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Testimonials & reviews

Dear Gentlemen, here we are happy to present you the testimonials of the members who have found their soulmates with help of our Marriage Making Agency.

Here they express their opinion, experience and suggestions for those who are looking for a second half in another country, as well as appreciation to the company and staff.

Please read our ladies' testimonials about UaDreams, reviews of our agency as well — they are also very happy to be with our agency! Some ladies' testimonials you can also find in How we take ladies photos.

We are so proud of what you, our dearest members,
are saying about us

Just look at these people and their sincere gratitude towards us. Each employee of our company invested a part of his or her efforts and talent, to help you to find your dream!

Phil: There was nothing hidden from me

[I] Was very skeptical of online dating service. When I did search on google saw good and bad, but the bad was not at all bad. When I got here, agency picked me up at airport and got me to the hotel with no problems and made sure everything was good before driver left.

Everything was as the agency stated. There was nothing hidden from me. Translator was very good and enjoyed every minute of my visit. The choices of restaurants were very good. This is my first time abroad and I would do it again. I feel very safe and comfortable with this agency. If you have doubts, you shouldn’t! The agency is one of the best I have found and very pleasant with everything.

All the negative comments that come up when you search this agency is from men that want everything for free. Companies can’t stay in business if everything is for free! Prices are reasonable. I would recommend this agency to anyone that asks me. Thanks again for for your services and help.

Phil / USA
11 August 2014
trip to Sumy

Walter: I had amazing and gratifying experiences in all my travels!

My last trip to Rivne was very successful in all areas.

I would like to thank this opportunity to thank for the perfecten service from the agency. Everything was uniquely prepared, I had with Olga, a really sensitive and attentive Translator. She knew how quickly the voltages of a first meeting to resolve and gave me the feeling of being always been there. 

At this point I want to emphasize that I had this feeling in all my travels and all translators. I would like to congratulate you and encourage you to continue this good work and service so professional to lead on.

As you know I have so done some travel, and I had amazing and gratifying experiences in all my travels. 

But now I have found a Lady what has captured already in the chat and then the real meetings, my heart by storm. It's still hard for me to believe that I should just be lucky but I'll take this gift that has been made possible by your service, gratefully. 

I would like to thank you for your support over the past months, and I assure you that I will always make known your exceptional service. 

I wish you continued success! 


P.S. Please add to them, that i want say thank you for perfect support and to the manager and translator from Lutsk, Sumy, Odessa; Nikolaev, Cherkassy and Rivne wich i was visiting in the last month. If you want you can also use my picture from the profil. After our first common trip to Lviv and Cyprus in the end of may, my Lady and me will give you one more testimonial about our relationship.

Walter / Austria
7 May 2014
trip to Rivne

Latest and fresh testimonials date by date

Steven: A very trustworthy, reasonably priced and "First Class" service!

When two persons are involved with each other even through correspondence...sometimes emotions..."hinge" on their every word and action with each other. Timing is very important in correspondence and "chat invitations", etc. Time changes are confusing and one can mistake what is seen on his computer... for the time and day it is in the Ukraine.

Your translators are excellent... your service is excellent... courteous always and very prompt. UaDreams is an exceptional company in all respects. For those of us that know that "on-line" relationships as a means of meeting and getting to know someone, first; through correspondence and chats and later through a meeting in person... is an excellent way... your company provides a very trustworthy, reasonably priced and "First Class" service!

Thank you so much for all that you at UaDreams due for me... past, present and future!

Respectfully yours,

Steven / USA
23 May 2017

Lovell: Men please trust the agency

I had a wonderful time on my trip. UaDreams services was excellent. I highly recommend UaDreams as dating agency for all members. Men please trust the agency, your lady for special Relationship.

Lovell / USA
29-30 April 2017
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Nikola: I am really very happy with your service!

Hello UaDreams
I am really very happy with your service!
I wish you all the best in your job.

Nikola / Montenegro
29 April 2017
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Trevor: I have no hesitation in recommending UaDreams

This was my second visit to Kremenchug and yet again the meeting was as good as I could expect. It was great to meet my lady and it was an excellent meeting one I would like to repeat. Everything was good I had no complains Yuliya (translator) was extremely helpful and made the meeting a success. I have no hesitation in recommending UaDreams and coming to Ukraine it is a delightful country to visit.

Trevor / United Kingdom
28 April 2017
trip to Kremenchug

Laszlo: There was no issue or misunderstanding

Meeting in office was well organized by manager (Oksana). Translation service was excellent, there was no issue or misunderstanding. I had lovely talks with Mariana, even subjects out of the strict subjects of getting know the lady.

