Are there any “great” differences between Russian and Ukrainian women?

17 May 2016

Have you ever wondered, if Russian and Ukrainian ladies have different attitude towards life? Or how they treat foreigners? Perhaps you heard something from your friends. Or knew a Russian or a Ukrainian girl some years ago.

Though Russia and Ukraine are two separate countries but actually women in these countries are almost the same. The only exception is for Ukraine that was inhabited by an completely different nations for many centuries and as a result this mixing of genotypes and blood has added vivid colours to the natural beauty of women there.

But all in all, Russian and Ukrainian women are very family oriented and value marriage highly. Moreover, all people in Ukraine can speak Russian and in our opinion the only difference between the women in these 2 countries is that Ukrainians women speak Russian with a bit different accent and use a little different vocabulary. Nevertheless everybody in these countries can understand each other completely. Read more on our blog about how to meet Russian girl.

Both Russian and Ukrainian women are easy to approach, beautiful… Some foreigner even say that almost all young women have this look in their eyes which tells you that she had a difficult time in her past… You will see the feminity in those women. We recommend to see our gallery of sweet girls for marriage.

Of course, Russian and Ukrainain cultures differ. Russia has a great history, it is a really big country. Nevertheless Ukrainians are proud of their history very much as well, so each Ukrainian women is able to tell you about the greatest points in her country’s life.

Our branches are situated in Ukraine. Nevertheless ladies from the whole former Soviet unin are presented on our site. The matter is that about 20% of the population of Ukraine are Russians. They came to Ukraine in the childhood or in adult age. So, you can meet both Ukrainian and Russian women on

Ukrainian and Russian ladies have similar spirits and character. They are very family-oriented and put their career on the second place in their life. Each woman in Russia and Ukraine believes that the main destination of the woman is to create a family and born children. They got accustomed to a traditional family where a husband makes main decisions and rules.

Ukrainian and Russian women don’t mind if their men are older than they. So Ukrainian women feel safe and supported. They need a clever and experienced man who can give good advices.

Ukrainian and Russian women are sensual, kind; they are not fastidious in expressions of their emotions. They are bright, catchy; even "explosive" types.

They are practical and thrift. In the art of homemaking, Ukrainian women can give a handicap not only Russians, but even the practical German women. They usually live in plenty, they have a lot of tasty food in the fridge that would be enough to sit out during a small war or blockade :) And you can eat Ukrainian borscht, dumplings and hundreds of other equally delicious dishes which will always be on the table.

Here we think many people will try to argue that Ukrainian girls are the best. The men who had been in Russia and Ukraine clearly confirm our assertion.

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