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Communication interactions

  • What is My Ladies tab?

    This page contains tabs with ladies' profiles with the status Favorites, Sweethearts and Recent.

  • How to add a lady to my Favorites list?

    This tab contains lady's profile(s) with the status Favorite. To active this status for a lady you should click on the grey star icon on the lady's profile photo. Once you interact with the lady with the status Favorite, her profile will be moved to the Sweethearts tab automatically. You can also move the lady's profile(s) to Sweethearts tab yourself by clicking on the yellow star icon on the lady's profile photo. To deactivate Favorite status for a lady's profile(s) click on the yellow star icon, then on the red heart icon.

  • What is a Sweethearts list?

    This tab contains lady's profile(s) with the status Sweetheart. To active this status for a lady you should click on the grey star icon on the lady's profile photo, then again click on the yellow star icon. To deactivate Sweetheart status for a lady's profile(s) click on the red heart icon on the lady's profile photo. Once you reactivate communication with the lady, her profile will receive Sweetheart status back. This status subscribes you to SMS-notifications and online notifications to video chat invitations, new letters, birthday reminder etc.

  • What is a Recent list?

    This tab contains list of lady's profile(s) whom you have ever been in touch with.

  • How to send a wink to a lady

    To send a Wink to the lady find her profile in the Gallery of ladies. On the right you will find an option "Send wink" – click this icon. You will see emoticons with different expressions. Choose the one you find most appropriate and click on it. You can add a short message to be sent along with the wink. You can send only ONE Wink to one lady.

  • How to communicate through letters

    How to send a letter?

    1. Sign in to the site.
    2. Mouse over "My profile" Menu, find and click on Mails link.
    3. Click on Compose Mail button.
    4. Enter the profile number of the lady
    5. Compose new letter to the lady

    You can also send a new letter to the lady from the Gallery of Ladies by clicking on Message button.

    When can I send a free letter?

    You can write ONE free letter PER DAY to any lady from our gallery, if it is your first letter to this lady or your first reply on her letter. But make sure you have e-mail address and cellphone number confirmed, there is at least one picture in your profile and all necessary information in profile is specified. Otherwise this option will be limited.

    Please be aware that if you've chatted with the lady before writing her a letter, you won't be able to write the first letter for free.

    Can I share some adult content with my lady?

    Here at UaDreams, we believe that since this is a matchmaking and dating agency, everyone should be entitled to their free speech. It helps both men and women to learn more of each other and to get closer. However, you cannot post any content that can offend your lady. It is not acceptable to post any adult content, i.e. pornographic or explicit images, videos or other media, drug or sexually descriptive posts or dialog, profane language, drug related images, videos or other media, extreme violence or any other form of content. UaDreams reserves the right to refuse photo and video services to anyone and up to closing their account.

    How to decorate a letter

    Once you sent a letter you can choose any background you like among our patterns. Besides you will find a lot of additional elements like flowers, hearts etc. or images associated with various holidays there. Or make it easy: just choose a ready combination of a background and a small image. A half of an e-mail credit is needed to decorate one letter.

    How to edit letter after it's sent

    Once you send a letter and until it's translated and delivered to the lady, you can edit the sent letter.

    Click on the Sent section on the left hand menu. Mouse over the sent letter and click on the pen image., you will be able to change, add or delete the contents. E-mail credit won’t be taken from you again.

    How to cancel a sent letter

    Go to the Sent letter section on the left hand menu. Mouse over the sent letter and click on the basket image. Or check the letter you want to delete and press the basket image at the top of the list. You can also delete the sent letter by opening it and clicking on delete link.

    An e-mail credit is returned to the profile if the sent letter was not yet translated and delivered to the lady.

    How to decline a lady's letter for free

    If don’t want to answer the lady but you also don’t want to be rude you can send her free refuse letter.

    1. Login to the site
    2. Go to your mailbox
    3. Find the field "Reply"
    4. Press on the "Reject E-mail" link in the top right corner of the text field
    5. sellect the answer you find the most appropriate
    6. Press "Reject mail".

    This service is free of charge. You won’t need email credit for it.

    How to send an SMS to the lady

    Go to My Mails and click on Compose mail button. Then select a lady whom you want to send an SMS to. Then select SMS option.

