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Gentlemen prefer blondes, this statement is eternalized in a famous film staring the most outstanding blonde of all times Marilyn Monroe. Blonde ladies' pics is the most popular Internet search query. Why is it so? Blonde ladies are surrounded with many myths. Obviously, hair color is not the most significant feature of a blonde. Etymologically, blonde — it is the quintessence of femininity. The most common stereotype that blonde is a woman of limited intelligence who is interested in her beauty, outfits, lovers and money. But the real life facts totally disprove this stereotype. Historically, blonde captives and slaves from Europe excited the envy of the Roman matrons with their rarity and so, women in Ancient Rome began to dye in blondes. Light hair color also became a way to attract men's attention, being a distinctive bright hallmark of Slavic blonde ladies.

Russian blonde ladies for marriage

Ukraine blonde girls.

Psychologists explain the phenomenon of beautiful Ukrainian and Russian hot blonde women by the fact that unconsciously men find blondes more feminine, sexy and soft compared to brunettes. There's a simple "chemical" explanation – compared to the dark-haired women blondes have a slightly higher level of estrogens (female sex hormones) in their blood. And this circumstance explains the sexual behavior of blonde ladies. They are affectionate, and easily subject to the desires of their partner. Tender submission allows any man to feel a dominant male, to quench his thirst of power. Also more estrogen is a clear sign of fertility of women, making them desirable for starting a family. What are the most prominent aspects of a lovely blonde? They are definitely romantic, but they do not lack analytical thinking and deep and tend to changes in everything. Blondes are more fun, creative and sociable, they always look delicate and vulnerable, possessing their own special charm. Men instinctively want to protect them, to surround with their attention and affection.

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