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Testimonials & reviews

Dear Gentlemen, here we are happy to present you the testimonials of the members who have found their soulmates with help of our Marriage Making Agency.

Here they express their opinion, experience and suggestions for those who are looking for a second half in another country, as well as appreciation to the company and staff.

Please read our ladies' testimonials about UaDreams, reviews of our agency as well — they are also very happy to be with our agency! Some ladies' testimonials you can also find in How we take ladies photos.

We are so proud of what you, our dearest members,
are saying about us

Just look at these people and their sincere gratitude towards us. Each employee of our company invested a part of his or her efforts and talent, to help you to find your dream!

Jeffrey: In reality, there should not have been any worry on my behalf

Having lived abroad from the US for 7 years on my own in counties that are not conducive to finding the type of ladies that I prefer I joined UaDreams in hopes of finding the lady of my dreams! I have always enjoyed and appreciated the culture and people of eastern Europe and I knew that eventually... and with a lot of patience... I would find the right lady for me!!

2 years and 2 months ago, I met a beautiful lady from Zaporozhye that absolutely swept me off my feet. We have been communicating since that time via letters and chats... taking our relationship one step a time to learn and know each other. Call it old fashioned, but we are both romantics... but yet reasonable... and knew that we wanted this relationship to grow and develop. There were a number of attempts to meet that did not transpire on account of work/travel situations, son it was finally this week that we met. I was nervous and concerned about our meeting, not about meeting my lady, but how everything would work out in Ukraine.

In reality, there should not have been any worry on my behalf. My interpreter/guide Artem met me at the airport and got me to the hotel for a good nights sleep before meeting my lady the next day. After my arrival at the agency, I finally met my lady that I had been dreaming of for so long!! She was everything I had hoped for and more... Over 2 years correspondence does have its benefits!! Her humor, laugh and smile draws you to her to want to know more, this is something that cannot always be translated, seen in chat or in photos.

My 7 days in Zaporozhye was the best holiday I have had in so, so many years and I owe this to my lady and Artem. While my lady can speak some English, she is not sure of her abilities (and also wanting to know exactly what I was saying) she preferred speaking in Russian.With Artem, if he did not exactly understand what I was trying to express, or if I did not understand something, we would take the time to make sure all was understood. It was also beneficial that Artem has translated almost all of our letters that we wrote, so her really did understood the feelings e had for each other.

Between my lady and Artem, they mapped out each day with the idea of my learning and knowing more about my ladies city and country. Of course this is very important if you have serious feelings for someone special to you. Our days and outings were amazing, including some silliness along the way.

This trip has been a dream... I met my lady and it was a greater experience that I could have ever asked for! It is with great thanks and appreciation to UaDreams that my lady and I have been able to achieve to wonderful relationship that we have created together!

As I leave Zaporozhye and Ukraine this evening, it is with a very sad heart that I will not be with my truly beautiful lady tomorrow! Bit I know that we will be communicating every day, knowing we will be together again soon.

If you have any preservation about coming to meet a woman you have met on UaDreams, you need to follow your dreams. Everyone here was helpful and wanted to assist you in finding your dream. Thank you for everything!!

P.S. After 7 days with Artem, my lady and I did want to kick him out...HEHEHE!!! Sometimes it does feel like a third wheel, but they are here to help you find your dream and they do a great job assisting you and helping you!!!

Jeffrey / USA Uadreams rewiew
Jeffrey / USA
18-24 September 2016
trip to Zaporozhye

Mark: This has been my fifth trip here

Hi, this is Mark, I am from California in the United States here in Kremenchug for the second time I believe and sharing with you that I have amazing time here, met an amazing lady, and I am excited to have seen her for the second time as well. And it looks like we may be able to have a relationship, so I am a happy person right now.

I would like to encourage you, if you are watching this, to believe that UaDreams is legitimate and works, it seems to be working for me and if you haven’t had an opportunity to come to Ukraine I would encourage you to do so, this has been my fifth trip here and it is an amazing country with an amazing people and a very interesting culture.

Mark / USA Uadreams rewiew
Mark / USA
25 October 2015
trip to Kremenchug

Jaco: I was impressed with the ease of talking to my lady

After a long flight to Ukraine, I finally got the opportunity to meet my lady, the most amazing and beautiful girl in Ukraine. We had a lovely dinner at the restaurant the first meeting I arrived in Sumy. The translator did the excellent job in helping us to understand each other. I was impressed with the ease of talking to my lady. She understood me mostly. Ukraine has many beautiful places to see and I would recommend it to everyone who wants to travel the world. UaDreams was amazing during my trip and I thank them for everything!! Jaco

Jaco / South Africa Uadreams rewiew
Jaco / South Africa
21 April - 1 May 2017
trip to Sumy

Mick: Excellent in service and support

I am Mick from Sydney, Australia. Arrived at Kyiv on the 19/4/17 immediately and warmly received by UaDreams driver. After a long 5 hours drive reached Rivne in the evening and Svitlana the Rivne branch manager was there to receive me and helped me with my lodging. Everything was so well organized to details. The next day I met with stunning lady and Irina was phenomenal in her translation services for my lady over the next 2 days. I sincerely never met people who were so warm cordial and friendly. Irina made me feel very comfortable with my lady, and in these two days we were communicating very openly without any barriers.

