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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

What can be higher than love? Love is life! Love makes history, love governs people's fates, love creates the universe. Love is the highest blessing one can experience. This is the feeling that gives people strength to live. Love is the life! It is the basis of everything that exists in the Universe.

On the eve of St. Valentine's Day we want to remind you that your happiness is in your hands.

On Valentine's Day, when Her Majesty Love lingers in the air and hearts are beating waiting for amazing wonders, tell your lady about your feelings! If you haven't been ready to make a decision for so long, don't miss such a romantic moment for this confession! If you have already said that you love her, say it to her again and again!

We prepared for you a lot of great offers this St. Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Discount Service Pack. Buy 5 E-mail credits, 10 chat minutes and 10 video credits for $95.50 and get 5 photo credits FOR FREE.

Gift Pack “Delight”. An awesome present for your lady! Buy 9 red roses and a heart-shaped pendant and get FREE greeting card for your girl and FREE delivery to your lady's house.

Happy Valentine's Video Chat. Buy 60 minutes of video chat and get 20 minutes for FREE (instead of standard 10 free chat minutes).

Enjoy your St. Valentine's Day!

Gift Pack

Gift Pack "Delight"

This gift set was created being inspired by the beauty of Ukrainian girls and their joy for life.

  • 9 red roses
  • a heart-shaped pendant
  • FREE greeting card
  • FREE delivery to the lady's home

You save $30

A costume

A costume "Sexy little Valentine"

Get hearts racing. Extremely red sleepwear with rosette details and a silk band on front. Heart wand included. Matching thong. An ideal Valentine's gift!

Cupid candle holder. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Cupid candle holder

This tender cupid will show your sweetheart your love, and he certainly brings to her apartment light and style. Cupid, also known as Eros in his Greek form, is a Roman god and the son of Venus. His arrows cause love, so this present is a very special one!

Fluffy toy with a heart. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Fluffy toy with a heart

All ladies like toys. Teddy bear with a heart is the best way to show your affection. Such a sweet and cute gift will melt the heart of your beloved. And the most important is that this gift will remind your lady about you all the time.

Mixed flowers Basket. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Mixed flowers Basket

Highly colored and bright bouquet of flowers in a basket. A carnival of colors and color scale. This bouquet fits to merry and cheerful lady. You will express your positive emotions and optimistic mood if you present it. This very composition is just the right choice for bright events and celebration of good news.

Valentine's bouquet. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Valentine's bouquet

Send your beloved lady this Valentine bouquet that will put hearts in her eyes. Giving her such flowers, you let her know about your feelings and help a flame of love to spark in her heart.

Heart of Roses. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Heart of Roses

If you and your lady are not together on this day then make her last Valentine's Day alone very bright.

Medium Heart of Roses. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Medium Heart of Roses

Bouquet of roses of average size. The color of the rose can be red, pink, white or any color you want. The main advantage of the bouquet is that it is heartshaped.

Large Heart of Roses. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Large Heart of Roses

Large bouquet of beautiful pink roses that is adorned with white chrysanthemum. This is the best gift on St. Valentine's day that will express your feelings more vivdly than any words!

Chocolate shoe. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Chocolate shoe

If you're looking for gift ideas, look no further. These chocolate shoes would make an ideal present for anyone who loves shoes, chocolate, or both. Tender milk chocolate makes these delicious chocolate shoes the perfect gift for your sweetheart on each occasion: Valentine's Day, her birthday or Women's Day. Price for 1 pc.

Chocolate heart. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Chocolate heart

Middlesized chocolate heart with tasty filling.

Love Cake. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Love Cake

What a better way to make a declaration of love than on a cake with a heart? White glaze and biscuit with chocolate inside. Send this Love Cake as a gift and that special someone will have no doubt what’s in your heart – sugary sweet love!

Box of Chocolates Heart. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Box of Chocolates Heart

All ladies absolutely love chocolates! Impress her feelings with romantic red box of chocolates. It seems like you say: “Our life will be so sweet!”

Pink pastry. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Pink pastry

Soft, heartshaped shortcake covered with pink icing. Little hearts will tenderly melt in her hands.

