There is a big distance between you and your friend, but you want to let her smell and feel the spring - just present her a bouquet of flowers and it will tell her about your feelings more than just words.

There is nothing like flowers that can express your true love as timelessly and perfectly. Our bouquets are always breath-taking and always guaranteed to last at least a week, ensuring your message of love endures...`
Special bouquet. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Special bouquet

It is a special composition of flowers created for some peculiar themed high day or a bouquet that will simply symbolize your personal relations.

Bouquet of orchids. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Bouquet of orchids

This fresh cut orchid bouquet is a very stunning gift. This gift will make your lady fall in love with you.

Bouquet of callas. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Bouquet of callas

The flowers, which resemble fluted cups, come in soft pastel hues like pink and lavender, as well as hotter mango and orange shades that glow like candle flames.

Spring Bouquet. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Spring Bouquet

This amazing bouquet will be the best present on the Day of Women! Red tulips, mimosa and narcissus are symbols of spring and beauty. If you choose this spring bouquet, your lady will appreciate your cultural awareness.

Bouquet of Camomiles. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Bouquet of Camomiles

Huge, gorgeous white bouquet of camomiles will present good summer mood for a great while. Because it is camomiles that don't fade for a long time and bring pleasure and festive mood due to its white color.

Orchid. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.


The orchid is one of the most beautiful flowers on the planet. It's a real piece of art that nature has created. For today the orchid is one of the most popular flower in the whole world. The orchid is a tender and beautiful flower, destined for those ladies, whom you want to charm, to congratulate with a holiday or the anniversary and just as a gift without any reason.

Valentine's bouquet. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Valentine's bouquet

Send your beloved lady this Valentine bouquet that will put hearts in her eyes. Giving her such flowers, you let her know about your feelings and help a flame of love to spark in her heart.

Mixed flowers. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Mixed flowers

Luxuriant bouquet, big armful of bright and beautiful flowers in festive style. It is the best for versatile and intelligent lady. Attractive composition radiates happiness, kindness and energy. It is usually presented on festive occasion to keep up merry atmosphere.

Mixed flowers Basket. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Mixed flowers Basket

Highly colored and bright bouquet of flowers in a basket. A carnival of colors and color scale. This bouquet fits to merry and cheerful lady. You will express your positive emotions and optimistic mood if you present it. This very composition is just the right choice for bright events and celebration of good news.

Lilies and Roses. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Lilies and Roses

An unusual and colorful combination of white lilies and red roses is a firework of feelings and emotions. If your lady is the creative type of person, then this very composition will emphasize her character and arouse her emotions. The bright and unique color scale will add a plethera of colors into the feeling of your present.

Lilies. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.


Bouquet of white lilies symbolizes purity and innocence. To present a bouquet of lilies means to tell her about your tenderness and faithfulness. If you want to express your feelings in symbolic and fine way it will be the best choice.

21 roses. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

21 roses

Large bouquet of roses is a dream of every woman! Every lady will be delighted with this flowers and will boast of such a present.

The unusual beauty of the bouquet of 21 rose will show your sincere feelings and generosity. It will emphasize your deep feelings and relations towards the lady. You can choose any color of roses as such a smart bouquet will be marvelous anyway.

15 roses. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

15 roses

The bouquet of 15 roses is a gentle hint on a big love. Seductive combination of big buds and delicate greenery will tell about your serious intentions. Usually it is presented on a special occasion. But if you make such a present on a usual day you will make your lady extremely happy with such a surprise.

9 roses. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

9 roses

Bouquet of 9 roses of average length. Such a wonderful bouquet will make happy every lady! It combines tenderness, purity and nobility. With this present you will show your respect and gratitude. Flowers of white color will be perfect. Red flowers are classic symbol of love and devotion. Please specify your wishes as to col

5 roses. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

5 roses

Small bouquet of beautiful roses is a fine opportunity to show thought for your lady . Noble bouquet of five roses is the reason to congratulate with the light matter or simply to make a compliment as the sign of warm friendship. Bright sign of attention! Color scale of bouquet is red, rosy, gently cream and coral. The height of a flower is 50-60 cm.

Heart of Roses. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Heart of Roses

If you and your lady are not together on this day then make her last Valentine's Day alone very bright.

Medium Heart of Roses. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Medium Heart of Roses

Bouquet of roses of average size. The color of the rose can be red, pink, white or any color you want. The main advantage of the bouquet is that it is heartshaped.

Large Heart of Roses. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Large Heart of Roses

Large bouquet of beautiful pink roses that is adorned with white chrysanthemum. This is the best gift on St. Valentine's day that will express your feelings more vivdly than any words!

Bright Tulips. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Bright Tulips

A bouquet of fresh tulips that has been just taken from ground will bring her merry moments!

Bouquet of carnations. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Bouquet of carnations

It has happen so in Ukraine, that for any state holiday people present the flowers — pinks. These flowers are considered to be the symbol of respect and honor. Red, rosy, orange buds on the bright green stalk in the bunch - it's both pleasant , festively and with a respect.

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