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Testimonials & reviews

Dear Gentlemen, here we are happy to present you the testimonials of the members who have found their soulmates with help of our Marriage Making Agency.

Here they express their opinion, experience and suggestions for those who are looking for a second half in another country, as well as appreciation to the company and staff.

Please read our ladies' testimonials about UaDreams, reviews of our agency as well — they are also very happy to be with our agency! Some ladies' testimonials you can also find in How we take ladies photos.

We are so proud of what you, our dearest members,
are saying about us

Just look at these people and their sincere gratitude towards us. Each employee of our company invested a part of his or her efforts and talent, to help you to find your dream!

Jerry: I actually came back to the U.S.A. with money in my pocket!

I had an awesome trip to Poltava! This was my first trip to Ukraine. I had been planning this trip for some time but she and I both have very demanding jobs and we couldn't make it happen until recently.

My lady and I have corresponded for some time and I went to see her and only her. Every moment my lady and I spent together was very special to me. I do plan on returning again, and hopefully it will be soon!

I had an opportunity to try a lot of food including several of the Ukrainian National Dishes and the Ukrainian cuisine was great! And it was also very affordable. I actually came back to the U.S.A. with money in my pocket!!! Hahaha

My interpreter Kate was the best and she went above and beyond in her job and also in helping my lady and I communicate effectively! At the moment my lady speaks only a little English and I am very proud of her for that! I really didn't speak Russian or Ukrainian. But that will change before my next trip!

I would also like to mention and compliment Irina from the Poltava branch. She went with us on one date when Kate couldn't. She was also great, what a fun, positive and bubbly personality she has!

I would recommend a visit to Poltava to anyone considering it. And I would definitely recommend UaDreams, especially for their first trip! In fact I have recommended the agency to a couple of my single friends.

As I said before, I am already trying to determine when I can return again. Thank you to UaDreams and the Poltava branch, especially Kate and Irina for all of your help!

I don't know if I will need UaDreams for my next trip but if I need your help on my next trip I am sure I can count on you again.

On another subject not related to my review...

I am trying to establish a way for my lady and I to communicate and correspond outside of the agency where it is more economical and faster. But if it is okay we will still use the agency to communicate some until other ways can be established.

Thank you so much!!!




Yes, you may publish my review. It was my honest review! :)
And thank you so much for your continued service to my lady and I.


Jerry / USA
14 February 2017
trip to Poltava

Tim: Being completely honest, I did not want to leave Ukraine

I thank UaDreams dearly for all of their help during my latest 3 week trip to Ukraine. My lady's translator (from Nikolaev), Natali, was again wonderful (and a great singer!), and I greatly appreciated their long 11 hour travel by train to meet with me for a glorious week in Kiev. I am glad that I was able to get them a room in one of the most glorious hotels in Kiev. In Poltava a lady again, was wonderful and I again had a lovely visit with another lady. Without a doubt in my mind, the better the translator, the better the dates. The translator Marina in Poltava was wonderful and ended my trip to Poltava smiling. The translator Elena in Kiev was equally as wonderful as we turned a planned few hour date into a near all night evening of fun, that was substantially greater than we both had anticipated. It was one of those "wow" moments in life we dream about.

Though I had some sad moments with relationship decisions, I also had incredible happy moments. I mostly thank Irina in Poltava for getting me an incredible apartment to stay, and moving me to another apartment when water was being shut off to the building for several hours. Though the water shut off was not a concern for me, it was for Irina and I can not thank her enough and I regret not going to the agency and thanking her in person.

Obviously, Kate has been the most incredible trip coordinator, again. It is exciting to come to Ukraine where the food and the ladies are the best in world. I only wish you had an agency in Lviv, where I stayed for a week. Ahhhhh, I love Lviv…though it was sad to be there alone. Can I marry a city?

I don't know what will happen, in the long run with any of the ladies in Ukraine, but I can definitely say that my 2 trips there are 2 of the best trips of my life. Being completely honest, I did not want to leave Ukraine. That is how comfortable and happy I was in my trip. I feel more relaxed in Ukraine than I do in my hometown in America. I don't know what that means, but it means something special. That statement says something special about Ukraine and about UaDreams. I learned to read in Russian, but I forgot to learn Ukrainian in Lviv. Oooops.

