Amazing service: Video slide show

What is a Video Slide Show?

Video slide show is a TV-quality music video using your or your lady's photos and any melodies. Our slide show videos have the emotional impact of a movie trailer and the visual energy of a music video. No two videos are ever the same!

Watch these samples for free:

Special feature! HD-quality Video Slide Show

Ordering HD-quality options, you'll be able to play your Video Slide Show on a big screen, or project it even larger at a party, concert, birthday party or anywhere else. This quality will impress you!

A slide show of my personal photos:
Share your world with your beloved

Show your lady yourself and your family, your pets and home, show her your hobbies and favourite places — just open your world for her! By the way, i'ts also an excellent idea to combine your personal photos and the photos of your lady that you like the most, as though your dream to be together has already come true ;)

Choose romantic music and your favourite photos. You can upload the photos either from your computer or your Photo Album on our site.

The best quantity of photos is 15-20. A too short slideshow will end earlier as soon as your lady begings to watch it; a too long video can be quite boring.

Make a slideshow now!

Then we process the data and create fabulous and unique video file that delivers a sense of romance to your relationships. You will find your Slide Show in your My personal files within 2-3 business days.

How can I get “Video Slide Show” from my lady?

Have you ever received a Video Slide Show from your lady? If not, we are almost sure you'll like it very much: a lot of photos of your beloved one, romantic music, many smiles and emotions...

If you got such a video from your lady – just accept the video and play it! To accept this video you need only 1 video credit. We seek to bridge the gap between you and your lady!