Assorts of Chocolates. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Assorts of Chocolates

Chocolate set in a beautiful gift box. She will adore assorts of white milk and dark chocolates, that taste like sweet dreams…

Necklace «Timeless elegance». Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Necklace «Timeless elegance»

This beautiful necklace of high-quality imitation pearls is the most classic of all types jewelry and a staple item in every woman's jewelry collection. It express both the best of contemporary fashion trends and a timeless, eternal elegance

Gold ring with heart. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Gold ring with heart

This is the best gift on St. Valentine's Day. It will tell about your feelings without many words. This ring of stainless steel with golden colour coverage will make her shine like a star.

Ring with two hearts in white color. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Ring with two hearts in white color

Two hearts together. Together forever. How do you think, will this sign of your love fit to your lady? ;) The ring is made of stainless steel coloured in silver with faux stones.

Silver chain with a heart-shaped pendant . Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Silver chain with a heart-shaped pendant

Silver colour as a symbol of moon is considered as a woman sign. Our ancestors would believe that silver coloured things protect from evil spirit. Having received a stainless steel chain of silver colour with pendant as a gift, your beloved woman will always feel your protection and love!

Two hearts pendant. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Two hearts pendant

Small pendant of yellow stainless steel with two intertwined hearts with faux stones. Such present will symbolically tell about your love and desire to stay with your lady forever.

Heartshaped earrings

Heartshaped earrings "Love"

Romantic heartshaped stainless steel earrings with faux stones. It is a gentle combination of yellow metal and vinous color that will emphasize femininity of your lady.

Heartshaped pendant. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Heartshaped pendant

Your heart under the heart of your beloved. Beautiful bright heartshaped stainless steel pendant along with nice stainless steel chain will look fondly on her neck.

Golden metal  bracelet. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Golden metal bracelet

A nice, funny stainless steel bracelet of golden colour in different elements in the form of heart, star and butterfly. An unusual accessory for the unique lady.

Rose Bracelet. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Rose Bracelet

Kisses and hugs from anyone who receives this gorgeous stainless steel bracelet with enamel roses. This stunning bracelet is the piece that states sophistication.

Purplelips Salvador Dali. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Purplelips Salvador Dali

Purple is a sensual, elegant and mysterious colour, and because of that it was chosen for this floral, sensual and oriental fragrance. The heart is made of purple flowers: violet, purple orchid and lilac. Crocus, passion fruit and blueberry are in the top notes. The base is made of amber, sandalwood and musk. Designers are Antoine Lie and Guillaume Flavigny.

Forbidden Euphoria. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Forbidden Euphoria

Forbidden Euphoria is a seductive and tantalizing fruity floriental. The sparkling top notes seduce the senses with a blend of forbidden fruit including mandarin, passion fruit and touches of iced raspberry. The heart blooms with a hypnotic bouquet of tiger orchid and jasmine. Underneath lies a layer of addictive patchouli absolute accompanied by a blend of musks and cashmere woods for an ever lasting impression.

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire

Let your lady feel as if she was born in a rose... Just discover this aroma. It is fresh, luminous and amorous, couture and glamorous. A radiant breeze of Tonka bean, vanilla, iris and patchouli. The essence of Parisian elegance. The new face of grace!

Ricci Ricci. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Ricci Ricci

Nina Ricci presents new entrancing aroma based on the notes of mysterious flower called the Beauty of the Night. This flower has unique features: on one twig one can find flowers of different color and in the night it seems that its petals reflecting the moonlight have a mystique ability to shine.

Amor Amor Summer 2011. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Amor Amor Summer 2011

This new aroma promises to be refreshing and sweet fruity cocktail, which will be as exciting and unpredictable as the hottest days of the coming summer. The composition opens with rich freshness that blood orange can provide, followed by sweet and watery notes of red pomegranate in the heart.

Heart print bustier. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Heart print bustier

The heart, a symbol of love. Delicate lace inspires desire. Pink or scarlet lingerie awakens in women the idea of ​​sensuality , tenderness , comfort, sets up a romantic or playful mood ...

Red lace babydoll . Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Red lace babydoll

Nearly all women are curious about looking for lingerie items and lingerie costumes, and your lady is also for sure! Materials of this passionate red lingerie are carefully cut and sewn to match her body's curves perfectly. It looks really trendy and hot.

