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age 42
42 years old from Kremenchug

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5 October


180cm 5' 11''

65 kg 143 lbs








Marriage, Romance



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Single and No children

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What I do in my leisure time?

In my life I have a lot of activities. Maybe the best thing I do is sports. I prefer to be healthy in my life, so sport is the first thing I remember in my to-do list. Also I love to travel. It makes me feel fresh and satisfied with my life, because it is important for me to learn some new things about people around me, about their culture and lifestyle. So it will be good to go somewhere together, right? I love to cook for the people I love. I am doing it with love and it is my secret ingredient. I love to read on the beach and to spend time with my friends.

The type of man that I desire

Well, I am not sure with it, but I definitely want to see an active man with a good sense of humor, he has to be confident and it will be good if he loved kids. I am a family woman, and I want to find a family man, who can support me and to be the best part of my life. Who knows, maybe it is you..?)

How would I describe myself

I am very active, interesting and cheerful lady. I love to do something funny and to joke time to time. I am open-minded and with a good sense of humor. I love to feel free, but sometimes it is even sad, because I love hugs. A lot. Well. Maybe it is all, because I don't want you to think that I am selfish or something, but you should now, I would like to talk to you always)) And I will try to do everything if you will feel sad. So, this is me)

About my family

Well, I have a standard family, my mom, my dad and me, I am only one child in their life)) I can definitely say that I love my mom a lot, because she is my best friend, and I am very happy about it. But right now, I live alone. Oh no, wait, I have a dog, and his name is Harry. I love him too)) Do you want to be a part of my family? I am sure that it will be very nice!

My future goals are

I have some simple, but not easy goals. I know that it will be hard, but I will do it, and if you will be with me, we will do it together. So, as everyone I want to be in a good mental and physical health. I want to be happy. It is important for me to learn something new, and it will be wonderful to discover new horizons with a person I love. To travel of course. I would like to visit Georgia, USA, Spain, China and Germany. And the main thing is to become a mom. I want to be a mother, to love and to be loved. Would you like to join this pretty challenge with me?) I think that it will be our best journey.

My typical day

It is hard to describe my typical day, because it is changing time to time, but in the morning I do exercises, then I make coffee and read some news before my work. You can say, that it is boring, but wait, morning is very important for me, because my mood depends on it. Then I go to do my work. After it, I prefer to take some rest with a cup of a good tea and a good book or movie, maybe to go for a walk with my friends. Sometimes, after work, I can go to the park, because I love nature a lot. A hot bath when I am home, and my wonderful day is over.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

The lady is very cheerful and active, she loves to be the first and to talk. She is attractive, smart and kind woman, and she will do everything to make it better. She is confident and that is why she knows what she want to have in her life. We will be happy to help her to find the man she wants and make her to be the happiest woman in the world.