37 years old from Lutsk

  • Birth Date

    22 December

  • Height

    163 cm5' 4''

  • Weight

    50 kg110 lbs

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  • Marital status

    Divorced and I have children / 1 boy

  • Children age

    12 y.o.11 October

  • Want to have children?

    will decide with my husband

  • My Languages

    Russian FluentEnglish BeginnerUkrainian Native

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Iren 9104

37 years old from Lutsk


What I do in my leisure time?

In my free time, I don't like to sit still. First of all, it's walks with my son. They are invaluable to me. Seeing him grow up, seeing him marvel at this huge world just waiting for him is the most delightful thing. We often go for walks in parks, or go to the country house. Sports come second to me. I want to look attractive, and I like having a firm and trim body. I am not a bodybuilder, but for me sport is movement, and movement is life. And recently I've become interested in astrology and numerology. And I want to say that it is very fascinating.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

A very bright, intelligent, kind and versatile girl. She has kind eyes and pleasant speech. It is safe to say that she is ready for a family relationship, not just ready, but she is looking for a man with whom she wants to create a strong family, and to live with him a long and happy life, until the end. The girl has a good job and can support herself and her son by herself, she is not looking for sponsorship. And she loves children very much. She easily keeps the conversation going. And she has a lot of knowledge of culture, art, literature. She is also business-minded and has been in business for over 10 years.

The type of man that I desire

I'm not looking for a mate. I am looking for an already formed person. What does that mean? It is a person who is wise and bright, versatile, free and happy. I am sure that such a person is in harmony with himself, he knows what he wants from life, he has seen and experienced a lot, he knows how to be happy with himself. And then, such a person can make another person happy. I know this because I am like that. And next to a man who smells of confidence and happiness, I would be very comfortable, just as he would be with me.

My future goals are

My main goal is to start a family. That's why I decided to turn to this dating site. Because I am sure that fate has clearly shown me that our men are unreliable in building a strong family. And my main goal is to have a strong shoulder by my side. A man next to whom I will feel like a fragile and desirable woman, next to whom I will feel like the happiest mother of our children. That the house would be full of warmth, laughter, and care. And I know that if you strive for your desires and goals, they will certainly come true.

About my family

For me, family is a support, not a burden. And I have the best family. It consists of four people. It's my mom, my dad, my brother, who is four years older than me, and me. I wouldn't say my family interfered much in my personal life. They gave me a good upbringing, instilled in me the right values in life, gave me an education. And everything else I did on my own. I made my own mistakes, got my first bumps, and that's how I was able to steel my character. For me, my relatives are the closest people who will always support me and understand me. Who will always come to my aid. We often get together and never lose our connection.

How would I describe myself

I can say about myself that I'm not just a girl anymore, I'm a lady, I'm a mother of a beautiful son. And I'm already a little bit accomplished in this life. I am an optimist in life, and I always try to see the good in everything. If you were to pour half a glass of water, would you say that the glass is 1. half full or 2. half empty? I love to travel, to discover new countries and new cultures. To learn as much new information as possible, I like books. And I adore walking in the fresh air, if it is the seashore - it's just magical. I am a romantic at heart, and I can be surprised by the simplest little things, but I like to notice them. After all, it's the little things that make up true love. And he who manages to consider them is rich.

My typical day

My day starts with me getting up a little bit early to enjoy the fact that I'm lying in a warm bed and to tune out my thoughts for a productive day. My morning begins with a glass of water and exercises. Then I wake up my son (which is not always easy) and get him ready for school. After taking him to school and kissing him goodbye, I drive to my day job. In the evening I have time for my hobby, which is the gym. Energized, I drive home and spend fun evenings with my son. We study homework, read bedtime stories and go to bed.