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age 23
23 years old from Kremenchug

Birth Date








She is



I’m looking for

31 May


163cm 5' 4''

49 kg 108 lbs



slim (slender)





Friendship, Fun, Relationship



University degree


Field of activity



Credit Specialist

Marital status

Single and No children

Want to have children?

will decide with my husband

My Languages



Means is a native speaker, needs no help in speaking



Speaks since childhood



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The type of man that I desire

I personally see my life good and exciting as one with a decent man who could have a good sense of humor and, most importantly, his own goal in this life; with whom we will most importantly have lots of common interests, because it would surely mean that mutual understanding is between us!

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Anastasiia is a very positive and optimistic lady - but she certainly knows the value of sincerity and is very sincere herself as well. She also has a strong sense of justice and responsibility, as well as she understands very well who can be right and who can be wrong at all times.

What I do in my leisure time?

Honestly, these days I don't actually have too much of a free time, but when I do get some - I like to make sure to spend it in active ways, like meeting with my friends and even practicing music, like I did some time ago by playing the trombone. Sometimes I also like to spend my time by watching some good movies, with my favorites being "Dirty Dancing" and "Gone With The Wind", as well as by watching similar romance films.

About my family

Family is indeed the most important thing in life - and mine currently consists of my beloved mother and my dear brother who was born earlier than me for three years. I truly appreciate all the efforts she put into raising us both, and to me she is a very wise person who I can always ask for any advice, appreciating her wisdom. I also have a cousin with whom we are peers and best friends at the same time, so I can always talk to her and trust her with anything :)

How would I describe myself

If you ask me, my personal highlight lies in me being truly sincere with everyone, and such thing seems to attract people! No one likes hypocrites, and neither do I - so as far as I know, nobody could see a hypocrite in me, because luckily I don't appear to be one)

My future goals are

In the future I want to be financially independent, and for that I would like to develop my online store well enough so I could consider myself self-employed and self-sustaining... At the same time to love and be loved as well, because the latter is one of the most important things! And for that I would also want to have a family where all members of it could have similar outlooks on life. Also in the future I would like to visit Georgia!

My typical day

My typical day usually starts pretty early, as I get to cook myself a quick yet tasty breakfast before going to work - and I work as a Credit Specialist in a bank. Ironically, this job helps me financially a lot, but later I also get to spend some time on working with my little online store where I sell cosmetics. I actually get to work with the store when later I finally get back home... On day offs the flow of the day can vary a lot, but on evenings I always make sure to spend it with my dear family.