Fresh fruit baskets with ripe apple, oranges, pears, kiwis and mango are the perfect health friendly gift. Gourmet edible fruit baskets are made with only the freshest, brightest fruit! You have a great opportunity to make your Lady's day more colorful and rich!
A basket of exotic fruits . Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

A basket of exotic fruits

Do you wish to surprise your lady? You can present a mini-trip with a taste of lichee, quince, mango, passion fruit, pitaya, geow mangon, pineapple and plum to your darling with a help of so exotic fruits. Not only to surprise, but to give an opportunity to get acquainted with so unusual and unfamiliar tastes for your Ukrainian bride.

Basket of Fruit. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Basket of Fruit

Juicy pineapples, sweet bananas and other exotic fruits move your Lady into the world of bright colors and miraculous feelings. A feast of flavors and sweet nectars - this sellection offers harvest fresh morsels from every corner of the grove.

Medium basket of Fruit. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Medium basket of Fruit

Medium basket of different exotic fruits will allow you to show a special care to your beloved woman! This gift box comes packed full of succulent flavor and organic goodness. Bursting with fresh fruit, it is sure to keep you dreaming of the tropics for a while.

Large basket of Fruit. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Large basket of Fruit

What can make her feel on the warm island while the cold wind is blowing outside? What can make an ordinary day become a holiday? This great basket of exotic fruit is the thing that will cheer her up and make her think of you like of a kind wizard!

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