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You want to treat your dear friend with something delicious but you do not know how to do it? The best way to express your love to someone is a beautiful box of scrumptious chocolates or cakes. Just order a box of good sweets and your friend will appreciate your attention. Pleasant minutes of drinking fragrant coffee with delightful sweets will remind her of you! Apart from a cup of coffee there are a lot of dessert pairings among the wide choice of delicious beverages below. We have chosen the most favorite ladies' drinks. Cherish your lady and make her be relaxed and joyful!
Assorts of Chocolates. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Assorts of Chocolates

Chocolate set in a beautiful gift box. She will adore assorts of white milk and dark chocolates, that taste like sweet dreams…

The festive cake. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

The festive cake

Lush, incredibly beautiful, fine and , the main, so tasty cake must be always on any holiday table and in every house. Even, if Your beloved isn't a sweet tooth, she would be pleased to taste such cake, because its outer beauty is just beckoning. Besides, the guests of the house and her family will surely appriciate thus attention from your side.

Box of Chocolates. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Box of Chocolates

For all reasons and without, a box of finest Ukrainian chocolate will serve as a sweet present or unexpected surprise. For the absolute chocolate lover, these truffles are absolutely divine! Treat you special Lady with these heavenly morsels of chocolate!

Medium box of Chocolates. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Medium box of Chocolates

For special occasions, a medium box of finest chocolate of different sorts will express all beauty and richness of your emotions! From decadent darks to creamy milks, these silky-smooth chocolate truffles will show her how much she is appreciated.

Large box of Chocolates. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Large box of Chocolates

Spoil someone special with these romantic treasures.Many-many sweet pieces of your attention are here. Your lady will be excited when she gets a large box of best chocolates. Let your sweet tooth take a bite out of one of these delicacies! Be ready to get many sweet words from her in return.

Assorts of biscuits. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Assorts of biscuits

Gift box of different delicious biscuits will have a corner in her heart. Treat your special lady with tasty biscuits.

Love Cake. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Love Cake

What a better way to make a declaration of love than on a cake with a heart? White glaze and biscuit with chocolate inside. Send this Love Cake as a gift and that special someone will have no doubt what’s in your heart – sugary sweet love!

Chocolate heart. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Chocolate heart

Middlesized chocolate heart with tasty filling.

Box of Chocolates Heart. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Box of Chocolates Heart

All ladies absolutely love chocolates! Impress her feelings with romantic red box of chocolates. It seems like you say: “Our life will be so sweet!”

Chocolate Mousse Cake. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Even the hardest-to-please chocolate addict will be more than satisfied by this cake creation. Creamy chocolate mousse provides the filling for two layers of impossibly moist chocolate cake. As if that wasn’t enough of a cocoa fix, the entire cake is enrobed with a milk chocolate icing and dark chocolate glaze. Fudge rosettes and dark chocolate shavings make the cake as beautiful as it is delicious.

Berry Cream Cake. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Berry Cream Cake

Ladies always try to keep fit. But they all love creamy cakes! This delicious cake with many fresh berries on the top she would like. Take care of your lady with such a sweet gift.

Patisseries in gift box. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Patisseries in gift box

A lot of delicious chocolate patisseries in gift box! Silky sweet air patisseries are like a dream. Show your lady your attention with this tasty gift.

Pink pastry. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Pink pastry

Soft, heartshaped shortcake covered with pink icing. Little hearts will tenderly melt in her hands.

Assorts of pastries. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Assorts of pastries

Gift box of different delicious pastries. Includes creamy, chocolate and coffee pastries. Be ready to get a lot of sweet words from your lady when she tries these mouthwatering creations.

Candy Bouquet Tenderness. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Candy Bouquet Tenderness

Candies or flowers? It is hard to make the right choice as both are sweet for your lady’s heart :) We really know about it. BUT, the best variant EXISTS: chocolate bunch! The wonderful shape combines delicate taste. What else one can dream about? Show your Tenderness to your lady!