Every was kind and really supporting.

I was really satisfied with service here in Ivano-Frankivsk.

Laszlo / Hungary
27-30 April 2017
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Mick: Excellent care and support

The translating services provided by Marina, plus the excellent care and support care and support provided by the Zaporozhye branch without any doubt was excellent. Marina, provided her translation services in a manner the my lady and me felt very comfortable and communicated effectively. I would certainly return to Ukraine again to establish closer relationship with my lady.

Thank you,
Mick, Sydney, Australia

Mick / Australia
23-30 April 2017
trip to Zaporozhye

Mick: I felt very comfortable and «at home»

After a long and bumpy drive from Kiev, I was very warmly met by Irina the Zaporozhye branch manager. She helped me to lodge in the hotel even though it was very late night. She told me that they will be at my service whenever the need arise. I felt very comfortable and «at home».

Next morning, I was met by the translator Kate who took me to the UaDreams office, where this lovely lady was waiting for me. We spent a few hours together and Kate was excellent in her translation duties. She made my lady and me feel very comfortable in each other`s company.

Overall, the services and support was excellent from the UaDreams branch in Zaporozhye. I would certainly return to Ukraine again to strengthen my ties with this lady.

Thank you, Mick (Sydney, Australia)

Mick / Australia
23-30 April 2017
trip to Zaporozhye

Mick: I would certainly be back in Ukraine

The translator Dasha was very prompt in picking me up from my hotel in the morning of 28/4/17. Dasha took me to the agency and my lady was waiting for me. It was a great feeling to meet her in real life after chatting for the last 6 months. Over the next 2 days, Dasha provided excellent translation services between my lady and me that helped to understand her a lot better. I would certainly be back in Ukraine to meet my lady again. All I can say is the service and support provided by UaDreams was excellent through my stay in Ukraine.

Thank you, UaDreams.
Mick, Sydney, Australia

Mick / Australia
23-30 April 2017
trip to Zaporozhye

Mick: What an excellent support and service

After arrival at the Rivne branch Olga was my translator and made my meeting with my lady very comfortable. She made all arrangements for my meeting with her.

I am very thankful UaDreams to make my trip to Rivne and help to meet with my lady.

All I can say to submit all up what an excellent support and service rendered by UaDreams. I would definitely return to Ukraine again.

Thank you, UaDreams.
Mick, Sydney, Australia

Mick / Australia
22 April 2017
trip to Rovno

Roopam: I have heard that Kremenchug also has a second number of couples who gets married

Relationships are hard. So keep them together is harder. I have been with UaDreams for over two years and this is my first visit to Kremenchug branch. I have also visited Rivne, Nikolaev, Poltava, Kharkiv and Kiev. I have heard that Kremenchug also has a second number of couples who gets married, amongst all branches. This is no coincidence in my opinion.

A certain amount of personal interaction is absolutely necessary from translators as men from all over the world seek a lady from Ukraine as their life partner while trying to understand the culture, norms and thoughts. Men and women come from different worlds. Throw the cultural differences, time zones, language barriers – this becomes a whole new ball game.

I would like to recommend that Kremenchug be a model branch in the way they operate, to rest of the agency.

I know that the agency has many competent translators. However, let there be no secret that I am here in Kremnchug today, only because of Natasha my translator. She went above and beyond in trying to break communication barriers and misunderstandings between me and my lady. I am eternally grateful to her.

And lastly, I am grateful to the whole agency for helping me find that special someone who I hope will join in my journey for the rest of my life.

With warmth
27th April 2017, 23:57 PM

Roopam / USA
22-28 April 2017
trip to Kremenchug

Jaco: I was impressed with the ease of talking to my lady

After a long flight to Ukraine, I finally got the opportunity to meet my lady, the most amazing and beautiful girl in Ukraine. We had a lovely dinner at the restaurant the first meeting I arrived in Sumy. The translator did the excellent job in helping us to understand each other. I was impressed with the ease of talking to my lady. She understood me mostly. Ukraine has many beautiful places to see and I would recommend it to everyone who wants to travel the world. UaDreams was amazing during my trip and I thank them for everything!! Jaco

Jaco / South Africa
21 April - 1 May 2017
trip to Sumy

Mick: Everything was so well organized to details

I am Mick from Sydney, Australia. Arrived at Kyiv on the 19/4/17 immediately and warmly received by UaDreams driver. After a long 5 hours drive reached Rivne in the evening and Svitlana the Rivne branch manager was there to receive me and helped me with my lodging. Everything was so well organized to details. The next day I met with stunning lady and Irina was phenomenal in her translation services for my lady over the next 2 days. I sincerely never met people who were so warm cordial and friendly. Irina made me feel very comfortable with my lady, and in these two days we were communicating very openly without any barriers.

