Why You Should Date a Nurse From Ukraine?

27 Apr 2021

Do you have a question about why to date a nurse? You wish to know the reason to date a nurse. The answer is so simple: these women have so many good features of character. There are minimum five reasons to try to build relationship with women who work in this field:

5 Reasons to Date a Nurse

  • Smart. The nurses are intelligent, they have to react fast and take quick decisions during the emergency. Not everybody will be able to do this hard job, not everybody will enjoy it.
  • Hard-working. Nurses work long hours, their shifts maybe 24 or even 40 hours long. They work hard and they do their job well.
  • Caring. At work they always take care of the patients and spend more time with them than doctors, they check how the patient feels and gives the medicine, injections, or so. They get used to taking care of people at work and, of course, that influences their everyday life.
  • Funny. Nurses’ work is pretty hard and stressful so you need to have a good sense of humor. Sometimes they need to react to some situation, telling a joke to the patient or smile just to support and to help to recover as soon as possible.
  • Confident. Nurses have a lot of difficult and unpredictable situations when they have to be sure what they do, their job, their daily hard work, and practice helps them to be confident.

Pros and cons of dating Ukrainian nurse

As everywhere, there are pros and cons. If you decide to date a nurse you should know pluses and minuses and be ready for them. Let us start with the positive moments:


  • No problems with the job. For nurses that is not a problem to find a job in any country in the world. Yes, she may need some time to get permission to work, will need to confirm her diploma, or go to the additional courses but that is not a problem at all.
  • Nurses are patient. Yes, nurses take care of patients and this work demands a lot of energy and patience.
  • Her friends are doctors, nurses, and many people connected with the medical care system. You will get intelligent, smart, and educated people around your couple. People who are interesting to talk with and who can give a good piece of advice.
  • Your lifestyle will be healthier. Nurses know how to keep fit and they choose a healthy lifestyle. So they prefer a healthy diet and be ready for that. Is that a pro or a con for you?


  • Nurse dating is nervous. Sometimes nurses come home exhausted with no power and they need your support, help, and protection.
  • Her shift timetable may change. There may be changes in the last very moment when you had a booked table or tickets to the cinema. Be ready that this will happen rather often and decide if you will be able to live this life.
  • Nurses are always tired after the shift. If you consider dating a nurse, get ready to share the house holding duties, or sometimes you will have to do a lot of things yourself.

What is it like to date a nurse?

Relationships with a nurse are unpredictable and exciting at the same time. Why is it unpredictable? Her changing shifts will always be a part of your life, your plans will be canceled and you will have to change them at the last moment that may be a dinner in the restaurant or even a trip to another country.

What else? She will need your support because her work is stressful, there are some problems with the patients and with doctors every day. She will come home and, for sure, will complain. Therefore, you will have to support her, find the right words for her to feel better, and cook dinner, by the way. A tired nurse after the nervous shift is not the best cook.

At the same time, your relationships will be exciting. Do you like a massage? Do you know how it can make your life brighter and more pleasant? A nurse knows how to do that. Many nurses have special knowledge so you will need only to relax and get pleasure.

She always has an interesting and funny story to tell you. A nurse is an interesting person to talk with, that is the truth.

She knows how to take care not only of her patients but also of her man. Taking care is her job and many nurses say that it is what they like doing every day in their life. Nurses are caring and not only at work.

Choosing a nurse as a wife or a life partner, you should realize not only the pluses but think over the minuses if you will be able to deal with them.

Tips How to Date a Nurse From Ukraine

It is so easy to impress a woman nurse if you know very simple rules:

  • Be a gentleman. Be polite and show that you care. Help with the coat, let her come through the door first, do not be rude.
  • Be attentive and remember the details. If you are interested in a lady
  • Bring flowers when you have a date. If you chatted before, you may remember her favorite flowers. That would be great to come with them.
  • Pay the bill in the restaurant. In Ukraine, it’s supposed that the man pays the bill on the date.
  • Talk about different topics, ask and listen to her answers. Do not talk about your ex and don’t ask about hers.

Find your nurse and build strong relationships based on love, respect, and feelings. Let dating a nurse become the beginning of something bright and long-lasting.



In conclusion, dating a Ukrainian nurse comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, nurses possess job security, patience, and a network of intelligent individuals within the medical field. However, challenges such as unpredictable schedules, exhaustion, and the need for constant support are also part of the equation. Despite these hurdles, nurturing a relationship with a nurse can be rewarding, provided one is willing to embrace the complexities and demonstrate genuine care and understanding. By adhering to simple courtesies and displaying attentiveness, individuals can foster strong and enduring connections with Ukrainian nurses, paving the way for fulfilling and meaningful relationships.