How many types of women men distinguish? We found 12 categories!

22 Aug 2016

Of course, the answer to this question can be denoted by a man of three types: “heatkiller”, “psychologist”, “infocollector”. So as a rule, the trid one is the most attentive listener as well as inspective. Thus smart and inquiring mind detected types below:

1. Gone with the wind.

Her head is full of romantic happy endings from fiction books she used to read on evenings. However we cannot say about dreaming but this world is far from reality. The relationship image is based on those fantasies where women drown in waves of feelings and men are the perfect examples of elegance, honour, privilege, devotion and men notable for their wit.

Indeed it doesn’t matter who are you, you have to perform your image fully like Wilfred of Ivanhoe. Still you cannot guess about your entire role but if you cannot guess it really your problem - you will be said “good by, sir”. And mademoiselle will wait for the next prince riding the white horse.

2. Undecided.

Greece give roots to such a type of a mature and majestic woman who cannot stand from searching her “the only one”, however lately when she accept her elect, the most persistent one, she found his brother or uncle or the friend of the closest friend to be more attractive, more compatible for living and she loves each one. She is not able to come down and think who exactly is hers, the one and the only advice is to quit the stage in time.

3. Housewifely.

Domestic goddess! Remember you questioned: “What are you? Do you have own apartment? How much do you earn?” and etc. They pick up the most powerful men, no losers. From the other side, housewifely is the right choice for building up relationships, stable, real and forever. They intend to find the meaning of the noun “stability”, that’s all.

Her childhood dictated her what type of a man she needs to marry, lately she detected several features to add to the image, she doesn’t live by perfect principles but she receives what she wants and doesn’t take less. By the way she does takes care of her man, husband. If you cannot take her, don’t even try.

4. Yummy pussicat.

Let’s talk about the “product” appeared when Hollywood influenced young and unstable teen’s mind. Russia and Ukraine faced with this type just recently: the wave of western tendencies touched the world outlook of Russian and Ukrainian girls with blockbusters and fairy tails, actions enhanced by sexy ladies and adult super heroes. They have nothing to show except short mini or opened widely beach suit or any provocative look would lead to the base instinct. Anyway don’t miss such a type with a prostitute. Quite a big difference by the ability to keep the distance and be brutal, be James Bond for better.

5. Cynosure, the highlight.

Russian and Ukrainian cynosures are so numerous, that no wonder men have them on their tongues. So what is she? She is very good mother, wife, colleague, friend, chief. She used to be non-demanding. How you can detect her? That’s very simple. You can catch her for the greatest party she haven’t been for ages, loaded she will initiate some dirty stories games, will offer naked beach party or table dances. The next morning she will be usual woman with no provocative intentions to idle around. Guys, don't force them to fall away.

6. Wellness lady.

Healthy living is being promoted by them all over around. Those were women who started to recover all people from diseases, they demonstrated in their perfect way glory and victory intentions by dressing bodies. They buy unlimited packages of fitness centers for living there, they used to have special diet programs on Instagram, health-improving yoga practice and etc.

Plus, they improve their wellness status by personal growth trainings. Then what you should do to catch that type? Give up smoking, drinking alcohol and part from your barrel :) And.. be ready for 24 hours crossfit, TRX, boxing, pilates and mantra-parties. You have to reconsider your lifestyle and purposes otherwise you will never see your lady again.

7. An intellectual woman.

Sexual chauvinists state that there are no smart women on Earth. So don’t believe them, supposedly they have never met young smart, clever and wise woman with blond hair as well. Highly-developed women have special sensors on ordinariness, indifference and platitude, they just hide in the shade of such Housewifely, Wellness lady and Cynosure.

Such type of a woman used to be a perfect listener, student, they want to be educated. not to point someone to educate. They prefer high IQ rather than outstanding look and good salary. If you have one - you are the winner! As for the best gift to present to such a lady - choose a good book. And be reminded if you have nothing else to educate on, you will be forgotten soon.

8. Half-and-halfter.

Karma for her is abnormal sIeep, everytime and everywhere. And if you are waiting for the greatest interest she’ll yawp instead. They take care about themselves with the easiest and laziest ways: less speak, less smile, less think and don’t be nervous or there is a wrinkle threat. Neither shit nor shinola is the happiest women if you take the choice out of her! She is happy for everything but you will never know if she is really happy due to her specific facial gesture.

If you want to please her - don’t feel smart or anything just don;t disturb her sIeep till 10 am.

9. White Mistress.

The first thing - she is always aware of what a man wants and then she does everything to make him achieve her purposes. Racketeer. She will break up with you if you refuse to make her wish come true.

The most powerful point in relationship with such a woman - she may leave suddenly without any certain reason but still enjoying the suffering of her “ex”. We’d like to advise: never hurt such a lady, you will never be forgiven.

10. Tired to death.

Too low energy field. Her childhood was full of other people who were solving all her problems due to her lassitude. Being a student she used to be assisted by the whole group of those who were ready to rescue. Or employed, she used all vacations and medical leaves.

If you have special power to help such a lady - you should never wait for a simple “Thank You”, - she doesn’t have strength enough to say it.

11. Competitress.

She is pleased by bromosexual or dominant female companions. The best gift for them is the heart killer of the city. She will be the top of everything if she reads in your eyes that you are number one. Being hard won the prize is to be directed to the trash basket accordingly. Be cautious!

12. Fashion-monger.

We are thankful to these ladies to inform us about piercing, tattoo, ruptured jeans. We got educated for monopod, selfie, places to fill the silicon with and lindy-hop dancing. They are aware of the best city events and useful sales schedule of the year. They bear something that resembles dog and ground-squirrel under their arms.

Very simple, cannot stand from passing the shop-window by. So, man, go ahead and buy. For the last time :)

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