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age 20
20 years old from Sumy

Birth Date








She is



I’m looking for

8 July


173cm 5' 8''

54 kg 119 lbs



slim (slender)





Marriage, Romance, Relationship, Dating



University degree


Field of activity



an administrator

Marital status

Single and No children

Want to have children?

have not decided yet

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Speaks since childhood

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What I do in my leisure time?

I try to make my life to be interesting and fully completed. Men fall in love with a smart and interesting woman, right? So I have lots of hobbies that brings me new abilities, fun and pleasure. I am seriously and prudently learning English. I am fond of knitting, that brings me peace and calmness:) I also adore to keep my home clean, beautiful, and cozy. I try always find time for this). I feel so energetic and vulnerable when I not only travel for long distance, but also have a local walk since I am an outgoing girl:)

My typical day

My typical day starts with a light breakfast, shower, do some beauty duties and.... cleaning:) Surprised? I feel comfortable and cozy when everything is clean. I am very tidy about my home, personal stuff so I hope my man would be also tidy and help me with house holding a lot. I clean and go to an English class. Then I go to work. After work, I meet my friends sometimes. At the rest cases, I go to gym and hurry to get home and cook something healthy and tasty.

The type of man that I desire

I desire a faithful type of a man. Honestly, if you cannot get enough of million women in your life, then I am not your type. I want to dedicate my life, body and heart to a man who can give me the same back:) We are supposed to share common interests and life goals. I want my man wants to be successful in our relations as a dedicated man, true friend and loving passionate husband to me:)

About my family

My family is my everything. I have parents and 3 sisters). I get along with them so well and for me it is important my man to get along with my family too). I hope my future man will not try to get along with my sisters using his flirting skills since they are very beautiful:) I love my family and our source of a family love is endless

My future goals are

My future goal is to become a successful woman in love. It means, I am smart and strong, endurable enough to build a career I want, but the main goal is becoming happy and successful in relations with a man. I presume, finding love and family are the biggest success so I strive to become a happy successful woman and wife in love.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is truly serious about her search. She is a lovely girl with smart eyes and charming smile. She is hard working and goal oriented.

How would I describe myself

I am very serious about my life goals. I am focused on being successful in love, I also love to help people that is why I studied in a medical university. No matter how hard life is, it does not prevent me to believe in love, faith, human`s kindness and self-strength.