All I can say about UaDreams is "excellent in service and support". Soon i will return to Rivne and strengthen my ties with this amazing lady.

Thank you UaDreams to make my trip to Ukraine so wonderful and enjoyable.

Mick, Sydney

Hello, My name is Mick, I am from Sydney, Australia.

I landed at Kyiv on the 19th of April than I was warmly picked up by the driver. It took me 5 hours come into Rivne and I was very warm welcomed by the interpreter and translator Irina and I was also met by the branch manager Svitlana. I felt so comfortable and good and I’ve got all I need and when I wanted any other help.

So, they put me up to the hotel, the lovely hotel, they organized my breakfast and lunches and dinners and the next morning after good sleep I met the lady, wow , she was such a lovely lady. And Irina accomplished all with me and all the translation... I was very impressed. The service of support and UaDreams - thank you!

Mick / Australia Uadreams rewiew
Mick / Australia
19-23 April 2017
trip to Rovno

Steve: I have good and fond memories of this visit

I had a wonderful visit to meet my lady she was honest and well mannered.

I also must thank Marianna the interpreter for her friendly and professional help and advice during my stay. I have good and fond memories of this visit.

Steve / Australia Uadreams rewiew
Steve / Australia
17-20 April 2017
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Bruno: In all cases I was not the last time in the Ukraine!

This was not my first trip to Ukraine. Everytime I am surprised and grateful for the great support. You always feel safe and very secure. My date with my lady was very pleasant and interesting. This was certainly (also) the merit of Elena, the translator. She has translated the conversation very precisely and efficiently.

Who knows, maybe this date was the beginning of a wonderful relationship with my lady. In all cases I was not the last time in the Ukraine!

Thank you for everything.

Bruno / Schwitzerland Uadreams rewiew
Bruno / Schwitzerland
15 April 2017
trip to Kharkiv

Denis: Very nice and professional people

The agency provided a good service. Very nice and professional people, especially Roxana who has been our translator.

Denis / France Uadreams rewiew
Denis / France
14 April 2017
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Dik: Pleasant and effective

I thank branch office Kremenchug for all services provided to make my visit to Kremenchug pleasant and effective.

Oksana did a great job translating communication between the lady and myself. The meetings with the lady were great. Time will show what’s next.

Dik / Netherlands Uadreams rewiew
Dik / Netherlands
11-14 April 2017
trip to Kremenchug

Will: I think of, remember and miss special people in the Ukraine

Thank you to God for giving me the opportunity to know the beautiful country that is the Ukraine and to the agency for providing the method and making my visit possible.

The transportation provided by the agency was always very punctual and very good service. The translators, Nataly in Poltava, and Lyuba in Cherkassy were excellent. I felt approval, protection, caring and understanding to me...

I like Poltava very much because it reminded me of the city where I was born in El Salvador. Also I met a beautiful lady there and now my heart is in Poltava.

Cherkassy is a beautiful city and I was treated with a lot of caring there. I hope to return there some day.

The Ukraine has caring and friendly people. The food is very good and the culture is marvellous. I hope some day I will be fortunate to marry a beautiful Ukrainian lady...

The USA is my second home and from here I think of, remember and miss special people in the Ukraine. I feel happy and blessed for this visit and hope to return...


Will / USA Uadreams rewiew
Will / USA
11 April 2017
trip to Poltava, Cherkassy

Javier: It’s been fantastic, my first time in Dnipro

Anton was great! Did a great job of translating and letting us conversate freely.

— Can you say your name, please?
— My name is Javier.
— And what can you say about your trip?
— It’s been fantastic, my first time in Dnipro. I had a great time, Anton’s service was fantastic, my time was really fun, and I had a great time.
— That’s great, and what about the city?
— I thought... It’s a very beautiful city, I liked it better than Kiev.
— And what about the hotel?
— The hotel was great, the people here in the city are friendly, I fell in love with Dnipro. I really did. Everything, restaurants, hotels, taxies, everybody was really friendly.
— Ok, thank you so much.

Javier / USA Uadreams rewiew
Javier / USA
10 April 2017
trip to Dnipro

Jeff: I recommend this office highly!

My experience with Rivne UaDreams was exceptional. Personnel in the office and the translators / interpreters were very hospitable and very professional. I recommend this office highly!

Jeff / USA Uadreams rewiew
Jeff / USA
10 April 2017
trip to Rovno

Javi: No complaining

Everything was very good and no complaining and no more comments.

Javi / USA Uadreams rewiew
Javi / USA
8-11 April 2017
trip to Zaporozhye

Eric: The trip has exceeded my expectations and wildest dreams

The service was excellent. The interpreter provided not only excellent interpretation, but also important advice regarding places to go for an assortment of requests. She really knew the lady well that I had come so far to see, so everything that was arranged, was done with both my interests and the interests of the lady.

