Why you should date a widow

22 Mar 2021

Sure if you both are ready for the relationships it would be perfect to start the relationships. However, let’s start from the very beginning, you have just met a woman and you found out that she is a widow and you are puzzled, that’s something new for you and you wish to know how to behave and what to do. You ask yourself: “Should I date a widow?” First of all, let’s find out where you met her. If that’s a party or the bar, that’s not the best place to get acquainted with the widow for building strong relationships. You don’t know for sure if she wants to date or to have serious relationships. That may be just an affair or hookups from her side but you wish to build something serious and long-lasting. It’s better to get acquainted with the widow on the dating websites because the lady comes there when she is ready and she wants relationships. A widowed woman needs time to understand that she is ready for the relationships and she wants changes in the future. Only after that, she starts looking for a partner seriously. Here are some things you should know if you decide on dating a widow and let’s start with the pros and cons.

Advantages and disadvantages of dating widow

There are pros and cons, of course. Why should you choose a woman whose husband passed away for building relationships with? 

  • First of all, these women know how to build relationships, they have been in long-lasting relationships and a lot of women were happy but some circumstances made it impossible to be together with the partner.
  • Secondly, these women know what they are looking for, they wish to create a family and have a happy future, of course, if they have started the serious search.
  • Thirdly, they know how to make a partner pleased and happy and at the same time they know what it means to be happy with a man and they wish to have this.

Some advantages may be cons for some people and some disadvantages may be pros.

If a woman has a child, is it an advantage or disadvantage? Some men prefer to look for a partner without children and some men have children and don’t want to have more so they prefer to date a lady with children who won’t have more in the future. However, a lot of widows have children, some of them have 2 or even more. For sure the next item is the con – she may compare you with her ex, unconsciously but she will do this from time to time.

How to Date a Widow Woman

You are dating a widow, what should you know and what to be ready for? First of all, you should understand that she has lost her partner but not divorced, that was a person who she loved and who she was close with. You may find a lot of his pictures in her apartment and on her social networks. The pictures where they look happy together, kissing and hugging. For sure, you will be confused and you will be a little bit jealous, however, you should know that this is her past and she needs time to put these pictures in the box and to put new ones instead. Give her this time and take things slow, dating a wideowed women might ne a challenge. The second thing is children. She may have one child or two or even three. In case you are having relationships, you need to understand that you will become a part of her family and will take part in bringing up children. Are you ready? You should be 100 percent sure that you are ready and only then start something serious. Your girlfriend may be in contact with her ex-husband's family, she may visit them, spend time with that family. Remember divorce doesn’t mean the same and the woman may need more time to be ready for the next relationship. So be gentle, patient and give her the time she needs. Dating with widow online at the start of the relationshidp might be a good choice to take things slowly

Top Tips for Dating a Widow

Be strong enough to solve the problems, you will become the shoulder and the wall for the widow. You should be supportive and attentive, your lady does need this and she wishes to get this in the relationship with you. What kind of help? Any, believe. From the broken tap or pipe to her children’s problems who got in different situations. Your lady is a strong woman, she survived in a difficult situation but at the same time she wishes to get help and support, she wishes to feel that she is a woman and she is cared for. Her man should ready to help and her partner should close enough to come when she needs you.

As you can see, dating a widow is not as hard as it may seem from first sight. For sure, there are some difficulties and specialties but in general, they are women with their wishes, desires, and expectations. They want to have relationships, to love and to be loved, they want to take care and want to get help and support. Go ahead, build relationships with a widow if you like her.