Babydoll. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.


So sexual and attractive. It will obligatory well seen on your lady's beautiful body. With a hint of stretch. Open back. Neck closure. Matching v-string.

Sheer Babydoll. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Sheer Babydoll

So sweet, yet so sexy. Adjustable lingerie straps. Matching panty. She will feel so comfortable in it feeling an exceptional tenderness.

Luxury Pink Satin Set. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Luxury Pink Satin Set

Who wouldn't feel sexy with this under armour!!! A tender and beautiful lingerie set, that any lady would like to have. She'll adore it from the first sight! Get it for your Lady to show your great taste and appreciation!


Lingerie "Dream Angel"

New and softer than ever. With soft and luxurious padding that conforms the lady's curves for a flawless fit and dreamy feel. With a brushed, supersoft cup lining. Elastics encased in plush microfiber for extra comfort and wearability. Contoured shaping. All-over lace.


"Kiss" bodysuit

Underwear bodysuit is made of black lace with satin rim. Red kisses are thrown all over the bodysuit. This underwear looks attractive and intriguing under the evening dress.

Little Black dress. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Little Black dress

As it is said “every lady should have at least one little black dress”.

White dress. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

White dress

Gentle and light summer white dress. It suits any hair color and mood. It is always elegant.

Lace dress. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Lace dress

Sleek and form fitting, with a super-sexy open back. Turtleneck. She will look perfect this Christmas in such a charming dress.

Lace-back sweaterdress . Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Lace-back sweaterdress

A knock-out frock with a sexy surprise: peek-a-boo lace that dips extra low in back. Small shoulder pads give this sweaterdress structure without overwhelming the sleek silhouette. Supersoft cotton feels like a dream as she dashes from party to party.

Lavender Relaxation Spa Basket. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Lavender Relaxation Spa Basket

For centuries, lavender has been cultivated for its soothing and healing properties. This Lavender Relaxation offers a spa in a basket; perfect for spoiling that special someone!

Rose Petal Spa Basket. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Rose Petal Spa Basket

This beautiful rose-themed spa basket is perfect for pampering that special someone! Our rose-scented spa products are shower gel, bath salt, scrub and soap.

Beauty salon. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Beauty salon

A visit to the best beauty salon where your lady can get the best treatment for her hair and nails. If your lady has some special occasion: birthday or some other kind of holiday, or soon she is going to meet you and it is absolutely natural that she would like to impress you with the new haircut or just some nice hair-do. You can surprise your lady giving such an opportunity to her at the moment when she will not expect this at all. This offer includes hair cut (special hair-do) manicure and pedicure. We can bet that after visiting the beauty salon your lady will feel herself as a beauty queen.

SPA-center. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.


Sometimes we all feel the tension and stress we get from the everyday life and our routine chores. Why not to escape to a world of beauty and relaxation. Letting your lady to be pampered is an ideal way. With our next offer you can suggest to your lady to distract her attention and to relax in the best way she can. Two or three procedures in SPA-center by her choice including massage (with an aroma oil in combination with aromatic cream exfoliation for her whole body), solarium, facial masks, herbal baths. Everything to make her feel special and pampered.

Set of bed linen Love. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Set of bed linen Love

Wonderful gift for sweet dreams where she will see you.

The book

The book "Love letters of great men"

Letters, notes, messages of famous people to their beloved are gathered in this book. This book will tell for you about your love, feelings and desires you feel to your beloved. The book is translated into Russian.

Gift Certificates

When we’re trying to choose the best gift for a close friend, it is sometimes difficult to make a decision. We have to choose from many different options, think about things she likes and needs. How to make the right choice after all?... It will be easy with UaDreams Certificate. Let your lady choose the best gift by herself! Present her the Certificate and she will get any gift from our site. UaDreams Certificates are valid for three months from the date of purchase.
200 kisses. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

200 kisses

Gift Certificate 200 kisses

Note: the cost of 1 kiss is equal to 1 USD

300 kisses. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

300 kisses

Gift Certificate 300 kisses

Note: the cost of 1 kiss is equal to 1 USD

400 kisses. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

400 kisses

Gift Certificate 400 kisses

Note: the cost of 1 kiss is equal to 1 USD

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