The time spent with the lady will be always treasured. The days and nights in Ivano-Frankivsk were awesome!!!

The trip has exceeded my expectations and wildest dreams. Thank you so very much.

Eric / USA Uadreams rewiew
Eric / USA
7 April 2017
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Javier: Very helpful

Anastasiya was wonderful!!!! Very helpful and was able to translate our conversation with case.

Javier / USA Uadreams rewiew
Javier / USA
6-8 April 2017
trip to Dnipro

Scott: My visit to Sumy has been great

My visit to Sumy has been great. Translator was personable and did a good jobs. She walked with us around the city. The girl I met was very nice and I enjoyed my time here.

Scott / USA Uadreams rewiew
Scott / USA
5-6 April 2017
trip to Sumy

Stephen: In all things it was a fantastic trip for me

Hi UaDreams,

it was a pleasure for me to travel to Poltava using your services.

Roman and the driver were excellent company and made good time from Kiev to Poltava and I enjoyed chatting to Roman very much.

I was dropped off outside the apartment block where I was met by Irina who was gracious and charming and showed me the apartment so I could get ready for the first date with my lady.

I was contacted just before the meeting by the translator Nataly who was charming and lovely and spoke good english. We went to the agency to sign the form before the meeting and then she made me a cup of tea before my lady came to the agency.

It was a lovely first meeting and my lady was even more beautiful and sweet in real life and we then proceeded to have a lovely meal at the restaurant she had chosen. We had a lovely talk with Nataly providing excellent translations and agreed to meet up again on the Saturday.

The saturday date was lovely too and I was introduced to my lady's dog who is a cutie I must add and we had a great time going round Poltava war museum.

On the Sunday we had a further 2 dates one during the day and one for the last evening of my stay in Poltava and in all cases a good time was had with Nataly again being wonderful company and an excellent translator, when I come again I hope that I can ask for her by name as I was so pleased with the translation.

Roman was prompt on Monday morning and got me to the airport with plenty of time to spare and then I flew home.

In all things it was a fantastic trip for me and I look forward to seeing my lovely lady again in the future.

Best Wishes

Stephen / United Kingdom Uadreams rewiew
Stephen / United Kingdom
4 April 2017
trip to Poltava

Joe: Wonderful translator and lovely lady

Wonderful translator and lovely lady.
Thank you,

Joe / USA Uadreams rewiew
Joe / USA
4 April 2017
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Dani: We had a good time

The translation was good, the cafe also. We had a good time with a spectacular view over Ivano-Frankivsk.

Thank you very much

Dani / Italy Uadreams rewiew
Dani / Italy
1 April 2017
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Mahmoud: I appreciate and thank UaDreams team

I would like to thank UaDreams team for the support while my stay in Ukraine.

The translation services and translator was perfect and helpful to overcome the language barrier between me and the lady. Also she supported us in all places we visited which were very nice and I feel as I am in my home country.

I met with beautiful and real lady, she was so kind and tender and she is serious about her search to find the true love and build her happy family.

I appreciate and thank UaDreams team for all the support and care.


Mahmoud / Egypt Uadreams rewiew
Mahmoud / Egypt
30 March 2017
trip to Poltava

Masood: She was real professional

Kate was very helpful in introduction to the lady. She was real professional.

Masood / Pakistan Uadreams rewiew
Masood / Pakistan
30 March 2017
trip to Rovno

Giorgio: Good services and excellent translator

Good services and excellent translator. All OK!

Giorgio / Italy Uadreams rewiew
Giorgio / Italy
29 March 2017
trip to Zaporozhye

James: I loved coming here

I loved coming here. Zaporozhye is a interesting city with lots of history, people who are very polite and welcome everyone to enjoy their stay here with them and their friends.

The women in Zaporozhye are very beautiful, look after themselves very well, are respected, and very loyal to their families and husbands if married. The city is in bad repair but everyone copes and survives every day life.

James / United Kingdom Uadreams rewiew
James / United Kingdom
29 March 2017
trip to Zaporozhye

Frank: I am very satisfied with the translator job

I am very satisfied with the translator job and have nothing to complain at on my visit 9 of March 2017.

Frank / Italy Uadreams rewiew
Frank / Italy
29-31 March 2017
trip to Zaporozhye

Stephen: Don't hesitate, this is a good trip

My name is Steve and I am here in Poltava branch of UaDreams. I must say I had a wonderful weekend. The people at the agency have been wonderful, my translator has been wonderful and the girl I came to meet has been beautiful and wonderful. The whole place was talent, my needs, I asked for apartment – they got me very nice one. I met many times with the lady, we had a good time on every single occasion.

The quality of the translations is superb, you won't get any misunderstandings. Poltava itself is a lovely small city, if you don't like the big city life, it's a place to come. Just watching from my window in the apartment – there are so many more beautiful ladies here, so don't worry about coming down. And if you already made up your mind and you decide to come to Poltava – don't hesitate, this is a good trip.

Stephen / United Kingdom Uadreams rewiew
Stephen / United Kingdom
24-27 March 2017
trip to Poltava

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