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age 26
26 years old from Lutsk

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2 August


163cm 5' 4''

65 kg 143 lbs








Marriage, Romance, Relationship, Dating



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Single and No children

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Our personal opinion of this Lady

Juliet made a good impression on us. She is a target-oriented person, with a strong intention to find her destiny with the help of our site. She is beautiful, stylish, smart girl with a good sense of humor. While talking with her, it is easy to feel, that Juliet is fond of self education, she is clever and comprehensively developed person. Her life style is active. She is running somewhere, all the time: work, gym, different seminars, meetings with friends, travelling, etc. This girl has strong family values. Her family is everything for her, and it is number one priority in her life.

My future goals are

The future goals can be divided on short-term and long-term ones. Speaking about short-term goals: to complete courses on extreme driving and drifting, keep on exploring my own country. Long-term goals (or even better to say "life - term" goals): to meet my other half, to get married, to have a happy family, healthy kids, to become a good wife, to take good care of my beloved ones. To explore the world with my husband, to share common interests and hobbies, etc.

The type of man that I desire

When I was a teenager, as any girl I was dreaming about tall and handsome prince on the white horse. lol. Of course, with the time passing and getting life experience my vision about my life partner has totally changed. My parents are separated, so my biggest wish is to have a strong, happy family, loving husband and true love, that will last for ever. Therefore, the man of my dream is decent, honest, loving, generous, with a good sense of humor. I believe that trust, support and understanding should be the basis of our relations.

About my family

As I have mentioned above, my parents are separated for many years. However, my dad takes part in our lives, and has friendly relations with my mom. Therefore, I live with my mother and my older sister and her husband. We have 7 years difference with my sister. My brother-in-law is a foreigner. I see, that my sister is very happy with him. That is one of the main reasons, why I decided to connect my life with a man from another country. My mom is the closest person in my life. We can share all the secrets and worries with each other. I have a happy family, but I really wish to start my own in nearest future.

What I do in my leisure time?

I like to learn and develop non-stop. I am fond of reading different literature, that relates to pharmacy, since this is my area of occupation. I watch different beauty and cosmetology webinars, frequently. Sport takes very important part in my life. I go to gym 3 times per week. I am a big fan of zumba, alpha gravity, aqua aerobics and evening jogging. If I have 2-3 off days, I will never miss a chance to take a short tour on the territory of Ukraine. My country is rich on ancient castles, churches, amazing mountains, lakes, rivers and seasides. I adore to travel abroad, as well.

How would I describe myself

Well, it is difficult to give an objective assessment to yourself. But, my family, friends and relatives say, that I am funny, cheerful, lively, active and life-loving person. I like to help people, that's why I take an active part in charity process of our town. I donate clothes, food and medicine, frequently. I like going to cimenas, museums, art galleries, different types of exhibitions, parks etc. I am fan of comedies and adventures. I love "Desperate Housewives" and "Devious Maids". I can re-watch these series again and again.