27 years old from Zaporizhia

  • Birth Date

    15 May

  • Height

    163 cm5' 4''

  • Weight

    51 kg112 lbs

  • Eyes


  • Hair


  • Build

    slim (slender)

  • Zodiac


  • Glasses


  • She is


  • Smoke


  • Drink


  • Religion


  • University degree


  • Field of activity


  • Occupation

    account manager

  • Marital status

    Single and No children

  • Want to have children?

    will decide with my husband

  • My Languages

    Ukrainian NativeEnglish BeginnerRussian Fluent

  • I’m looking for

    Marriage, Romance, Relationship, Dating

Ksenia 9500

What I do in my leisure time?

I am a woman, who is workaholic, I can always find what to do in my life, but at the same time I prefer to enjoy my life. I can say the same about my leisure time. I prefer to walk outdoors, if I see a pond, I'm already swimming in it. ;) As I am a seamstress, I prefer to unwind with sewing lingerie. I prefer to be helpful, that is why sometimes I devote my free time to volunteering.

The type of man that I desire

I appreciate one statement - my husband is my fortress. That is why I would like my husband to be determined, charming, caring, responsible and loyal. Hm, I have a feeling I forgot something. Oh, also a sense of humour. I would like to know if I want too much... :))

My future goals are

Like every woman in the world, of course, I would be happy to have a big family. This may sound trite, but that is the reason I came here to this site. But what could be better, when you come home after a hard working day, cook a delicious dinner for your beloved family and the whole family discusses your past day and makes plans for the new happy day. I wish I could meet my beloved husband at our antique store for a cup of tea or coffee.

About my family

My family is not big, but very strong, I mean our relationships and mental connection. I lived with my sister, mother and the main family member our cat Misha. Sometimes we have a feeling that she is a landlady and we just live with her like neighbors. ;)) The Catman? Hello? Are you here? Hope you know what I mean. ;)) Now we live apart, but love each other even more.

How would I describe myself

I am a woman, who does not talk too much about myself. There is one opinion, hope you have heard, that only the family and friends can tell you the truth. So in this case, they say I am calm and balanced, but sometimes I can be laughing and perky. Also I could be spicy, because of my sense of humor. Do not be afraid to check it. ;))

My typical day

I have one habit, to wake up earlier to give me some time to think about my future day. Do you like to stay in bed longer? ;) What is very rare in our modern world, I always can find some time for morning exercises. So further nothing special in my life, just routine like work, street walks, reading and a sleep. Hope you are not falling asleep while reading about my typical day? ;)

Our personal opinion of this Lady

This lady seems to be very adorable, optimistic, strong and natural. Having a big heart, she brings kindness to the world. She is young with her age, yet wise beyond her years.