related to lifestyle and health considerations. Some women just don't t feel the maternal instinct, so they are single ans childfree. Some of them prefer to build a career. Of course some women are childless due to their health problems, and they live all over the world.

Not all men want to have children as well, that's why they prefer dating childfree singles. Single women without children give all their love to her man, her man is her point of focus. A childfree couple spends more time together and doesn't care about problems with kindergartens, schools, children health centers and so on.

If you have met a woman on UaDreams and are not sure if she wants to have children, ask her about this in a letter. She will gladly explain you her position. A lot of women on UaDreams site dream about children, but there are also childfree women on the site. You have to read their profiles carefully and to talk to them to found out this issue, if it is important for you. UaDreams is a dating site where you can meet singles without children as well and create a happy family with a childfree woman from Ukraine.


 John / United States

John / United States
16 june 2022

John:I want to thank the support teams

Dear sir/ma

I want to thank the support teams and staff at UaDreams for the outstanding job you're doing keeping lines open to my lady and I and this is why my family has went from giving $600.00 every two week to help your troops to 1,500 a month.

Glory to Ukraine and may her flay wave high and proud. GOD bless Ukraine and God bless you all.

With all my heart and blessing to you all.

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