All I can say about UaDreams is "excellent in service and support". Soon i will return to Rivne and strengthen my ties with this amazing lady.

Thank you UaDreams to make my trip to Ukraine so wonderful and enjoyable.

Mick, Sydney

Hello, My name is Mick, I am from Sydney, Australia.

I landed at Kyiv on the 19th of April than I was warmly picked up by the driver. It took me 5 hours come into Rivne and I was very warm welcomed by the interpreter and translator Irina and I was also met by the branch manager Svitlana. I felt so comfortable and good and I’ve got all I need and when I wanted any other help.

So, they put me up to the hotel, the lovely hotel, they organized my breakfast and lunches and dinners and the next morning after good sleep I met the lady, wow , she was such a lovely lady. And Irina accomplished all with me and all the translation... I was very impressed. The service of support and UaDreams - thank you!

Mick / Australia
19-23 April 2017
trip to Rovno

Steve: I have good and fond memories of this visit

I had a wonderful visit to meet my lady she was honest and well mannered.

I also must thank Marianna the interpreter for her friendly and professional help and advice during my stay. I have good and fond memories of this visit.

Steve / Australia
17-20 April 2017
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Bruno: In all cases I was not the last time in the Ukraine!

This was not my first trip to Ukraine. Everytime I am surprised and grateful for the great support. You always feel safe and very secure. My date with my lady was very pleasant and interesting. This was certainly (also) the merit of Elena, the translator. She has translated the conversation very precisely and efficiently.

Who knows, maybe this date was the beginning of a wonderful relationship with my lady. In all cases I was not the last time in the Ukraine!

Thank you for everything.

Bruno / Schwitzerland
15 April 2017
trip to Kharkiv

Denis: Very nice and professional people

The agency provided a good service. Very nice and professional people, especially Roxana who has been our translator.

Denis / France
14 April 2017
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Dik: Pleasant and effective

I thank branch office Kremenchug for all services provided to make my visit to Kremenchug pleasant and effective.

Oksana did a great job translating communication between the lady and myself. The meetings with the lady were great. Time will show what’s next.

Dik / Netherlands
11-14 April 2017
trip to Kremenchug

Will: I think of, remember and miss special people in the Ukraine

Thank you to God for giving me the opportunity to know the beautiful country that is the Ukraine and to the agency for providing the method and making my visit possible.

The transportation provided by the agency was always very punctual and very good service. The translators, Nataly in Poltava, and Lyuba in Cherkassy were excellent. I felt approval, protection, caring and understanding to me...

I like Poltava very much because it reminded me of the city where I was born in El Salvador. Also I met a beautiful lady there and now my heart is in Poltava.

Cherkassy is a beautiful city and I was treated with a lot of caring there. I hope to return there some day.

The Ukraine has caring and friendly people. The food is very good and the culture is marvellous. I hope some day I will be fortunate to marry a beautiful Ukrainian lady...

The USA is my second home and from here I think of, remember and miss special people in the Ukraine. I feel happy and blessed for this visit and hope to return...


Will / USA
11 April 2017
trip to Poltava, Cherkassy

Jeff: I recommend this office highly!

My experience with Rivne UaDreams was exceptional. Personnel in the office and the translators / interpreters were very hospitable and very professional. I recommend this office highly!

Jeff / USA
10 April 2017
trip to Rovno

Javi: No complaining

Everything was very good and no complaining and no more comments.

Javi / USA
8-11 April 2017
trip to Zaporozhye

Eric: The trip has exceeded my expectations and wildest dreams

The service was excellent. The interpreter provided not only excellent interpretation, but also important advice regarding places to go for an assortment of requests. She really knew the lady well that I had come so far to see, so everything that was arranged, was done with both my interests and the interests of the lady.

The time spent with the lady will be always treasured. The days and nights in Ivano-Frankivsk were awesome!!!

The trip has exceeded my expectations and wildest dreams. Thank you so very much.

Eric / USA
7 April 2017
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Scott: My visit to Sumy has been great

My visit to Sumy has been great. Translator was personable and did a good jobs. She walked with us around the city. The girl I met was very nice and I enjoyed my time here.

Scott / USA
5-6 April 2017
trip to Sumy

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