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Testimonials & reviews

Dear Gentlemen, here we are happy to present you the testimonials of the members who have found their soulmates with help of our Marriage Making Agency.

Here they express their opinion, experience and suggestions for those who are looking for a second half in another country, as well as appreciation to the company and staff.

Please read our ladies' testimonials about UaDreams, reviews of our agency as well — they are also very happy to be with our agency! Some ladies' testimonials you can also find in How we take ladies photos.

Besides, we have some interesting UaDreams testimonials about Dental tourism with! And of course, we are happy to tell you about impressions of the foreign guests about Ukraine after EURO-2012.

We are so proud of what you, our dearest members,
are saying about us

Just look at these people and their sincere gratitude towards us. Each employee of our company invested a part of his or her efforts and talent, to help you to find your dream!

Gregg: I felt completely safe and comfortable during my entire visit

This is my last day in Sumy and has been one of the best of trips of my life. Two months ago I met a wonderful lady online. After exchanging letters and photos for a few weeks, we decided to video chat. We would talk several times a week and still exchanged letters. We decided to meet in person but each of us could not meet before mid-August sue to work obstacles.

Despite the short time to plan and make arrangements, the agency staff made it happen. I can not express my appreciation enough to the staff helped me. When I arrived at the airport, I was met by my driver and was called by the translator to check on me.

I meet a wonderful lady and we had so much fun during our time together. Julia (our translator) was wonderful. She was always there to help translate but also made sure dinner reservations were made. She also helped me in making sure the taxi and restaurants treated me fairly. Thank you Julia! I will remember your kind and professional attitude.

Despite the recent conflict in the southeast part of Ukraine, there was not sign of trouble in Sumy. I felt completely safe and comfortable during my entire visit.

Thank you to the main branch and Sumy branch!

Gregg / USA
7-11 August 2014
trip to Sumy

Al: Guys come on over and take a look at these beautiful ladies

Hi! I am here in Odessa, Ukraine. I have come from Plymouth, Massachusetts in the USA. I have been the member of UADREAMS for three and half years. And I can say their service and their professionalism and the service that they have given to me for these 3.5 years have been excellent. I have made two trips to Ukraine. Last year I spent a month in Cherkasy. And this year I've spent a month here in Odessa. And all of the ladies that have been presented to me were all beautiful. They are very lovely and smart. They have everything that I was looking for. And fortunately and finally I have met my Dream Girl here in Odessa. And she has agreed to come back to USA and live with me in the USA this summer as soon as she can get her visa and passport together. And I am extremely excited about finally finding my true love with a wonderful and beautiful lady from Odessa, Ukraine.

And all along all the service that I have ever received from UADREAMS has been first class. The interpreter, Kate (Ekaterina – that is a little bit tough for me to tell that name, but as she said Kate for short) has been excellent. She has been with me all the time I have been here for a month. She has been with me all the step of the way. She has taking me on a guided tour. She has made all the appointments and all the arrangements for my driver. I can't ask for anything better than she was. She is a true friend of mine now. And I will be forever grateful to both UADREAMS and Kate.

I have been living in the past month in this beautiful hotel. It is only three years old, very modern. People here are… at this hotel... It's a family hotel... They have been wonderful to me. They have served me breakfast every morning. Everything in this trip and every time that I have come to Ukraine has just been excellent to me. You know, men from USA really to go to UADREAMS and take a look for themselves. The best luck secret in the world is the beautiful ladies of the Ukraine. And I am just so excited that the only thing was missing in my life and I am so happy that I was persisting enough to finally find her . I went through numbers of ladies. They were all very lovely, they are who are presented in their profiles. Everything about them is true. But I am so delighted and excited. Everything along the way of three and a half years is just been great... my e-mails, my video- chats with the ladies all this time has been excellent. The interpretation has been wonderful. And I highly recommend for you guys in the USA to come and to find the greatest secret in the world.

And even traveling around Odessa... Odessa is beautiful especially is on the ocean. It's very similar to the place I live. I live in Cape-cod, Massachusetts with the ocean and everything that is on the Black Sea is very similar like I said to where I live. I would enjoy living here and living there. We do plan on doing both you know in our lives as well. So my life has been 100 per cent in my favor. And I am so grateful to my interpretor, to UADREAMS for giving me this opportunity. And like I said guys come on over and take a look at greatest secret that this world has and at these beautiful ladies of the Ukraine.

