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Credits & payments

  • How can I pay for services and gifts?

    We accept Visa® and MasterCard®, China UnionPay cards, webmoney offered by Paymentwall system. If you are issuing Western Union/Money Gram order and need billing terms, please contact us directly. Our payment processors encrypt all information submitted to them, so you can be confident that your credit card information will be kept safe and secure.

  • How to get back 5% of the one-time purchases starting from $250.00?

    Once you make a one-time purchase of credits and/or gift starting from $250.00 you receive a 5% cashback on your bonus account. Bonus amount to use as you please against future purchases. The bonus amount cannot be redeemed for cash.

    The exceptions to receiving a 5% cashback are services or gifts purchased by Special Invoice and trip-related services (trip packages, introduction services, translation services, etc.)

    The bonus amount becomes visible at the Shopping Cart once you add any service or gift there.

    To use the bonus amount with the future purchase you need to put a check next to the bonus amount. If you don't put a check, the bonus amount will remain until you select it with the next purchase.

  • What is an e-mail credit?

    E-mail credit is a relative payment unit on UaDreams that can be used for writing letters, decorating them and sending text messages (SMS) to ladies. The more credits you purchase, the cheaper e-mail credit is for you.

    If you send a first letter to the lady by using an e-mail credit and the lady returns this letter to you, our agency will not charge you and return your an e-mail credit.

  • What is a photo / audio credit?

    Photo credits are used for actions both with photos and audios. 1 photo credit is equal to 1 photo sent or accepted; or 1 audio file that you send to a lady or accept from a lady.

  • What is a video credit?

    With the help of our video credits you are able to send your lady some video files and share some moments of your life with her.

  • How to exchange credits by myself

    Open the menu My profile and in the left bottom corner you will find a link "Exchange". Click on it and in the pop up window appeared you will see possible variants of exchanging the credits you have. Click on the variant you like the most. You can buy credits from here as well.

  • Why can't I find PayPal

    We do not accept PayPal.

    PayPal occasionally have IPN (instant payment notification) delay issues which can effect verification of payment and crediting services to profile. When operating with online payments and service crediting, you expect a payment solution to be 100% reliable and free from interuption at all times.

    Another reason is because they are a third party processor and once you process an order with them, we are then locked in at their mercy and if the account is ever frozen or closed we may lose all the information about purchases, amounts and dates. Its just not the kind of risk we can take with our members.

    UaDreams offers a reliable mechanism that allows you to pay using a credit or debit card immediately after you add services to your Shopping Cart. The payment processors we use are fast, safe, trusted and secured from any fraudulent activity.