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Testimonials & reviews

Dear Gentlemen, here we are happy to present you the testimonials of the members who have found their soulmates with help of our Marriage Making Agency.

Here they express their opinion, experience and suggestions for those who are looking for a second half in another country, as well as appreciation to the company and staff.

Please read our ladies' testimonials about UaDreams, reviews of our agency as well — they are also very happy to be with our agency! Some ladies' testimonials you can also find in How we take ladies photos.

We are so proud of what you, our dearest members,
are saying about us

Just look at these people and their sincere gratitude towards us. Each employee of our company invested a part of his or her efforts and talent, to help you to find your dream!

Robert: I have only positive thoughts from my visit

Dear Sirs

I must apologise for the delay in writing to you sooner but, thank you very much for your help and support with my visit to Cherkassy.

I had not realised that the office shut so early as there seems to be many people chatting and needing translations.

However, I must thank the branch and the Translator for waiting on me and my significantly delayed arrival. It was confusing travel with many confused messages from the airport and airline but, we eventually took off at 09:00 GMT (11:00 Ukraine Time) arriving in Kiev at about 14:30. After passing through passport control and customs, I was on the road to Cherkassy but with an expected arrival of approximately 18:00. I phone the office and, the translator was very accommodating and we arranged a meeting for 18:30.

This occurred and, although there was some nervousness on mine and the ladies side, the Translator helped for the hour, calming all down. She was extremely accommodating and understand and, I would like you to please extend my thanks to the Cherkassy branch and, especially to the Translator for accommodating me.

I carried on with my stay using the options I had chosen but, none of this could have happened, had it not been for the introduction through your agency and, the support for our first meeting.

I felt that the meeting was a great success, especially when I compare this to the first meeting I had in Nikolayev all those years ago.

The translator had hoped that she could take a photo of the both of us but, I declined as, with all the problems and delays with travel, I was not really in as much of a presentable state as I would have liked for such a photo. I had promised your Translator that I would prepare a statement before I left and pop in for a photo but, I wanted to make the best of the time I had, which was limited and left Cherkassy a little earlier to get to Kiev and have a short tour there. Between myself and my lady, we will choose a good photo and send this to the agency. Either she will do this or, I will send to you by e-mail.

I will say, that I was very happy with the help and support you have given as an agency and once again state clearly that the Cherkassy Branch were very accommodating and supportive.

Now, I have only positive thoughts from my visit and plan to continue my contact with my lady and see how things progress over the next few months with a planned visit within the next couple of months.

Once again thank you for your help, support and patience.

Sincere regards,

Robert / United Kingdom
14 December 2016
trip to Cherkassy

Phil: There was nothing hidden from me

[I] Was very skeptical of online dating service. When I did search on google saw good and bad, but the bad was not at all bad. When I got here, agency picked me up at airport and got me to the hotel with no problems and made sure everything was good before driver left.

Everything was as the agency stated. There was nothing hidden from me. Translator was very good and enjoyed every minute of my visit. The choices of restaurants were very good. This is my first time abroad and I would do it again. I feel very safe and comfortable with this agency. If you have doubts, you shouldn’t! The agency is one of the best I have found and very pleasant with everything.

All the negative comments that come up when you search this agency is from men that want everything for free. Companies can’t stay in business if everything is for free! Prices are reasonable. I would recommend this agency to anyone that asks me. Thanks again for for your services and help.

Phil / USA
11 August 2014
trip to Sumy

Ernest: I would highly recommend the UaDreams dating site

I would like to provide this comment for my recent visit (can be published):

I would like to thank your wonderful staff during my visit to Ivano Frankivsk last weekend. Olya, my translator, was very professional, kind, and enhanced my meeting with my lady! Olya not only provided translation, information about the local culture, shop locations, but also gave me some insights regarding my lady that helped "break the ice" during the initial meeting.

Additionally, I would highly recommend the UaDreams dating site as a great way to meet a beautiful Ukrainian lady.

Again, thank you very much for a wonderful time and for laying the groundwork to my happiness.

Best regards,

Ernest / USA
19-20 August 2017
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Laverne: I was very pleased with the overall services

I enjoyed my meeting with my Lady. I was very pleased with the overall services from UaDreams.

Laverne / USA
16 August 2017
trip to Odessa

Gabe: Odessa has been an interesting place to visit

Odessa has been an interesting place to visit. Having been to Kiev and Ivano-Frankivsk, I like seeing the ocean (Black Sea) now.

The staff was very helpful and helped me find the office. They were courteous during my visit and made me feel very welcome. I enjoyed spending time with my lady, seeing the sights in Odessa.

