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age 22
22 years old from Kharkov

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She is



I’m looking for

19 November


163cm 5' 4''

53 kg 117 lbs








Marriage, Romance, Friendship, Penpal, Fun, Relationship, Dating, Traveling



University degree


Field of activity



Ukrainian teacher

Marital status

Single and No children

Want to have children?

will decide with my husband

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The type of man that I desire

I am a vulnerable and tender person, a bit emotional in a good way. So I need a manful, wise and kind man, with a good sense of humor, patient and understanding, who is ready to listen to me and be heard back. The man who is ready to support me in all the new beginnings. Adventure soul which wants to do something crazy sometimes. I desire to see a wise man who can share an experience, teach me something new, and give me good pieces of advice.

About my family

My family is not big but we are happy. I grew up in a village with my mother, father, and grandmother in a small house with a beautiful garden. I don't have any sisters or brothers. The closest relationship I have with my grandmother. She is the wisest and most understandable person in the world. My grandmother supports me all the time and gives me valuable pieces of advice. Most of all, I value trust and respect in my family. My family has developed all the best qualities I have now. Thanks to my family, I am who I am. And I am proud of it!

What I do in my leisure time?

I like to spend my free time with meaning and pleasure: I like listening to audiobooks, watching movies, playing board games, walking in the park, volunteer, practising in makeup, and care about myself to look good, sometimes I do sport. I really like to cook national Ukrainian dishes and bake something sweet. I have been working as a private teacher for 3 years. Every week I make a study plan for my students. When I am in the village I help my parents. In summertime, I am trying to take care of my garden where I am growing vegetables and flowers.

My future goals are

I am really into do self-development: I enjoy to try myself in new fields and achieve success. I like to learn about new cultures. So I want to travel a lot to learn more and try the most delicious national dishes in the world. In the nearest future, my goal is to visit the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Ireland. Perhaps it will be a tour to these countries with my future love. The person I hope to find here in UaDreams. And my biggest dream is to create my own cozy house where I will live with my beloved husband and our little baby.

My typical day

My day usually starts with coffee, a sweet bun, and fresh news. I always need to know what happened in the world while I was sleeping. Then I get ready for work. Usually, I am full of energy after work so I have the strength to clean my place and prepare delicious food for myself. Watching a movie or listening to an audiobook is the best way to relax for me after a long day. I prefer to go for a walk in the park before my bedtime. It helps me to collect my thoughts and fall asleep faster. Sometimes I can be tired after work and all I want is to get to my bed as soon as possible.

How would I describe myself

I am a caring and kind person with a great sense of humor. I like flowers, my favorite type is the purple tulip (by the way, it is my favorite color). Because a lot of tulips have been grown in my garden by me in childhood. It gives me nostalgia vibes. I love all kinds of sweets. I wish I could travel a lot and try all sweets from the world. I like to practice in cooking, especially baking. And my favorite smell is the smell of baked goods. In winter, I like to drink black tea with honey and cinnamon. This drink keeps me warm, and the best company is a good audiobook. I like books, especially those that make you think about your life and views. Probably books made me an emotional and emphatic person. I like to help everyone in need. Animals need it the most. I love animals and one of my dreams is to open an animal shelter. I love owls and hate spiders. The strangest and cutest thing about me probably is that I want to smell the owl behind the ear. I love sea trips and swimming since I was a little kid. The best thing about it is the sea breath and warm sun. I am a calm and good person and want to see our world in peace and love.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

A good, reliable Lady. Caring and kind personality, generous by far. Beautiful, smart, and graceful as a bonus.