Al / USA
4 March 2014
trip to Odessa

Latest and fresh testimonials date by date

Steven: A real credit to the company

Prior to my visit to Kiev I had heard stories of unrest and political problems. My experience so far is that it could not be further from the truth. Kiev is wonderful, peaceful, extremely friendly and cosmopolitan. Anna, our translator, has been so friendly and helpful and without her help my great experience here in Kiev would have been less. She is a real credit to the company.

1 October 2016
trip to Kiev

Anil: She helped immensely when communicating

I would take this opportunity to thank UaDreams and my lovely and dearest translator Julia, she made my trip more pleasant and comfortable, she helped immensely when communicating with my sweetheart from the beginning till the end.

I couldn’t imagine how I would have survived the trip without her, I would definitely recomend Julia to everyone who is visiting Rivne to meet their dream woman.

Thanks again for all the work and time you have been providing us for the last 7 month keep up the good work.

Cheers and good wishes

Anil / USA
11 September 2016
trip to Rovno

Oliver: Holiday with my lady in Odessa

After my first trip to my lady in Poltava last year we decided this year to spent our first holidays together – in Odessa. We met there and from the very first beginning we had a really great time again. One of the reasons for this was Julia, our interpreter. As always she did a really great job again. Thank you very much for that, Julia! You are really a great person with great skills and a fun person to talk to.

And I also want to thank UaDreams Support Team especially Kate. When I had some questions she answered them very fast and good as well.

Looking back at the time in Odessa I can say that this city and the Black Sea are amazing and people there were very nice, interesting and friendly – like in Poltava last year. So I am very happy that I had this wonderful holiday with my lady. I only can highly recommend a trip with UaDreams to Ukraine. I am sure you will not only find new friends but you also will find the lady of your dreams. See you soon Ukraine!


Oliver / Switzerland
29 September 2016
trip to Poltava

John: UaDreams is a place I may trust to find romance

My meeting with my lady was very pleasant and the cozy atmosphere in a nearby restaurant allowed a good and interesting conversation. Our translator, Anya, was excellent and her help with translation and conversation made the trip enjoyable. From the airport where Anya introduced herself, I felt assured that UaDreams would organize the trip that I expected.

The drive to the hotel gave me a nice view of the huge size of Kiev. The sights and places provided plenty of opportunities to talk and I hope to know more about my lady. Anya made the entire process pleasant and she is a great translator with a good attitude and the agency arragments were very supportive for a comfortable experience with safety and promotion for romance. My lady is beautiful and lovely in person, more then in photos and video chats.

I look forward to seeing her again and knowing her and her son better. I admire her intelligent conversations and perception. I enjoyed my date and was sad when it ended. I wish I had more time to see Kiev and the Mother of Victory near the river. I know that UaDreams is a place I may trust to find romance.

John / USA
22-28 September 2016
trip to Kiev

Carlos: This girl fulfilled my expectations!

Hace un ano y medio conocí la agencia UaDreams y quise intentar y ver si era verdad, encontré muchas chicas todas tan bellas que muchas veces lo puse en duda, pero mantuve correspondencia con ua que se convirtió en mi favorita y visite a Kharkov para conocerla. Esta chica llena mis expectativas!

Conocí la agencia y to es verdad. Estoy muy agradecido ya que encontré mi mujer ideal, con que ya tenemos ua relación muy linda y puedo dar fe de la realidad de UaDreams.

Los día que pase en Kharkov fueron inolvidables, estoy muy agradecido de la traductora quien fue muy amable. Estoy feliz y volveré para quedarme en este bello país.

I have been knowing UaDreams agency during one and a half year. I wanted to try and to see if it was true. I found many girls, all of them are so beautiful, that many times I had doubts. But I maintained correspondence with one girl who conversed into my favourite and I visited Kharkov to get to know her. This girl fulfilled my expectations! I got to know the agency and everything is true.

I am very thankful because I’ve met my ideal woman, with whom we have a wonderful relation and I can guarantee the reality of UaDreams.

The days that I spent in Kharkov were unforgettable, I’m very thankful to the translator who was very nice. I am happy and I’ll come back to stay in this wonderful country.

Carlos / Chile
14-27 September 2016
trip to Kharkiv

David: I hope that I will invite her to visit Paris

I am David, I am from France. I came to Kiev in early September and my lady with whom I exchanged wonderful feelings for 3 months. I would like to thank all the team of Kiev branch and a special cheer to my translator Nastia. The city is nice at this period of time and I got a so beautiful meeting with my lady and I hope that I will invite her to visit Paris... David from France.

