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age 22
22 years old from Dnipro

Birth Date








She is



I’m looking for

28 November


163cm 5' 4''

60 kg 132 lbs








Marriage, Romance, Friendship, Penpal, Relationship, Dating, Traveling



University degree


Field of activity



I am a journalist

Marital status

Single and No children

Want to have children?

will decide with my husband

My Languages



Speaks since childhood



Familiar with frequently used expressions and able to express oneself in everyday situations.



Means is a native speaker, needs no help in speaking

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My future goals are

Family is those people who are ready to accept you as you are. These are the people who love just because we are near, for a special time and emotions, feelings and passion. Many people think about what kind of family should be? I think that it should be loving, sincere, caring and the most positive. What are your thoughts? I want my man to be able to consider everything that is inside me, my emotions and deep potential, and understand all the sincerity of my desires. I want to pamper my partner with my ideas, culinary skills and positivity.

The type of man that I desire

I clearly decided that I am ready to build a serious relationship. I am sure that the one who is looking honestly, sincerely, will surely find his/her dreams. This is my main goal and I want to realize it in my life. I am ready to show all my qualities, to be wise, faithful, loving and the happiest woman for my man. I want to meet a man with a great sense of humor, with the most sincere intentions and goals for life. His inner peace, calmness and accuracy are important to me. I want to see him as a real gentleman.

My typical day

I wake up, go to the shower, then make breakfast and go to work. I usually wake up at 7-8 am. I like my job, so it gives me pleasant emotions that I want to develop. I like to study in this direction and be a popular TV presenter. My job allows me to meet interesting people, communicate with colleagues and study journalism in different directions. After work, I enjoy going to the gym. I want to be in great shape, I want to be healthy. I also like reading books, writing poetry and taking vocal lessons.

What I do in my leisure time?

I like to do vocals in my leisure time. The music that I want not only to sing but also to write, takes me to another world and I am very happy with these emotions. I know that many people like to listen to music, and I like to sing songs. I can't imagine my life without music. I am very creative in relaxing by writing poems. I am sure that I can find a man and devote my special verse to him, a verse that will win his heart with my most sincere emotions, lines and meaning. I believe in special feelings, but didn't you lose faith in love? I really like animals, especially horses. I believe that contact with them should be very careful, but this contact has an incredible power that is felt from the first minutes of a person's interaction with a horse. Horseback riding is something that relieves me from an active lifestyle. I like horse riding and I like to devote my time to it. I also enjoy going to the gym, outdoor activities such as quad biking, racing.

About my family

There are 4 people in my family. This is my mother, father, sister and me. I grew up in an ordinary family, but the most trusting relationship I have developed with my mother. She works as a police officer. Despite her work, she remains loving and faithful to my sister and me. She is my best friend. I also love my dad, he is very sensitive and attentive to us. He is surrounded by our love and care.

How would I describe myself

I want to be sincere in everything and I try to follow my goals. I like to be purposeful, positive, energetic, sensual and I want to be romantic, loving but only for one man. I want to illumine him with my kindness and light, instill energy and passion.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Alexandra is a very open lady. She is ready for a serious relationship, she is ready to build her destiny and show her inner potential of charisma, love, positivity, tenderness. She is ready to build a strong relationship, but with one and only one man.