Having been to Kharkiv, Poltava, Cherkassky, Nikolaev, Odessa, Kiev, and Lviv, I found out that I know more about Ukraine than most of the ladies I met. Does this make me Ukrainian? Hah

Thank you from deep within my heart. 1000 air kisses to all.


Tim / USA
27 October 2015
trip to Kiev, Nikolaev, Poltava

Mudit: We really enjoyed our time together

It was pleasure to meeting my lady. I found translator Alona very helpful. I really apprecciate her time. I look forward to seeing her again. And we had a really nice dinner and really enjoyed our time together.


Mudit / United Kingdom
10-11 February 2017
trip to Kiev

Mudit: Thank you for all support

Valentine was very helpful. I apprecciate his time. Thank you for all support.

Mudit / United Kingdom
10-11 February 2017
trip to Kiev

Edward: I will travel again

I have been two trips now and both have been excellent. The agency has done an excellent job of organizing and my translator Anna is wonderful. I will travel again and be very happy to use the service again.

Edward / USA
10 February 2017
trip to Cherkassy

Ola: If all goes well we will be a happy couple

I had a good time with my lady and I was fortune to have great translator Marina. I am planning to get back for more meetings with her and if all goes well we will be a happy couple.

Ola / Sweden
8-12 February 2017
trip to Dnipro

Stéphane: I have been welcome by the agency

I really liked my time in this city. Kate was great interpreter. I have been welcome by the agency and everything goes well. I had nice time with my lady.

Stéphane / Canada
7 February 2017
trip to Kharkov

Steven: I believe there is a real future with my lady

I had the amazing opportunity to meet a wonderful woman in RIVNE division of UaDreams. Priv. to our meeting we communicated on a daily basis and I must take a moment to sincerely think. Our wonderful translator Ivanna helped us in both the chats as well as the in personal meeting. I believe there is a real future with my lady and again thank to UaDreams for helping bring both of us together.

Steven / USA
3 February 2017
trip to Rovno

Conrad: I strongly recommend UaDreams if you are searching your soulmate

I just experienced the best time of my life. Four months ago I stumbled on UaDreams website and found an angel. She has given me of her time to get acquainted and in those four months I fell in love. She is an incredible lady.

After communicating with her I decided to come visit her in Poltava. When I first saw her my heart shipped about. She is truly an amazingly beautiful lady. She showed me her beautiful city. I got to experience the culture and cuisine. I plan on coming back again in a few months to see her again.

I strongly recommend UaDreams if you are searching your soulmate.

Conrad / Canada
3-6 February 2017
trip to Poltava

Colin: I would recommend to anyone to come to this great city

Had a great time, except from the weather, haha, it was really cold, but believe me it was worth the trip here, and I’m sure it would be amazing to be here in summer.

I would recommend to anyone to come to this great city. All the people I met during my stay were friendly and the agency were very helpful.

I was surprised how many of the people here could speak English, which made things a lot easier.

I must congratulate the translators for their knowledge of English, which made the communication with the lady so easy. And my translator Elena is an asset to the agency and is a remarkable lady.

Colin / Australia
3-14 February 2017
trip to Kharkov

Jaromir: The translator translated everything perfectly

Все было в порядке. Переводчик безошибочно переводил все.

Everything was ok. The translator translated everything perfectly.

Jaromir / Czech Republik
1-2 February 2017
trip to Kiev

David: Good translation, help for personal features

Wonderful moment, very good service from agency, especially reserved from the last time. Good translation, help for personal features... already thinking about next trip on better season and hope better weather. Many thanks

David / France
31 Jan. - 9 Feb. 2017
trip to Sumy

Ronnie: Awesome!


My lady is very pretty and attractive girl. I will look forward for our relationship for the future. Her translator Anastasia is also very sweet and helpful.

Regards, Ronnie

Ronnie / USA
30 January 2017
trip to Kiev

Walter: Everything is OK

Everything is OK

Walter / Sweden
28 January 2017
trip to Zaporozhye

Arron: I would recomend for anyone visiting

The whole trip was good. The drive from airport good. The translator Julia was excellent with everything. The food was very tasty. I would recomend for anyone visiting.

