Tanya 8629

40 years old from Lutsk

  • Birth Date

    7 April

  • Height

    168 cm5' 6''

  • Weight

    59 kg130 lbs

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  • Marital status

    Single and No children

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  • My Languages

    Ukrainian Fluent

  • I’m looking for

    Marriage, Romance, Dating

Tanya 8629

40 years old from Lutsk


Our personal opinion of this Lady

The Lady is kind, romantic person with a note of mystery. She is calm and a little bit modest, but we are sure that the role of a wife is the most suitable for her. She wants to be loved and adored, she understand what she needs from life and what kind of husband she wants. She dreams of happy family and children, so we can easily say that she has serious attitude on this site and it is welcome in our case! She also has a beautiful smile and clear mind, she is nice and open for new acquaintances! In people she appreciates confidence, care, common ground and material well-being!

What I do in my leisure time?

Everything depends on my mood :) I adore travelling, communication with friends and close people, reading books, watching different films (detectives, soup operas, comedies, science fiction). I can truly said that sense of life is development. All my spare time I dedicate to development, own growth in different spheres, I'd like to develop myself at the cost of reading and watching popular psychologists, their minds about right relationships and personality growth. I am also fond of cooking, in particular of baking something sweet and delicious. I dream of opportunity to please my future husband with tasty cakes and other dishes!

The type of man that I desire

The man, who is willing to be my best friend, at first! It needs to be calm with him and without doubts our interests need to coincide! I mean, we have to feel each other, especially feel each other's problems and misunderstandings, and try to solve them. He must realise, that he is created only for me and my family, he must respect our needs and desires. He must be serious and never insult me. His work and our family must inspire him and give a lot of power to save our relation. Pretty sight and and gentle soul are really appreciated by me! Support is the most important!

My future goals are

The main future goal is to be independent and happy! Of course, this goal is crossed with creating my future family - my small, warm and bright world of love and understanding! Where both of us - me and my future spouse - will feel endless happiness and filling! I need a realisation of this dream because my next goal is to give birth to, at least, two beautiful children, to make them strong and clever, to support them, teach and provide for their future life. I mean to give them good education, to help them always, on their difficult life path! And the last one is the goal, which every person needs to achieve! I want to have a good job, to enjoy my life completely and, without doubts, to let me and my family feel free, without any restrictions!

About my family

I have my favorite sister. She is younger than me. But we are real soulmates! We understand each other perfectly and we are both similar to friends, than sisters! She likes to travel, as me and we used to travel together! We used to support each other, cherish our time and we appreciate that we are together, that we exist for being sisters and to be the aim for ourselves. My parents are together during 40 years! And they still love each other. The purpose of family, in my opinion, to create friendships and future goals, to plan together, to be wise enough not to disturb each other, not to wrengle about some trifles!

How would I describe myself

The person is a unique personality. And I'm not an exception! I have my own appearance, own character, and own interests. I don't stay in one place, I'm a person of change! I consider everything depends on willingness of person to change, to develop, to grow and to feel happy. I can freely say that I am such a kind of person. I'm not afraid of doing something new, I used to take a risk and try to understand myself, my feelings and emotions firstly. This is real me. I am ready to study, to control myself and at the same time I'm an easy-going woman, with a kind heart and good intentions in this world. I respect people, try to be responsible and independent! Also I'm punctual, understanding and a little bit modest.

My typical day

My day begins from cup of morning coffee, I can't refuse myself this tasty flavour. This small pleasure fill my, gives me a lot of energy to start my day correctly and feel myself in a good mood! The same I can say about my breakfast. I'm a person of aesthetics! I love breakfasts, which are served beautifully! This little thing inspires me! I need a dose of inspiration in my every day! It also can be my work. People, who surround me, my day also connected with my work stuff and professional conversations! Also I do my daily tasks, it can be food preparing, laundry and some households. Also I always try to devote my time to friends and sitting at some cosy places with them! My day finishes with reading or watching some interesting videos on You Tube! After that I set the alarm clock and say to myself that tomorrow will be a good opportunity to feel good about this life!