Cake with surprise. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Cake with surprise

Unforgettable gift! Any gift from you will serve as a surprise. It can be a box with a ring or any other jewelry that will become unexpected gift. Such gift will be placed on beautiful, festival cake decorated with flower elements, bows and hearts. Or maybe you want to place your gift into a cake? We will fulfill your any wish in the best way.

Note: Price listed is for the cake only. A surprise is not included and should be ordered separately.

Child's favorite hero cake. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Child's favorite hero cake

This tasty and sweet gift will not just please a child but give him real festive mood as it is with the image of his favorite hero. Barbie, Mickey Mouse or Spongebob and any other cartoon hero will make happy not only a child but his mother as well.

Pizza. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.


Make your lady's dinner great by ordering a large (42 cm), tasty, smelling and spicy PIZZA!!! Firstly, she will not have to cook herself. Secondly, your can choose any filling: mushrooms or meat, various kinds of cheese and vegetables. Or perhaps, would you like your lady to choose her favourite filling? Just tell us and we will fullfill any whim. And the main thing, each lady adores this delicious Italian dish!

Chardonnay. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.


Famous wine Chardonnay is elegant and aristocratic. It is one of the in-demand beverages in the world. Refind aroma of white wine and fruits will satisfy the taste of any lady. You can choose wine of Italian, Spanish, French marks or from countries of New world.

Sauvignon Blanc. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Sauvignon Blanc

It is delicious white wine with the aroma of gooseberry. It is very light and fresh beverage with the aroma of fruits and herbs. You can order wine produced in different countries as well as European and the countries of New world.

Ukrainian Champagne. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Ukrainian Champagne

Champagne has always been a part of every Ukrainian holiday and anniversary feast. Nowadays this champagne is a necessary wine for any celebration, its semi-sweet taste makes a perfect gift for any occasion!

Martini. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.


Accessible and aromatic, Martini is smooth and sweet. A party favourite since 1910, Bianco has been seducing drinkers with its intense flavours ever since. Martini uses a fine blend of Italian dry white wine as its base, a little sweetness from refined sugar and is blended with aromatic herbs and vanilla – in a way that only we know how - to give it the distinctive and unmistakable flavour that could only be Martini. Make Martini the key to your lady’s perfect aperitif moment; long, short, with a twist or on the rocks, however it takes her.

Asti Martini. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Asti Martini

King's choice of the best sparking Italian wine. The most popular, always fashionable and very tasty champagne. Asti the sweet taste for the sweet beloved.

Malibu . Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.


Rum-coconut liqueur Malibu is a sweet taste for the sweet women's lips. Malibu represents a unique mix of the Caribbean white rum and a coconut in the original white bottle. The tropical flavor of Malibu creates a feeling of rest at the caribbean seaside. For the tasty coctails, which ladies love so much.

Sheridans . Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.


One of the most unusual ardent spirits in the world - SHERIDANS represents itself a unique two-layered liqueur. Unique bottle consists of two vessels, which allow to save the required proportions of these two liqueurs by pouring it and to place them correctly towards one to another. Tasty, nice and ... so pleasant )

Irish Cream Baileys . Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Irish Cream Baileys

The name says it all – it is an Irish drink based on cream. Sweetish and classified as a liqueur, which makes it firmly a „ladies‘ drink“. It has so tender and delicious taste that ladies can not but adore this beverage.

Chocolate shoe. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Chocolate shoe

If you're looking for gift ideas, look no further. These chocolate shoes would make an ideal present for anyone who loves shoes, chocolate, or both. Tender milk chocolate makes these delicious chocolate shoes the perfect gift for your sweetheart on each occasion: Valentine's Day, her birthday or Women's Day. Price for 1 pc.

Tiramisu. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.


True Italian dessert. One of the most popular desserts in the world. Thanks to classic mix of coffee and chocolate, tiramisu is considered to be a treat that awakes pleasure and excitement. We offer Tiramisu in the form of the cake so your lady could extend the pleasure of eating this delicious dessert.

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