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19 years old from Ivanofrankovsk
Birth Date
19 September

162 cm 5' 4''

58 kg 128 lbs





She is




B.A. Student

Field of work


Marital status
Single and No children

Want to have children?
will decide with my husband

My Languages
Ukrainian Native
Russian Advanced
English Basic

Anna from Ivanofrankovsk 19 years - sunny day. My small public photo.
My future goals are
I have many goals, but I would not say that I am very ambitious - I am rather determined, though. I have had a dream to help people since I was a very little girl, so I hope to become a good doctor and to help many people, to make their lives easier at least in some regard. I have been realizing more and more how badly I need a partner in my life - my man. A boyfriend first, then a husband. I realize how important it is to have a loving man by your side with whom you could feel like a unity, a whole. So my dream is to find a man I would fall in love with, too. Those are the 2 main aims in my life - to help people and to be loved/to love.
Anna from Ivanofrankovsk 19 years - good mood. My small public photo.
Domestic abilities
When a family you live in is big, you do what you have to do, and you also have to do what you are asked to do, and you also have to help your younger siblings - so that's all about me :) I am used to cleaning the house, washing dishes, ironing, washing clothes, walking the dog. I can do anything, and I always want everything to be clean. A weekend is always a nice opportunity to declutter my wardrobe and to clean my room. I also help my sister with cleaning her room, too. I would say I like cooking, too, - I like baking when I have some time and some help :)

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Anna from Ivanofrankovsk 19 years - soft light. My small public photo.
What I do in my leisure time?
At the time present I devote all my time to my studies, but I also have some free time, and when I have an opportunity, I always spend it with the close people like my family or my closest friends. I am very active and easy-going, so I like attending different kinds of events. I also spend quite a lot of time with my beloved dog Asya :) I love her so much! When I walk her, it's so relaxing. I like walking, too, I like nature, I like being outdoors as much as I can. I like chewing some pop corm when watching a funny movie and crying a bit when watching a drama :)
How would I describe myself
I would say I am a very open person, I make friends easily and I like communication with other people. I like learning everything new and I like animals a lot - I am a big animal lover! Helping people is my hobby. I am romantic and vulnerable at the same time. I like romance. I am very excited about anything new, any new experience, I like different events, going out. I like sweets :) I like nature a lot, too - I like being near lakes and rivers. I know for sure that I would never betray anyone. I am compassionate and I try to understand others whatever situation I am in.
Anna from Ivanofrankovsk 19 years - favorite dress. My small public photo.
Anna from Ivanofrankovsk 19 years - attentive lady. My small public photo.
My typical day
My typical day starts at 6.30 am. I wake up, have a shower, do my makeup and do my hair and have my breakfast. Sometimes I may skip my breakfast when there is not much time left, but I prefer having a cup of coffee with a croissant or some porridge. I have to be at the university at 8 am, so I have to hurry :) I have my classes till 4 pm. Then I may go home or may go to the library if I need to. If I don't have a lot to do at home, I usually meet with my friends in the evening and have some fun time with them. Or I take my dog and go for a walk. I may read something before going to bed or watch a movie.
The type of man that I desire
I would say that a key element of a successful relationship is understanding. So I would want him to be understanding, first of all, to be ready to accept me and love me the way I am. To be a good listener and to be able to hear everything I want to say... I think it's important when people have some common hobbies and spend time together doing something they both like, so I would want him to share some of my hobbies. He has to be supporting, too... Loving. It goes without saying that he has to have respect towards women. In general, I am not demanding, but if you ask me, that is what I would want him to be like :)
Anna from Ivanofrankovsk 19 years - joy and happiness. My small public photo.
Anna from Ivanofrankovsk 19 years - nice smile. My small public photo.
About my family
I was born in a big family - a family of 6:) And we all take care of each other and live together - my Mum, my Dad, my 2 brothers and 1 sister. My brothers are little now, and my sister is 5 years younger than me. I am the eldest :) So I am meant to be responsible for the rest most of the time! I would say our family is a lot of fun - we are always on the move, we like going out, we like picnics, we like different types of activities, both indoor and outdoor. My family is based on love, trust and understanding. I would want my future family to be the same.
Our personal opinion of this Lady
The lady is a very bright personality. She is very polite, well- mannered, is very charismatic and has a very feminine appearance. It's pleasant to talk with her. She is very mature for her age, very responsible. She is determined to find her love here and she wants to be in a serious relationship with a man from abroad soon. The lady seems to be very open and ready for new experiences. She has a very charming smile and is pleasant to talk to, can discuss any subject and has her own opinion and her views. She is always on time.
Anna from Ivanofrankovsk 19 years - lovely girl. My small public photo.
Anna from Ivanofrankovsk 19 years - kind russian girl. My small public photo.
Anna from Ivanofrankovsk 19 years - soft light. My small public photo.
Anna from Ivanofrankovsk 19 years - it's me. My small public photo.
Anna from Ivanofrankovsk 19 years - cool photo shooting. My small public photo.
Anna from Ivanofrankovsk 19 years - intelligent lady. My small public photo.
Anna from Ivanofrankovsk 19 years - looking for relationship. My small public photo.