    We will translate and deliver your SMS within office opening hours (most of the offices are opened from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. Ukraine time, except Sundays and public holidays) to your lady’s cell phone.

    You can also send an SMS to the lady by clicking on the incoming letter from the lady and selecting SMS option.

  • How to use video chat

    What is a video chat service?

    Video chat is the best way to get a sight of your lady in real life. During the chat you both can see each other through your webcams. In the meantime you type your words in the chat window.

    Online video chat conversations allow to keep up relationships with the beloved people and satisfy desires to see the loved ones on a more frequent than possible basis. It'll take you to the next stage of your relationship when you can get to know each other better. Find manual for video chat here.


    FREE video chat

    Free video chat with the ladies whom the member has never had a chat or a correspondence before. Once a day any member can have a chat with the lady for up to 5 minutes for free and then continue chat with the same lady using regular video chat minutes.

    Free minutes are added to the profile at a time when a lady accepts the chat. This action can not be undone and therefore if a member returns to the FREE CHAT list of ladies, there will be only one lady available for a FREE chat today.

    Ladies' profiles displayed on the FREE chat list are selected randomly and can change during the day.

    If a certain lady is not on the FREE chat list, you can wait until her profile is back on the list again or find her profile on the regular Online video chat list. In the case of a regular Online chat list, you have to have regular video chat minutes to have a chat with the lady.

    If a certain lady is not on the FREE chat list and her profile is not listed on the regular Online video chat list, it means the lady's profile became offline.


    Video chat runs on all platforms

    As the video chat is written using HTML5, our app works on new devices as they hit the market. It runs on all phones as well as all browsers (provided they all support HTML5): iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian, Bada etc.


  • How to send and receive photo, audio and video


    How to send a photo, audio, or video to a lady

    1. Mouse over the "My profile" menu, find and click on the "Photo and Video" section
    2. Find and click on "My private files" on the left side menu.
    3. Upload any files you wish to send to your lady on the same page
    4. Mouse over the photo/video/audio you want to send, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the file, and select "Send".
    5. Choose the lady from the carousel of ladies or enter her profile number in the search line
    6. Write a comment to the file, if you wish, and press the button "send files".
    7. Media files can also be sent to the ladies along with the letter. Once you finish writing the letter to the lady, click on the "clip" icon in order to choose and attach files.


    How to accept photo, audio, or video from a lady

    1. Mouse over the "My profile" menu, find and click on the "Files from ladies" section
    2. Click on "New" or "Sale -50%", or "From lady" to choose files from a specific lady
    3. Click on the photo/video/audio you want to accept, then confirm the acceptance by clicking on the button "buy photo/video/audio".

    If a lady attaches her photo, video, audio to her letter, just open the letter and click on the button "accept" on the attachment. If you have respective media credit, the file will be accepted. If not, upgrade your credits from the same page and accept the attachments later.


    How to receive a custom video from a lady

    Go to the Service and buy a custom video there. After that, please, inform our support center about your lady's profile number and send your list of questions. When we receive this list, we will invite the lady to the branch office, ask her your questions and film her replies.

    A ready personalized video will be placed into your profile in the section From ladies in the category "Accepted" for your private viewing.


    How to send a photo to a lady in video chat

    1. While you are in chat, in the field where you write a message click on the "clip" icon.
    2. Choose and mark a photo from your private files which you want to send to a lady and press the button "attach photos". The photo will be sent, and 0.5 photo credit will be used.

  • How to send a gift to a lady

    Visit our Gift shop: all gifts here are divided by categories, so it will be very easy for you to find flowers, sweets, perfumes or anything else. Besides you can see a category devoted to a particular holiday, if this holiday comes soon.

    If you want to send some special gift(s) that we dont have in our Gifts Shop to a lady, we will offer you to order a Personal Package.

  • How to watch Videos from and of the ladies for FREE?

    How to watch Videos from and of the ladies for FREE?


    You can watch ALL private videos sent to you by the ladies or watch ALL public videos of the ladies during the Video Chat.


    1. Go to Video Chat with a certain lady

    2. Select video right below the lady's webcam video

    3. Press play to watch the selected video




    1. Open the video you watch to watch (Press Play button)

    2. Continue watching Free in Video Chat with the lady whose video you were watching (option is available only if the lady is ONLINE NOW).

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