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age 24
24 years old from Dnipro

Birth Date








She is



I’m looking for

7 February


168cm 5' 6''

60 kg 132 lbs








Marriage, Romance, Relationship, Dating



University degree


Field of activity



journalist, model

Marital status

Single and No children

Want to have children?

will decide with my husband

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My future goals are

My main goals are to be realized in my career and future family. I want to create my own family, to become lovely and important in the life of my family. In the nearest future, I want to start photographing by myself. Also, I have a dream to create my own business in photography and to become the best in it. Do you like to take photos? My biggest fear is not to find myself in any sphere and not to be realized. So, I want to meet a man who will support me in everything.

What I do in my leisure time?

I like to dedicate my leisure time to myself. I like to draw different inspiring pictures, cook some new interesting recipes. Sometimes, we spend time together with my friends in some restaurant or cafe. I'd like to have somebody to share these hobbies and spend time cheerfully. Also, I think that any successful and confident woman should pay attention to her physical form and health. So, that's why I also attend fitness and gym. Do you like sport? Also, my passion is photography, I adore being a model and it brings me some special pleasure. Would you like to have a common photoshoot with me?

About my family

The dearest person for me is my grandmother. She brought me up and was near me for all my childhood. She is the only person whom I can fully trust for the present moment. My parents live in another country and our relations are not so warm. But still, I love them and think that I'm lucky to have such a family. In the future, I want to have a full and close family and want to dedicate myself to them.

How would I describe myself

Actually, I'm a cheerful, positive girl who likes to be in motion and strives for self-development. I'm looking for a man with whom I'll be on the same page and with whom I will not feel bored. I like to enjoy this life, I like to do everything that brings pleasure to me.

The type of man that I desire

I want to see a kind and interesting man near. I want to create a strong relationship with a man who is confident and has a good sense of humor. I think that the moment of our common interests is also important. I think that partners have to share interests of each other. Understanding, support, sincerity and passion are the most important moments for me. Actually, I think that every person is unique. I think, I'm a creative personality and I'd be interested in communication with the same creative person.

My typical day

Typically, I get up about 10 a.m, freshen up, cook a tasty breakfast and go to the gym. Then I do my work or some current affairs. The evening I can spend in the company of my friends or just stay at home. I enjoy spending time alone, I can listen to my inner feelings, think about something, dream and make up some steps to fulfilling already existing dreams. My dreams mean a lot to me. I like to think about a better life and to work to achieve it.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

This lady is very kind and calm. She can smile and charge everybody with a positive mood. When you look at her, she looks very mannerly and modest. And it seems to us that she has a very kind, big and tender heart.