David / France
10 September 2016
trip to Kiev

Samuel: The meeting with the lady was enjoying

The organization was well done all the meeting with the lady was enjoying.
The lady was as previous on pictures.
Kiev is a nice city to discover.
Branch Kiev service was ok.

Samuel / France
9 September 2016
trip to Kiev

Allan: The agency was exceptional

Words alone cannot express how pleased that I was meeting my lady! I can only hope her feelings are mutual. :)

The translator was very effective with ensuring correct understandings.

The agency was exceptional with helping me acquire a room making special agreements for payment of gold package due to my extenuating circumstances.

Allan / USA
8-12 September 2016
trip to Kiev

Andrew: That felt very similar to being at home

The lady was very impressive and with the swift and accurate translation it prompted an easy communication between us that felt very similar to being at home. I would highly recomend this city and translator though I think I will keep the lady for myself. Thanks :)

Andrew / USA
7-10 September 2016
trip to Rovno

Michael: The whole experience was great

The whole experience was great. I enjoyed my lady very much, very beautiful and sweet. The meal was great and Nastia did a wonderful job as interpreter. My lady to me looked even better than pictures. The service was very good and understanding even when I was unfortunately late. THANK YOU спасибо!

Michael / Afghanistan
5 September 2016
trip to Kiev

Richard: I met my lady and was very happy from the minute I met

I have had a wonderful time in Rivne. The service has had great. I met my lady and was very happy from the minute I met. I have to say if you have doubts, dot’t. Just come visit for yourself. People of Ukraine are lovely.

I will be back again to visit my lady and hope she will come to visit me also. My advice is let your heart open. Follow it and you may find the lady of your dreams. UaDreams will take care of you.

HUGE thank you to all the staff and the specially Kate’s perfect translation.

OK, my name is Richard. I came to Rivne on Sunday this week to meet a lovely young lady. Our first meeting was amazing, she was beautiful as expected. The translator Kate, sitting here just now, brilliant. She rearranged all meetings because my flight was slightly deleted, which meant when I arrived to the hotel by car, I did not get here until at list 30 minutes later than planed, they finely walked to the hotel to meet me and we were able to have our first meeting at a nice coffee bar.

Have to say, wonderful time, whether as you can see from the sun I have a lovely time on the weather. Great days out, great trips and I recommend to anybody that once to come here - just get up and doing. Perfect place to visit. It’s pretty good!

Richard / United Kingdom
4 September 2016
trip to Rovno

David: I hold this woman in the highest regard

My Stay in Poltava was very pleasant. Everyone at the agency was very professional. The meeting with my lady was fantastic.

I must compliment my translator Irene. She was always very well prepared & organized. She was very genuine, sincere & attentive to my every need. She made it easy for me to embrace her warm, loving and fun personality. She also made me feel like a member of her own family.

I hold this woman in the highest regard & I thank her for her dedication and support during my stay in Poltava. It was a privilege to visit this city and I hope to return soon.

Sincerely, David

David / USA
2 September 2016
trip to Poltava

Guillermo: I always will remember my trip

I just want to say "Thank you so much!" for all your nice and excellent attention for me, I appreciate a lot. During my staying in this nice city I felt more comfortable. Special thanks for Julia my translator, she is very kind and nice person, in general the people are friendly. I always will remember my trip to this beautiful city.

Guillermo / Mexico
1-9 September 2016
trip to Rovno

Mahmoud: All of those worries had been eliminated

First of all I would like to thank UaDreams team for their support while my stay in Ukraine. At the beginning of my trip I had some doubts and worries, but when I have experienced with this agency all of those worries had been eliminated.

Second, the interpretation was perfect and helpful to overcome the language barriers between me and the lady. Also the places where we went to were very nice and I feel as I am in my home country.

Third, I met with beautiful, tender and real lady, she was so kind and nice and she is serious for her search to find true love and build her happy family.

I appreciate and thank UaDreams team for all.
Many Thanks!)


Mahmoud / Egypt
31 Aug. – 1 Sept. 2016
trip to Poltava

Freddy: I look forward to my next trip back

My 3rd trip to Kharkov was most satisfied with service. Olga as always is giving great attention to detail. Translation with lady was excellent. Lady was as seen on site. Olga provided good places to see and kept me busy when not meeting lady. I thank Olga and staff for providing me with great service to detail and making my stay pleasant. I look forward to my next trip back. Thank you UaDreams.

