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age 42
42 years old from Cherkasy

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She is



I’m looking for

6 July


160cm 5' 3''

52 kg 114 lbs



slim (slender)





Marriage, Romance, Relationship, Dating, Traveling



University degree


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Marital status

Divorced and I have children / 1 boy / 1 girl

Children age

21 y.o.2 April13 y.o.17 September

Want to have children?

will decide with my husband

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Speaks since childhood



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The type of man that I desire

I am a tender woman and I would like to feel protection and care. I like a man's opportunity to make relations passionate, to make them spicy from time to time)). Why not? I would like him to develop his body, mind and spirit... I want him to be both - a lover and a friend with whom I will laugh and feel myself as a desired woman.

My future goals are

I have a lot of goals in my life. Every year, I set the new ones and try to achieve them. For example, to learn a new language or to turn my weaknesses into my strength, or even to jump with the parachute, but I want to meet a man with whom all these things will have sense, not just "empty" words. My goal is to have an inner harmony by dissolving in my man completely. To come home after my working day, not to the empty house, to pamper my beloved every weekends by cooking something tasty or to wear something 'tasty'). To take care and love unconditional.

My typical day

As usual my day starts early with the cup of coffee and watching the local news to stay informed). After, some beauty routine and cooking breakfast for my daughter. Having it in the morning together, is our small tradition, it's time when we talk about the plans for the day and maybe even gossip a little bit). After, I go to work. As usual I have all the days rather busy. Honestly I like to keep them moving). When it's going up to the end, as usual I go to the swimming pool and spend for an hour there. Before going to bed, I adore to take a hot shower. It gives me the burst of energy for the next day.

About my family

I am not the only child in my family. I have a brother, he is younger than me for 10 years. I have two wonderful children. My son is my protection, my daughter is my inspiration. My mother and my father are very dear for me, as they always give me a feeling of significance, love, care and understanding. I am fond of family traditions. Almost every weekend we gather with all the family and make pancakes). So, all Saturday mornings start with the tasty breakfast following by going to the park or any other activities).

What I do in my leisure time?

My leisure time includes both, the freedom to do something and at the same time an opportunity to do nothing)). What is the main thing for any woman? Sure, to take care of herself and to have "Peace" in her soul. A happy woman has a happy family)). I really enjoy to spend time with my daughter, to watch an interesting movie, to meet with my friends, to go somewhere out of the town, to refresh my thoughts from the everyday routine. These simple things make my life brighter and light me from inside.

How would I describe myself

I don't like to talk a lot about myself)). Maybe I am shy or so). But at the same time, I know what I want from this life. I want to love, I want to be smiling and cheerful. I have my heart open. And I want to show to the whole world what the love is )...

Our personal opinion of this Lady

This woman combines beauty, wisdom and sincerity. She is self confident, but at the same time with the tender and delicate soul. She's tactful, calm and bright. She is able to show her feelings without hiding. She wants to be truly happy and give her emotions to a person who will be next to her always.