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age 28
28 years old from Rovno

Birth Date








She is



I’m looking for

1 May


168cm 5' 6''

55 kg 121 lbs



slim (slender)





Marriage, Romance, Relationship, Dating



University degree


Field of activity



commodity expert

Marital status

Divorced and I have children / 1 boy

Children age

5 y.o.26 October

Want to have children?

will decide with my husband

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Speaks since childhood



Means is a native speaker, needs no help in speaking

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The type of man that I desire

I am looking for a man who will be my rock. I want to feel myself a real lady with him and to feel loved. Of course, chemistry is very important and I want us to have this special sparkle between us which can become a flame any time we want. ;) I desire to be with a man who is intelligent, self-sufficient but also caring and funny. :) I want to know that I can always rely on my man and that he will always support me in difficult situations. I want to feel myself special when he is near. I want to feel his love every day...

My future goals are

The most important for me in my life is to meet a special someone, to fall in love and to create a happy family with him, and to raise kids together. I know that it is possible to meet a person who will be my soulmate and that we will have understanding, trust and care between each other. I know that he is somewhere and my goal is to find him. At the same time I also want to achieve success in life and to be in harmony with myself. I think it is very important for every person to be self-sufficient and to be in harmony with yourself.

About my family

My family is not small. I have a younger brother who is eleven years old. :) He is a very cute boy and we always have a lot of fun together. :) I like listening to his stories and to play computer games with him. :) I also have mom and dad whom I love very much. :) They are role models for me. Every time when I see how my mom talk to dad I think that I want to have such relationships in my future family. I am proud of my family. We never fight but discuss everything in a calm way and with respect. I think, it is the best way to find a solution in any problem. I trust my mom and she is the closest person to me. She always supports me and she will always try to understand me, no matter what I do. I have a son too and he is my universe. I love him so much. :)

What I do in my leisure time?

I am fond of healthy lifestyle. When I do have some free time during the day, then I like attending gym or simply like walking in a fresh air. It is so pleasant to walk in the nature. :) When I have such possibility, then I go to the lake or to the local park. I like walking with my son there. It is so much fun! :) Also I like reading psychological literature and carry a book in my bag all the time and read it when I have such possibility. We have such a tradition with my friends to meet once a week, to do something together, dinner, picnic, movie or go shopping together and after that we have lunch together and chat. :) It is nice to catch up like this, I think :)

My typical day

I have a usual schedule of a working person. I get up early in the morning and get prepared for work. I take a shower and make breakfast. Then I dress up and go to work. I like my work but sometimes working day seems too long for me. ;) I guess, you know how it feels. ;) After work I usually go and buy something for dinner. I like cooking and do it with pleasure. On weekends my mornings are the same but I do not go to work. ;) I go to the gym instead and have some time for myself. ;) Of course, everyday I allocate time to spend with my little son.

How would I describe myself

I work as a commodity researcher. I like my job and I find it interesting. I like communicating with new people. I am a family person and I really want to create a big family soon. What else can I say about myself... My heart is full of love and I am ready to share my love with a special someone. I am here to find him.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Anna is an intelligent charming lady. She is very sweet and interesting to communicate with. She will be a loving and caring wife. She believes that every person is unique but there is a soulmate for everyone in this world. She is looking forward to find this person.