Gifts for Kids

Dear Sirs, now you have the opportunity to order a wonderful toy for your Lady’s child. Making her child happy you do make Her happy! We can be helpful in providing you with one of the best kids gifts for children of all ages. These gifts for kids are sure to capture the imagination of any child. We have searched for the coolest ones, and we guarantee that you will find something here that will bring a smile to the face of Her child.
Bear in a warm pullover. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Bear in a warm pullover

This bear is so warm and cute and has such a pretty heart on his read pullover, as if he says: «I love you!» Would you like to say the same to your favourite lady? Give this toy as a present!

Funny Bunny. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Funny Bunny

«Hi are you ready to play with me?» would ask this bunny if your ladie's child received such a gift. It is impossible not to adore this little plush creation, do you agree?



This unknown creature is famous among kids. More than one generation grew up with this Ukrainian cartoon hero. Soft, plush and kind Cheburashka should be in hands of every kid.

Big pink elephant. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Big pink elephant

Soft pink elephant is a must of every child's room. This lovely cuddly toy will make both the kid and his mother happy. The size of the toy will impress and amuse the child.

Fairy tales for kids. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Fairy tales for kids

A big book of children's fairy tales of Russian and Ukrainian writers. Is there a kid who doesn't like fairy tales? Especially now when he can see all his favorite heroes in cartoons. To listen to stories before bedtime is an eternal tradition of children of all the countries and nations.

Kids Drawing and Art Kit. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Kids Drawing and Art Kit

Something for the young artist. Even Picasso started somewhere! This basic drawing and painting set is great for the beginner! Let Her child open her/his talents!

Rocking Horse. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Rocking Horse

A great traditional gift that any child will love! The exciting movements make playtime even more fun! Giddy up, partner! Rocking Horse will make your Lady’s little cowboy or cowgirl feel like he/she's the real deal, herding cattle and chasing down train robbers in the Old West!

Formula-1 car. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Formula-1 car

Your ladie's son will feel as a Formula One racing driver with this toy! The car is red colored and of course it must take part in toy race. The rule is simple - the one who finishes first is the best — and do you guess whose car will be the first at the finish line?

Toy racing car. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Toy racing car

Each little boy dreams of a real car, and your lady's son is not an exception. Perhaps this toy car will be the first step to make his dream come true in the future? :)

Kids toy motorbike. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Kids toy motorbike

Which boy wouldn't like to have a motorbike? Though he cannot ride a real motorcycle now, he will surely enjoy the toy one! It will bring excitement to every kids play time, while taking kids on a thrilling adventure.

Big toy lorry. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Big toy lorry

The best present for the smallest children! With help of a little shovel and rake the child can fill the body of the lorry with sand and will play with this lorry the whole day — we promise it!

Toy railroad. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Toy railroad

Some adults' first memory of a toy was that of a toy train. Give the son of your lady the possibility to have the same marvelous memories in the future, ordering this colorful toy train for him! There will be also one more person who will be very glad to see such a present from you. Who is it? It's the boy's mother — your fairy lady! Remember, when the child is happy, the mother is also happy!

LEGO set. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

LEGO set

In this developing LEGO set little inventors will find everything they see around. It is important that all the details of this suite for little creators are of increased size. You can order a set for both boys and for girls.

Baby doll Daisy. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Baby doll Daisy

A dream for your Lady's little daughter! The adorable 37cm tall Daisy doll comes with a nappy, bottle, potty and a pretty romper. When Daisy needs feeding, the child has to make sure she gets her bottle to drink from. Once this baby doll has had her drink she will need to use her potty. Tilt her head back and her eyes will close so that she can sleep. Age: from 36 months.

Bag for girl. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Bag for girl

Let her daughter feel like her beautiful mother! With such a bag she will be the best at school and during her walks with mom! Cute design with a zip fastening and carry handle.

Make-up for a mini fashion girl. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Make-up for a mini fashion girl

A set of make-up every girl is dreaming about: nail polish, lip gloss, rings, pins – now a mini fashion girl will have everything “like an adult”! All the make-up is packed with a taste in a Children's bunk handbag! The production is hypoallergenic and safe for children.

Doll. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.


These beautiful dolls will fulfill every girl's dreams! Every child wants to have this fascinating princess. To dress and undress. Here's the doll she’ll surely like, and plenty of accessories to her new friend.

Barbie's House. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Barbie's House

Design and construction is thoroughly developed to approach a child to the real world of things. It is easy to assemblage and dismantle what makes possible to play it even in a small room. Barbie's house is an ideal place where Barbie can invite her friends. This gift is a dream of every little girl.

Inflatable circle. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Inflatable circle

This safety vinyl circle ring is great for baby swimmer! This circle offers a safe, relaxing way to introduce a baby to the water. By kicking and splashing freely, baby is able to gain confidence and take the first steps towards learning to swim.

Children's pool. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Children's pool

Water can bring so much joy! This wonderful pool can be placed on grass, a suitably sized porch or close to where your lady is sitting on a hot summer day. Easy to construct, made of durable, high quality material and very affordable. Size 61x15 cm, for kids from 1 to 3 years old.

Inflatable Beach Mat. Shop in Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

Inflatable Beach Mat

Inflatable Beach Mat is very compact and comfortable so it is easy to take to the beach. This mat is great for both the lady and her child. It is a necessary thing for summer time. All colors and shades are available.

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