Arron / Canada
27-29 January 2017
trip to Lutsk

Richard: Ich hatte Glück, Kate als meine Übersetzerin zu haben

I was fortunate to have Kate as my translator. Not only was she very good but she was easy to be with and tried to make sure everyone was comfortable and happy. She was able to arrange all logistics and special arrangements quickly and effectively.

I would like to say that I feel I developed a mutual respect with Kate and a friendship. she did this all while being 7 months pregnant.

If there were ever a person that deserves promotion within your organization it would be Kate.

Richard / USA
27-29 January 2017
trip to Poltava

Bertrand: Satisfied


Bertrand / France
27 January 2017
trip to Kharkov

Liam: One of the most intelligent excellent people I have met ever

My lady is one of the most intelligent excellent people I have met ever.
Kate is great company and a very engaging translator.
I thoroughly enjoyed my meeting her.
And very glad of UaDreams and staff.
Kate is excellent!

Liam / Ireland
23 January 2017
trip to Rovno

Mahmoud: I really enjoyed my stay

I would like to thank UaDreams team for their support while my stay in Ukraine. The translator services was perfect and the quality of resturants and coffee shops we visited were great. I really enjoyed my stay and will do it once again in the nearest future.

Best regards

— This is interview for UaDreams.
— Yes, yes, this is a nice coffee shop.
— Tell about your impression about Kiev.
— I enjoy the time here. We visited very good restaurants and coffee shops in a very good company. And nice hookah.
— What about translation service?
— Oh, translation is perfect. Very good. Very nice.
— So we can say thank you for UaDreams.
— Thanks for team and support. And hopefully I will come again many times and not only one time.
— Ok, thank you very much.

Mahmoud / Egypt
21-22 January 2017
trip to Kiev

Mahmoud: She is serious for her search to find the true love

It was amazing time. First of all I would like to thank UaDreams team for their support while my stay in Ukraine.

Second, the hotel and interpretation were perfect and helpful and overcome the language barriers between me and the lady.

Third, I met with beautiful and real lady, she was so kind and tender, she is serious for her search to find the true love and build her happy family.

Many thanks!

Mahmoud / Egypt
21 January 2017
trip to Lutsk

Zain: Your help is very warm and sweet

May I take this opportunity to express my gratitudes to all the efforts you provided to make my trip to Sumy one of the best memorables. Your help is very warm and sweet. Not to mention the peak of my excitement when I finally me with my sweetest lady.

She is very dynamic lady that have such quality of special personality. Now… She is my special social translation, the job that she loves most..!!

Thanks again for everything.
Yours faithfully
2nd Feb. 2017

Zain / United Kingdom
14 January 2017
trip to Sumy

Wesley: UaDreams makes the im-possible POSSIBLE!

Victoria was/is wonderful, warm and very attentive to all situations — she is great. Her translations are exceptional and the advice is quite welcome — one of the best for sure. The Kiev branch is great also — winter may not be the best weather... But its warm atmosphere makes the trip great! The only regret I have is leaving!

Ukraine, Kiev, my lady has captured my heart — and again, Victoria helped in making these special moments, SPECIAL. :)

As for the agency — say what you will, its almost impossible to do what they do — on your own. Like it or not, UaDreams makes the im-possible POSSIBLE!! Good times!!! Thanks to all. Especially Victoria! :)

Dreams DO come true!

Wesley / USA
13-14 January 2017
trip to Kiev

Raymond: Sehr positiv und unterstützend

The translation was very good. I had wonderful time. The date was well planned. I really appreciate get set up the translation service for the flowers. The translation was about to keep up with our first conversation which was very positive and supporting. The translator really made the date great.

Raymond / USA
12-14 January 2017
trip to Kiev

Jerry: I am very pleased with the Cherkassy Branch

The visit with my lady went very well, surprisingly well. Lyuba was an excellent translator and very attentive. She was also very helpful. I am very pleased with the Cherkassy Branch.

Jerry / USA
12 January 2017
trip to Cherkassy

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