24 years old from Ivano-Frankovsk

  • Birth Date

    28 September

  • Height

    166 cm5' 5''

  • Weight

    53 kg117 lbs

  • Eyes


  • Hair


  • Build

    slim (slender)

  • Zodiac


  • Glasses


  • She is


  • Smoke


  • Drink


  • Religion


  • University degree


  • Field of activity


  • Occupation

    car mechanic

  • Marital status

    Single and No children

  • Want to have children?

    will decide with my husband

  • My Languages

    Ukrainian FluentRussian FluentEnglish Basic

  • I’m looking for

    Marriage, Romance, Friendship, Penpal, Fun, Relationship, Dating, Traveling

Diana 8769

24 years old from Ivano-Frankovsk


Our personal opinion of this Lady

Despite her young age the lady seems to be very opinionated and determined. She is kind and well-mannered. Diana is pleasant to talk to and share her thought on life, family, and relationship. She is very organized and detail-oriented. Diana is also goofy and fun. It seems like she can laugh things off and move forward with positivity.

How would I describe myself

Despite my profession and my interests, I am feminine, soft, and romantic. I love to dress up, put on heels, and wear makeup from time to time. I honestly think that a woman doesn't have to be super sexy and girly all the time to be feminine. If I step out in loose jeans and a baggy tee-shirt, I still feel attractive. I not trying to hide anything or be anything you’re not. I am happy being me. I am comfortable and confident and that’s always a sexy combination.

The type of man that I desire

I want a partner who is my friend first and my boyfriend later. Someone awesome I can count on. I am very attracted to easy-going people with a good sense of humor. I would like to know that no matter how sticky a situation is, my man will be able to get through it with an optimistic outlook and positive attitude. I desire a man who takes good care or himself, tries to look clean and fresh, and owns a nice pair of socks. A man who knows how to accessorize his look is one that pays attention to detail.

What I do in my leisure time?

There is nothing better than taking a quick nap in the middle of the day. But naps are not my only cup of tea. I am fond of motorcycles. A motorcycle is not my hobby or need, it’s my passion. It is a deep fire inside me which makes me achieve impossible miles. It is a sense of freedom from the total control of the moment. It is the best adrenalin rush I can ever ask for.

About my family

My family consists of my mother and my brother. My brother is 5 years older than me. Despite the age differences we grew up a very close. I loved hanging out with my brother because there was no need to pretend to be a “cool” person in front of him. I could talk the way I always did. I could be myself. All the essential humane qualities like sincerity, dedication, truth, honesty, and respect were taught by my mother. She is my role-model. Despite working all the time to make our end meet, her kids were always a priority, no matter what. My mom is my evening.

My future goals are

My ultimate goal is to open a repair shop. I know it is not something a typical woman would do, but I am not a typical woman. That what I study for and that's what I am good at. The image of a woman working on a car and not just driving it always seemed so sexy and powerful to me. I want to prove that women can work in a male-oriented industry. That they are strong and smart enough to fix cars, to know what's under the hood, they are capable of installing new parts and modifying them. I am a mechanic and I am proud of it, I want to empower and motivate women not to be ashamed of who they are and what they want to do.

My typical day

I would describe my typical day energetically, fast-paced, and engaging. My typical day starts with a much-needed fix of coffee to fuel myself for the day ahead. I prefer to wake up earlier to go over my to-do list, pray, watch some inspirational videos on YouTube, browse through my phone, finish errands around the house. Early mornings is my quiet time and I really enjoy it. I work from 9 am to 6:00 pm with a few breaks in between. When 6 pm is finally approaching, I head home happily while blasting my music. When I am feeling it, I meet with my friends for dinner or a cup of coffee in the park. Every evening I review my to-do list for the day and write my plans for the next day.