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age 24
24 years old from Kremenchug

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15 April


163cm 5' 4''

48 kg 106 lbs



slim (slender)





Marriage, Romance, Friendship, Fun, Relationship, Dating, Traveling



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Customer care service

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Single and No children

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Speaks since childhood



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Means just a few words

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What I do in my leisure time?

There is so much to say, oh... I don't even know with what I have to start. At first, I have to say about the books. I love reading, and it is always interesting for me to learn something new. I like self development also, so many books are on the other language, because it is even more interesting when you are looking for the new words. And I love watching Netflix too. I have several favourite series, but maybe we can share it to each other a bit later, what do you think about it? Then I want to admit that I love walking and searching for the new places. It is always nice to go for a walk with friends somewhere you haven't ever been yet. 

My future goals are

Well, this question is very interesting, and I believe that I will make them as well. So, my main goals are to find this one special man with whom I will feel comfortable. The next is to find myself in everything I am doing now. I think, that if I stay at home all the time - it is not good, and that is why I am always looking for something new. I want to realize myself in spiritual plan. With this thing I will feel just great, so I can definitely say that this one is the most important thing here. I am also thinking about the future or me and my family, so I think that I would love to buy my own house. That's it))

How would I describe myself

I have no idea of what should I tell you about myself, but I think that it will be nice to say that I am a very confident lady. I am ready for the new beginning, and it is always great for me to learn something new. I love trying things and right now I am trying to find myself in yoga. Also, I am very talkative, and it is a nice thing. Sometimes I can be very quiet, but maybe it is because of the stress. Anyways, I am always ready to talk with the new people)) I am a kind and responsible, so that is me.

The type of man that I desire

To be honest, I was thinking about it for such a long time, and I would love to say that I don't need that much. But I will tell you about the main thing I want to see in my man. My special man has to be smart. I am a very talkative lady, so communications means a lot to me. I want him to be responsible and to know what he wants from this life. If he has goals, he will reach them anyway, like me. And in general, he has to be happy. Because if my man is happy, I am happy too)) Hope that I will find him soon.

About my family

I am the only child in my family, but I have many cousins. Three cousins is to be exact. We are very close to each other, so when I have any problem or just want to spend some time together, we are always happy to meet. All the time we all go for a walk. I like it very much. I also can say that I am very close with my parents. Especially with my mother. She is my best friend, and we always have some interesting topics)) 

My typical day

The day is not that big, and I don't like to spend my time for something I don't really like, and that is why most of the time I have a plan for some important meeting or work duties. And sometimes I plan my day too. But my day is very easy, and in the morning I drink coffee and cook the light breakfast. It is my small but very nice tradition. Then I do yoga, watch some news and do my skin care for the day. After it, I go to my work place. I enjoy my work, so I am always in the good mood) I love smiling, and believe that it can help me to feel better at all. Then I go for a short walk with my friends and when I come home, I am cooking dinner and having movie or any series.  That is my typical day. But I love to try something new)) 

Our personal opinion of this Lady

The lady is very active and interesting person. She is very talkative and she loves to learn. A very sincere and attractive lady. She is mature and kind. She always knows what she wants in this life, so we know that she will find her special man here. And we hope our agency will help her to fulfill her dreams about a happy future.