31 years old from Sumy

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    30 November

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    168 cm5' 6''

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    50 kg110 lbs

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    slim (slender)

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    Single and No children

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    English IntermediateTurkish Intermediate

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    Marriage, Romance, Friendship, Penpal, Relationship, Dating

Victoria 3611

About my family

What can I say... I grew up in a small town with my mom and dad, as well as my older sister by five years. When I was 14, my father left us. That is, my mother raised me and my sister alone. Father didn't help us at all. I thank my mother for what she did for us and endowed us with the same feminine qualities as hers.

My soul hopes that my husband will not leave me and that I will be able to create a big strong friendly family. Most of all I appreciate my mother's care and attention. She is the person from whom my sister and I take an example.

My typical day

I mostly wake up at 8:30 in the morning. It's wonderful here in the city. I wake up and see the sun, palm trees, pink clouds all the time. Then I do light fitness or yoga, which sets me up for positive and gives peace. After that, I have breakfast. That is, I like to cook something tasty and healthy for myself, and then go to work.

In my spare time from work, I meet my friends to have fun together. Well, after that, I start planning my next day and go to bed. It is important for me to release my thoughts from tension before going to bed, meditate, listen to classical music.

What I do in my leisure time?

Hello. Nice to meet you. I'll be glad to tell you about myself.

In general, it is worth starting with the fact that I am active and energetic. My hobbies are hiking, spending time with family and friends, playing sports. The process of self-knowledge and the study of being is also important to me. I see it through the Bible.

Also I love to travel. My heart is always set to see new cities and countries. I'm sure, reader of my profile, you love to travel too.

What else? I am a person of culture and art. It is worth noting that I often spend time in museums and in the cinema. That is, I like to get acquainted with the history of the ancient world.

How would I describe myself

I am a person who constantly creates positive and makes the atmosphere unforgettable. My heart is filled with kindness and I always try to lend a helping hand to people. It is important for me to smile and dress smartly. I am friendly, purposeful, athletic, and persistent. In general, you can consider that I am a person who never gives up and tries to do everything to achieve his goal and turn dreams into reality.

I want to always shine, look forward, move somewhere, and develop. If someone says that I will not be able to achieve my goals, then I will not believe them.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Victoria has a great sense of empathy and always tries to help everyone. She has excellent external data and body. She definitely needs to find an interesting and suitable life partner for her. Victoria believes that only God gives us the happiness to see earthly beauty.

The girl is brightly developed and it is easy to find a common language with her. We believe that it is her man who will put a ring on her finger and lead her down the aisle to make her forever!!!

There are, of course, many men on this site, but the girl is serious about finding her soul mate and has such qualities as assertiveness, loyalty, and reliability.

The type of man that I desire

My man should be, first of all, generous and loving. We must have the same interests and outlook on life. That is, my man must know exactly what he wants and be able to achieve it. I believe that a man who loves me is a man of action and his three main directions: he came, he saw, he conquered. He must be wiser than me and stronger emotionally. I dream that he would protect me and that in his hands I would feel like a fragile girl.

Of course, he will not suppress my desires and interests, because he is more important, which means that he is ready for anything for me.

My future goals are

Probably, like every person, my main goal is to create a happy family. Yes, it's really important!! I want to give my husband and children the right outlook and great love.

I would also like to travel. Maybe one day I'll be able to fly around the world. Traveling is important for me, because it is during the enjoyment of other countries that I open my soul to the world.

It is worth saying that I dream of finding my calling in life. I have an education, but I am ready to learn something new all the time. In general, I believe that I will achieve all three of these goals.