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age 40
40 years old from Cherkasy

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She is



I’m looking for

1 October


175cm 5' 9''

59 kg 130 lbs



slim (slender)





Marriage, Romance, Friendship, Relationship, Traveling



University degree


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Marital status

Single and I have children / 1 boy / 1 girl

Children age

14 y.o.1 August4 y.o.9 June

Want to have children?


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My future goals are

At first sight, it may seem, that I have everything I need: amazing kids, good job, my housing and hobbies. But only love is not enough... That`s why my main goal is to find a reliable man and to create a loving family. Then I want to raise my kids and to help them to find their life way. And of course, I should not forget about myself, I want to develop in my sphere. I hope my man will support me in everything.

How would I describe myself

My personality can be described in one word - complete peace and calmness. I owe mental balance and empathy in some meaning. But don`t think that I am emotionless, I just can control it :).

What I do in my leisure time?

Even despite I am an accountant by profession, I have a very sensitive and creative soul. I am fond of handiwork or needlework. I love to sew, to make textile dolls, different jewelry. There is also one thing that inspires me a lot. I am hooked on photography. I see the hidden beauty in some moments of life or things and just take a photo. I am going in for sport, love to watch different movies and listen to the music. I have never traveled abroad, but it is my real dream and hope it will come true very soon :)

About my family

Currently my family is my kids for me. I have been alone for a couple of years already so my angels became the whole universe for me. I work all the day long, but I do all my best to dedicate some time to them in the evening. My daughter Alina who is the eldest, she became my best helper in raising her little brother Artem. I am really proud of both of them :). I can`t force my future man to love them as his own, but at least I would love them to become good friends :).

My typical day

I start my day with jogging and simple exercises, then shower, morning coffee and breakfast all together. I bring my kids to school and move to work. I have a regular working day. Sometimes if I haven`t finished something, I can continue at home. In the evening I cook, help kids with their homework and sometimes we walk in the park. On weekend, I am busy with domestic chores, sometimes we have guests or go out somewhere.

The type of man that I desire

I dream to find a man who will take care of me, who will treat to me with love and understanding. I would love him to be mature, wise and ready to create a family or serious relationships. I am not too demanding lady, but experience showed that it is better to talk frankly and directly about preferences now, than to be hurt in the future, agree ?

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Nataly is a really mature and wise lady. She is a goal-oriented lady who is tired to be alone. She just wants to be loved and to share her love with somebody special. You will never regret if you choose her.