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Season Gifts (Spring)

Season Gifts (Spring) Spring is the season when the nature is waking up from a long sleep. We became to notice the first grass on the ground, green leaves on the trees and new happiness in our hearts! We forget about bad things and believe in bright future. Spring is time of beauty, openness and love… May you have love that will make your life brighter!
Spring Bouquet. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Spring Bouquet

This amazing bouquet will be the best present on the Day of Women! Red tulips, mimosa and narcissus are symbols of spring and beauty. If you choose this spring bouquet, your lady will appreciate your cultural awareness.

Bright Tulips. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Bright Tulips

A bouquet of fresh tulips that has been just taken from ground will bring her merry moments!

Spring sweets. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Spring sweets

The most unusual bouquet made of sweet, tasty and edible flowers. This flowers can live long and adorn the flat of your lady. Bright flowers remind about summer, warmth and joy... that is why this bouquet will give only positive mood and tasty moments to your lady.

Tiramisu. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.


True Italian dessert. One of the most popular desserts in the world. Thanks to classic mix of coffee and chocolate, tiramisu is considered to be a treat that awakes pleasure and excitement. We offer Tiramisu in the form of the cake so your lady could extend the pleasure of eating this delicious dessert.

Beauty salon. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Beauty salon

A visit to the best beauty salon where your lady can get the best treatment for her hair and nails. If your lady has some special occasion: birthday or some other kind of holiday, or soon she is going to meet you and it is absolutely natural that she would like to impress you with the new haircut or just some nice hair-do. You can surprise your lady giving such an opportunity to her at the moment when she will not expect this at all. This offer includes hair cut (special hair-do) manicure and pedicure. We can bet that after visiting the beauty salon your lady will feel herself as a beauty queen.

SPA-center. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.


Sometimes we all feel the tension and stress we get from the everyday life and our routine chores. Why not to escape to a world of beauty and relaxation. Letting your lady to be pampered is an ideal way. With our next offer you can suggest to your lady to distract her attention and to relax in the best way she can. Two or three procedures in SPA-center by her choice including massage (with an aroma oil in combination with aromatic cream exfoliation for her whole body), solarium, facial masks, herbal baths. Everything to make her feel special and pampered.

Adornment set «Spring». Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Adornment set «Spring»

Extraordinary spring set of adornments with bright textile flowers. It lacks colors and flowers now to feel all the warmth of coming summer. Use this opportunity to make summer closer to your beloved.

Openwork panty-hose . Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Openwork panty-hose

Panty-hose with a beautiful lace pattern. It is like underwear — nobody see it but it should be beautiful. Spring is the time when ladies wear panty-hose to look attractive.

Housecoat. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.


Flimsy housecoat with silk and chiffon elements. Light, soft and sexy with a wide satin belt will emphasize the waist of your lady.

Spring bag. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Spring bag

Bag is an inherent part of lady's wardrobe. Bags of diverse size, color, fashion attract the attention of ladies. The fashion of this spring is bags of bright spring color — blue, pink, yellow etc.

Sunglasses. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.


Spring sun, bright days and first sunbeams influence the eyes of your beloved. Stylish sunglasses are indispensable accessory of every lady specially in Spring.

Spring Scarves Collection. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Spring Scarves Collection

The new spring scarves are here! Beautiful, bright colored silk and viscose scarves for Women’s Day, Easter, incoming of Spring, graduation's and more. These are the kind of scarves your lady can be adventurous with. She can try several to transform herself into a new woman! The fabric is a soft viscose blend and silk that can be washed in cold water.

Key Holder. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Key Holder

This beautiful key holder with chains and colored pendants will be the best spring gift for feminine beloved one! She will enjoy light colors, smooth materials and steel matte shine.

Spring Vase. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Spring Vase

Does you lady like flowers? If yes she will appreciate such gift as wonderful vase with spring picture. Even if one of her relatives gives her flowers she will put them in the vase you gave her.

Metal Frame Photo Album . Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Metal Frame Photo Album

Pictures can help us to tell the stories of our lives. Because there is one special story of your beloved woman to be told, we have presented the most beautiful metal frame photo album. This allows her to tell her photo stories to you in the best way possible. Beautifully crafted of shimmering metal frame featuring “For you”, symbolizing your two hearts sharing one dream ahead.

Dish set service. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Dish set service

It is useful present that will remind her about you for quite a long time. It is the best gift for real housewife she will definitely appreciate. Elegant dishes with spring patterns.

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