Season gifts (Winter)

Season gifts (Winter)

Winter is the coldest season of the year in temperate climates, between autumn and spring in Ukraine. At the winter solstice, the days are shortest and the nights are longest. That is why you may sometimes feel dull and lacklustre during the winter season. So it's very important to have the things to do that bring fun in our life.

There are a lot of winter entertainments so beloved by Ukrainian ladies. Some ladies like curling up with a good book, drinking a hot cup of tea, or inviting the best friend to go to a cafe for having a cup of hot tasty chocolate and discussing the latest news. When the weather is fine, it makes pleasure to have some activities outdoors in the fresh air. Usually they are: sledding, skating and skiing.

You have a big choice of gifts to make the winter days funny and happy for your lady.

Two tickets for skating rink. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Two tickets for skating rink

Tickets for two to visit a great skating rink. An amazing event for the ladies looking for a way to get active and for a more authentic skating experience.

Sledge. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.


Do you think she is too adult to sledge? You are in delusion! Ladies adore to sledge, because the Ukrainian winters are usually very snowy and this entertainment brings a lot of fun. Having a sledge as a present from you, she would obligatory use it with pleasure this winter!

Winter protection for skin. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Winter protection for skin

Winter is a difficult season for the tender skin of the ladies. First of all, - significant changes in temperature outdoors and indoors. Secondly, - dry air in the premises, that is caused by the heaters. That's why it is necessary to use the winter protection cosmetics. Our set includes: a hand cream, lip balm, body lotion and eye cream.

A card for two cups of hot chocolate with sweets. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

A card for two cups of hot chocolate with sweets

A cup of Hot Chocolate can make most anything better. Treat your lady in this cold winter with a cup of hot chocolate and some sweets for her and her best friend.

Plaid blanket. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Plaid blanket

Plaid blanket is ideal for a number of uses: as a travel rug, as a bed or settee cover, as a cover to keep your lady warm outdoors and at home as well.

Neckwarmer. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.


Soft hand-knit in wool neckwarmer, promises to hug her neck with warmth.

A muff-handwarmer. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

A muff-handwarmer

A muff is a fashion accessory for outdoors. It is made of a cylinder of faux fur with both ends open for keeping the hands warm. Make your lady the most fashionable and warm up her tender hands this cold winter.

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