Freddy / USA
28 August 2016
trip to Kharkiv

Mudit: It was very nice experience

It was very nice experience. Kate has been very helpful. Hopefully, I will be using her translation service in future.


Mudit / United Kingdom
28 August 2016
trip to Poltava

Mahmoud: Two days are not enough really


Really it was very nice to come here to Nikolaev. I spent a great time with a team here and I had good hospitality by dream sites. We’ve visited a lot of places here where all people were very friendly. And I enjoyed to meet the lady from Nikolaev and we enjoyed a lot of time together and we had two days and I will come back soon to see... to see more. And two days are not enough really to enjoy the time here on this small city, but I will come again. So, thank you.

Mahmoud / Egypt
26 August 2016
trip to Nikolaev

Mahmoud: A really good and nice girl

In first I would like to thank all of you for the support and for the good hospitality at the agency office.

I spend a great time with my lady. She is really good and nice girl and I am so glad to meet her here in Kiev.

Also I would like to thank the interpreter Viktoria for her support and professional in translation.


Mahmoud / Egypt
25 August 2016
trip to Kiev

Steve: Our relationship continues

My lady is a beautiful catch for any man.
Loved the city of Ivanofrankivsk.
Ira is very professional and charming interpreter!
I will miss the hospitality and service.

Steve / Australia
25 August 2016
trip to Ivano-Frankovsk

Pascal: Mon voyage c'est bien passé tout

Mon voyage c'est bien passé tout a été bien organiser. A l'office j'ai été bien accueilli par des gentilles dames. La traductrice Oksana a été très gentille et elle a très bien traduit, sans elle j'étais perdu. Le trajet en Kiev et Tcherkassy c'est très bien passé à l'aller comme le retour.

L'hôtel était magnifique et confortable, c'était parfait. J'ai aussi beaucoup aimé cette ville, les gens sont gentil, je me sentait en sécurité. Lundi matin j'étais triste de devoir partir, mais je reviendrai bientôt sa c'est sûr.

La rencontre avec ma Dame c'est très bien passé. Quand je suis arrivé à l'office j'étais environ 15 minutes à l'avance une dame de l'office m'a offert un café et la traductrice est arrivé. On à mis en ordre certain papier et après ma Dame est arrivée.

Je peux vous dire que sa ma fais vraiment drôle d'avoir vu ma Dame en réel. J'ai beaucoup de fois vu ma Dame en vidéo chat et parmi les lettres. J'avais un peu de peine à croire, c'était un moment magique pour moi. En plus de penser qu'on c'est rencontrer par une office a 2000 kilomètres l'un de l'autre c'est quand même incroyable encore merci pour ce que vous faite.

J'ai passé un très bon weekend avec ma Dame on s'entend bien on es semblable. Bien-sûr maintenant le soucis c'est pour communiquer. Je parle seulement le français et ma Dame parle l'ukrainien, le russe et un peu l'anglais. Alors j'ai proposer à An ma Dame na de lui offrir des cours de français elle est d'accord.

Translation into English

My trip was great, everything was well organized! I was nicely accepted by gentle ladies at the office. Oksana, the translator was gentle and translated well, I guess that I would be lost without her. My path to Kiev and Cherkassy went well, the same was with coming back.

Hotel was great and comfortable, everything was perfect. I also loved a lot this city, people are gentle, I felt safely. Monday morning I was sad because I had to leave, but I will come back for sure.

Meeting with my lady went very well. When I came to the office I was 15 minutes earlier and a lady in the office offered me some coffee and translator came. We have arranged some papers and after my lady appeared.

I must admit that it was really funny to see my lady real. I have seen her many times in video chat and in letters. It was difficult to believe it, it was wonderful moment for me. In addition, when you have a meeting in the office that is about 2000 km from your home, even difficult to believe it, thank you one more time for what you are doing.

I have spent very nice weekend with my lady, I think that we are similar with her. Of course communication is a problem for us now. I speak French only and my lady speaks Ukrainian, Russian and English a little. So, I have adviced her some French lessons and she agreed.

Pascal / Switzerland
25-29 August 2016
trip to Cherkassy

Milton: I have expected to find such wonderful lady here

I have the best impressions not only about translator services but also concerning my lady. She excused all my expectations. She is very petite, nice and very beautiful. I have expected to find such wonderful lady here. Our translator Olga did a fantastic job very highly professional, highly difficult to find now-a-days. She was wonderful. Thank you so much for everything.

Milton / Portugal
23-26 August 2016
trip to Kharkiv

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