Gabe / USA
15 August 2017
trip to Odessa

Masahiko: I like Ukrainian

In this trip I was closer to my lady. Ukraine — people is very kind and calm. I like Ukrainian. I will come back again to see my lady. Thank you.

Masahiko / Japan
12 August 2017
trip to Lutsk

Grzegorz: Translator is a center of gravity during those meetings

Translation was perfect. Translator was very kind and helped a lot. Office was nice and friendly. I highly recommend translation provided by our translator to everyone as translator is a center of gravity during those meetings. Anastasiya did a perfect work.

Grzegorz / Switzerland
11-12 August 2017
trip to Dnipro

Chris: Wonderful experience

I have only been with this site a few days and I wanted to share my impression and opinion of this Agency and these Ukrainian women. My experience has been great. I have had the opportunity to chat with some wonderful ladies. Yes, the video chat and mail services have costs, but I understand the agency has multiple offices and overhead.

The fees are transparent and very reasonable. My money and time have been well spent getting to know these amazing women. The video chat platform is very reliable and is easy to use. This is my first experience with Ukrainian women and I am completely captivated by them. Their physical beauty is magnified by their glowing personalities. They are radiant and kind hearted. The conversation is effortless and each lady makes me feel special. I was never pressured to purchase gifts or extra services.

However, these girls will steal your heart and it's hard not to spoil them with gifts in return. They are genuine, sincere, and highly intelligent. Each lady I chatted with had a university degree and spoke more than one language. Even with their accomplishments they are modest, feminine, and family oriented. It is really difficult to choose one over another because they are all wonderful in their own way. I have traveled all over the world and these are the classiest women on Earth. I know I will find my Queen here.

Chris / USA
9 August 2017

Yuuichirou: I like her more and more!

This branch service is very nice. Yulia is very kind and helpful! My lady is my most favorit woman. She is very beautiful and interesting woman! I like her more and more! Lutsk is very historical city. Ukrainian people are very kind. Thank you very much for this agency!

Yuuichirou / Japan
9-13 August 2017
trip to Lutsk

Jeff: I love and like

— Hello Jeff. Tell me about your opinion about our city, what you say, a few words please.
— Yes. City very nice and very modern!
— About lady?
— Yes, I love and like.
— About translator?
— Very good!
— Thank you very much. I appreciate them.

Jeff / Australia
9-11 August 2017
trip to Dnipro

Jared: Translator during my Sumy visit

Dear UaDreams,

Though I left a review for your Sumy branch while I was visiting that city, I feel I need to write a second one solely for the purpose of commending Marina, my translator. She was very thorough in her translation and if she didn't understand what I was trying to say, she would definitely ask for clarification. She also suggested many wonderful things to do.

One of these things was to take a trip outside the city to a nature resort. The conditions with the bees were less than perfect, but it ended up to be a wonderful beginning to my stay.

I thought having a third person would make getting to know my lady difficult, but she made it look effortless and I feel we were more like 3 friends talking instead of a man, a woman and a translator.

I truly feel that through her efforts and abilities, she allowed my lady and I to grow closer. I look forward to my next visit and retaining her services once again.

Thank you, and please, thank Marina again for me!


Jared / USA
7-10 August 2017
trip to Sumy

Fred: My translator was perfect

My translator was perfect. Very sympathic woman, from the beginning to the end. She helped me to feel comfortable with the lady and choose nice places to spend nice time. If you need to find a very professional, but too sensible in making translation, come to Lutsk.

Fred / France
7 August 2017
trip to Lutsk

Ruben: A Lady of Beauty, Warmth, and Caring heart

On this special day I had the privilege of meeting my lady, a Lady of Beauty, Warmth, and Caring heart and very honor and flatter to meet this special lady. The Agency hire Kate as a translator who was very professional and courteous and knew exactly and very knowledgable of the English Language and meeting was absolutely great, no complainings and I will return back to UaDreams for a future meeting with my lady!

Ruben / USA
4 August 2017
trip to Sumy

George: UaDreams made it come true

Dear Staff of Uadreams, dear Natalya.

It was not my first visit to Odessa, but definitely the best! I already had chat conversation with a lady before my trip to Odessa (4/8-12/8).

The arrangement of my introduction with my lady was very easy and comfortable, the agency supported me well and I got the feedback within 2 days.

Together with the shining, elegant lady and her daughter and Natalya we spent a week to remember. We visited excellent restaurants, cafes, shopping, playing bowling, went to the movie, touched animals in the Zoo and so on.

The support of Natalya, her pleasant personality and her English skills made it unforgettable.

My biggest impression, the reason that I came to Odessa: my lady. She is such a nice, warm, pleasant, elegant and else sexy lady. The best mother. I wish and hope that I can be a big part of their life: for now and in the future.

