21 years old from Kyiv

  • Birth Date

    3 May

  • Height

    170 cm5' 6''

  • Weight

    58 kg128 lbs

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  • Build

    slim (slender)

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  • Occupation

    beauty master

  • Marital status

    Single and No children

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  • My Languages

    Polish Basic

  • I’m looking for

    Marriage, Relationship, Dating

Diana 8125

What I do in my leisure time?

Hello, my future husband! I am glad that you looked into my profile, and therefore into my life. Below you will find some information about me, but this is only a small part of my life :)

Among the many people with different interests, there is one who stands out. I always try to see the beauty around and appreciate the simple moments - whether it's the smile of a stranger, the smell of freshly baked bread or the sound of rain outside the window. Helping others and being a support for them is an important part of my life.

My days when I have free time are often filled with volunteer activities. I enjoy spending time at local animal shelters trying to brighten up their lives a little. In addition, reading fascinates me - because books allow me to travel to different worlds without leaving home. And, of course, I don't miss the opportunity to travel, explore new places and cultures. Preserving your physical and mental health is my priority and motto. My passion and hobby is sports. Movement and energy help to move forward.

Although all this is just a brief description of my daily life ... There are many little things in it that make me - me.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

This beautiful, tender girl deserves to find her man, with whom they will share the most unforgettable moments and remain devoted to each other. She has incredible optimism, intelligence, subtle soul and infectious laughter.

My typical day

Life for me is an opportunity to make every day different from the previous one. But among this changeability, there are stable moments. For example, in the morning, an integral part of my ritual is a walk with my faithful companion, a furry friend named Luna. How does he know how to cheer up?

Then I make time for physical activity, which could be boxing, going to the gym, or taking a long walk. I cook breakfast with pleasure, and I always strive for a healthy diet. Recently, for example, I had oatmeal pancakes with orange sauce for breakfast - incredibly delicious.

After that, I turn to my planner to determine the tasks for the day. Sometimes you need to visit the office for clients or solve some current problems. The whole day is accompanied by the sounds of music and, of course, literature. The evening is a time for debriefing. I always strive to be better than yesterday. This is the beauty of our path - to become one step closer to perfection.

About my family

My life is a journey, where every day I try to add something new that will make it special. However, among this steady change of events, there are enduring moments that give it stability. I live during the war, with my mom and dad. We have family traditions that we follow, such as Friday dinner or Christmas together :)