23 years old from Lutsk

  • Birth Date

    20 July

  • Height

    163 cm5' 4''

  • Weight

    52 kg114 lbs

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  • Hair


  • Build

    slim (slender)

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  • Marital status

    Single and No children

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  • My Languages

    Ukrainian NativeRussian Fluent

  • I’m looking for

    Marriage, Romance, Friendship, Penpal, Relationship, Dating

Darina 9431

The type of man that I desire

For me, appearance is not such an important aspect, but I love when a man is at least a little bit taller than me. I appreciate kindness, I want my beloved husband to be kind, gentle and especially wise. I would also like him to be strong enough to carry me in his arms and dance. I love purposeful men and it is important for me that he had ambitions and goals. I don't like greedy men very much, because in fact you don't need much to pay attention to a woman, put one flower on a pillow next to her when she wakes up, it's not difficult, but the girl will be very pleased.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Darina seemed to us a very nice girl. She came to the agency and at the first meeting treated us all with her pastries. It was so nice of her. It showed us her from a very kind and generous side. Her eyes are burning and she is always positive. It is clear that she also needs a man who is energetic and cheerful.

Darina is quite mature and she also has very feminine manners. She told us about her dreams and ambitions, and she wants to believe in it, because everything she says sounds very confident. We will be happy to help her to find her first love.

What I do in my leisure time?

When I have free time, I try to devote it to self-care or relaxing treatments at home. My friends and I like to go to a nearby town for a walk there, or go to a cafe or karaoke. I love to dance and I do it all the time. Maybe I should even do it professionally, I think it's worth thinking about.

I also like to watch TV series about space when I have free time, I am very fascinated by this topic and I can watch various documentaries for hours. No less fun is my vacation in the nature, I even love fishing.

My future goals are

I really want to start a family. Have a wonderful husband and two or three children who will run around the house and call Mom, Mom ahah. And then the beloved man will come from work and we will all go to dinner together.

I work now as a waitress, it is very hard work but I think this experience will be useful to me sometime when I want to open my own business. I bake various cakes very well and dream of opening my own confectionery someday. It seems to me that experience in this field in which I work, will help me, because I will be more competent and know how everything works from the inside.

My typical day

On my day off, I love to sleep, I'm not a lark and I like to sleep. Then I usually make myself a delicious breakfast and go to the gym. I like to play sports, it helps me stay in shape. Usually I don't often spend evenings alone at home. I like to go somewhere with friends, it can be bowling or roller skating. And at dinner I usually sit down to watch my favorite series. That's how my day goes, of course in between all this I still pet and hug the cat every 5 minutes haha

How would I describe myself

I wrote that I really like to dance, but I haven't mentioned that I've been dancing Contemporary for almost a year, of course it's only a year and it's just for myself but I like this hobby. I love to make sweets but I also love to eat them, especially I love milk chocolate, it's my real passion.

Speaking of music, I'm a music lover, I love music of different genres, styles and eras. I also love TV series, and I dream of traveling a lot, the first countries I want to visit are France, the Netherlands and Turkey, and then the whole world, the main thing is that my loved one was near me.

About my family

I'm not alone in the family, so I definitely don't have to be bored. I have a younger sister, 11, and an older brother, 26. It seems to me that I am most comfortable being a middle child ahah. In our family, respect for each other prevails, of course, my family loves humor and jokes, but we never move on to personal topics, we respect each other's borders.

I spent almost all my childhood in the village with my grandparents, so it happened because my parents had to go abroad to earn money. The warmest relationship I have with my mother, she will always support me. Also the most important member of the family is the cat Dusya.