My lady and her daughter are my dream. UaDreams made it come true.

Warm regards, George.

George / Netherlands
4-12 August 2017
trip to Odessa

Mark: I will cherish this meeting forever

I have been very impressed by the city of Lutsk. My stay was pleasant because translator Lyudmila did excellent job with translation she made my meeting with my lady very enjoyable. I will cherish this meeting forever. She is an extremely beautiful and loving lady. Despite of her schedule she made sure that I was taken care of very well. Excellent service!

Mark / USA
4-9 August 2017
trip to Lutsk

Jean: She did her best to make my stay so convenient

The manager was so helpful and Oxana our translator was good and she did her best to make my stay so convenient.

Jean / Lebanon
3 August 2017
trip to Zaporozhye

Paris: A good job of taking care of all my needs

The staff here was very pleasant, and they did a good job of taking care of all my needs.

Paris / USA
1 August 2017
trip to Kharkiv

Jared: Stop writing and come!

First, my lady was amazing! Months of writing letters allowed us to get to know each other but our meeting over several days allowed us to communicate in person. She is so wonderful and kind, not to mention beautiful! I can’t wait to return as soon as possible and pursue this further.

Also, my translator, Marina was wonderful. Not only did she provide excellent translation services, she recommended several nice places to visit so my lady and I could have a good environment, to enjoy the city and to communicate. I highly recommend her abilities.

Sumy is a nice small city with a history unequaled in my country by its length and culture. There are so many friendly and helpful people who are willing to assist if they can if you are exploring the city by yourself. Gentlemen, put away the computer and come meet your future, now. Don’t waste another moment doubting – this agency can help you better connect with your special lady!

Hi guys! My name is Jared. I am from the US. I got here last week. And I met my lady. And she’s just been wonderful. We’ve talked for a little over a year and it’s just been amazing. There is nothing you can replace actually meeting her. So, come here. The city is amazing. There is lots to do; beautiful architecture, amazing restaurants. My translator, Marina, was excellent. We had a good time. I would say that it feels more like a family environment. People here are just so friendly. So, come here as soon as you can. Stop writing and come!

Jared / USA
1-3 August 2017
trip to Sumy

Josh: Everything went smoothly

This was my second time to visit Lutsk. Everything went smoothly. I got to spend more time with my lady. Natalia did and excellent job in organizing meetings and events. Thank you!

Josh / Canada
29 July — 7 Aug. 2017
trip to Lutsk

Marco: Very friendly

I had a very good time with my lady. Liubov made a good work and was a very friendly translator.

Marco / Germany
28 July 2017
trip to Nikolaev

Eric: Thank you for your wonderful guidance

Victoria did the best I could hope for with arranging everything and of course, interpreting. This was a great relief for me and the woman I came to visit. It was great to see my lady, finally, face to face. I hope to visit her again, so thank you for your wonderful guidance throughout the video chats, SMS, emails and translation in Kharkiv.

Eric / USA
28 July — 10 Aug. 2017
trip to Kharkiv

Guttorm: Highly competent and service-minded

Very pleasant! I needed some help to find your office, but when I did, everything went fine.

My lady of interest was ever so sweet and beautiful as I had hoped her to be.

Translator (and office representative) was highly competent and service-minded (beyond the basic requirements).

This visit has created a foundation (or continued loving dialogue).

Guttorm / Norway
27-28 July 2017
trip to Zaporozhye

Bruno: Hope to meet her again

The meeting with the lady was very interesting. Hope to meet her again. Victoriya was an excellent translator and also a very nice person!!! She made a great job!

Bruno / Switzerland
26 July 2017
trip to Kharkiv

Jay: I enjoyed your hospitality and professional service

Hello UA stuff and clients.
Dear Rivne stuff and Ivanna.

It was a pleasure to visit Rivne and meet friendly stuff. I enjoyed your hospitality and professional service. I was also pleased with my meeting and we had nice conversation together. I look forward to continue the communications.

Thank you again for all you have provided.

Jay / USA
26 July 2017
trip to Rovno

Jay: It was a pleasant visit to Rivne

It was a pleasant visit to Rivne as summer is a quite nice weather and Rivne is a small beautiful city. Office stuff is very professional and helpful. My meeting went reasonably well and I look forward to continue relationship for favorable outcome.

Thank you UAD for your support.

Jay / USA
26-30 July 2017
trip to Rovno

Tim: А very personable translator

Yulia was a very personable translator. She was fun and professional and is a very good person. Eugean was organized and helpful througout my visit.

Tim / USA
25 July 2017
trip to Kremenchug

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