24 years old from Kharkov

  • Birth Date

    28 December

  • Height

    173 cm5' 8''

  • Weight

    55 kg121 lbs

  • Eyes


  • Hair


  • Build

    slim (slender)

  • Zodiac


  • Glasses


  • She is


  • Smoke


  • Drink


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  • University degree


  • Field of activity


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  • Marital status

    Single and No children

  • Want to have children?

    will decide with my husband

  • My Languages

    English IntermediateGerman Basic

  • I’m looking for

    Marriage, Romance, Friendship, Relationship, Dating, Traveling

Anna 8883

24 years old from Kharkov


What I do in my leisure time?

Time is precious to me, so I always try to spend free hours qualitatively for my body, soul and mind. The top on my list is making photos. The world around us is so beautiful and sometimes we don’t notice tiny beautiful things in everyday hustle and bustle. So a huge part of my inspiration comes from capturing such moments in the photos.

What also gives me energy and wonderful mood every day is yoga. This is the time when I let go of all of the thoughts running through my mind. It’s when I am with myself, which is precious. I tried a few kinds of sports, and I discovered yoga is my number one.

And of course... traveling! I have already been to some countries. Those were unforgettable times! But there are still so many beautiful countries that I would love to visit one day!

You will be surprised but I love cleaning! And of course I’m always happy to find a nice and interesting movie or TV show to watch or read a book which inspires me.

The type of man that I desire

I strongly believe that people, who love themselves at first place know how to love others. So I would love to meet a man who loves himself.

A relationship to me means interaction of two people. I expect my man to be as much caring and loving as I am.

In my mind my future family is my shelter and fortress where I can always turn to. And this will be impossible without a responsible and reliable man.

I have a big heart and I always try to give everything I have to people dear to my heart. So generosity is one of the qualities I would love my second half to possess. Because a relationship is a process where you share everything with each other.

I think that none of the relationships in the world is perfect. It’s not a secret that sometimes couples go through some tough moments. But the way out of all of those difficulties and misunderstandings depends on the strength of feelings and wisdom of both people. So I hope that my future husband will be smart and wise to always find ways to overcome any kinds of storms in our family that may appear along our path.

I always strive for development in everything. And I hope my second half will be goal-oriented in achieving the best for the family.

How would I describe myself

Well, I must say I’m calm, and I don’t like night clubs or bars. I’m active in life and I develop myself in every area everyday. This is important to me. I want to become a better version of myself.

I know exactly what I want from life... I have many dreams and goals. So I am going to do my best to make them all come true.

My inner happiness is precious to me. When I feel happy, I have a strong desire to share it with people around me.

About my family

My family consists of only three members: me, my mom and dad. We are the most ordinary family from a small town.

There are a few things I value and appreciate. My parents have always supported any of my choices. They also gave me freedom, which I think not all parents can provide to their kids. But this freedom is important in a kid learning to be self-sufficient and trust his own instincts in the adult life.

Of course, my parents gave me warmth and care as any parents. My mom has always been there for me, when I needed. And she still is. Dad is a hard-working man. He always took care of finances.

But in the future I am dreaming my own family to be even more friendly.

My future goals are

In my opinion success in any area of life depends on your internal state. I want to be in harmony with myself every day. Also I would like to find myself in a profession which will bring me happiness and the feeling of self-realization.

But none of these are possible without a big home filled with love, joy, care, warmth, home comfort, wealth and children's laughter. Everybody has his own standards of his perfect family. So, I want to have a perfect family of mine with a partner whom we will have mutual plans for the future with.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

The lady is charming, kind, versatile and family-oriented.

My typical day

I wake up at around 8 am mostly every day. I have my own little morning ritual. Because I believe that the way you wake up sets the tone for the rest of the day. I take a shower, drink my favorite coffee or matcha. In a few hours, at around 10 am I start doing yoga or stretching. I can’t imagine myself without sports. It’s something not only to keep my body fit and healthy, but it’s also something I do for my soul.

From midday till evening I do things about my work. When I’m done with that I have a few hours I dedicate to some things, depending on the mood. Of course I have dinner. But to be honest I am not so much into cooking. Since I’m single, I don’t have an obligation to cook every day, so I can allow myself to dine out somewhere at a nice place.

I adore SPA and massages. Sometimes I do them in the evenings too. Or I will just take a walk if the weather is nice outside. Or... if you invite me to a cinema, I’ll gladly accept your offer.

So when the day is slowly going to an end, I do some things about my home, read a book or watch a nice movie. And now it’s time to take some rest before the new day comes.