27 years old from Lviv

  • Birth Date

    1 August

  • Height

    172 cm5' 7''

  • Weight

    52 kg114 lbs

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  • Build

    slim (slender)

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  • Occupation

    Music teacher

  • Marital status

    Single and No children

  • Want to have children?

    will decide with my husband

  • My Languages

    Ukrainian NativeEnglish Basic

  • I’m looking for

    Marriage, Romance, Friendship, Relationship, Dating

Lina 3869

About my family

My family is a real paradise of a place where I can take refuge from problems and hardships and where I will always be heard, understood and supported!

It is like a fairy-tale garden, where every day the flowers of love, prosperity and mutual understanding blossom. 

I grew up in a monastery where even the smallest moment is filled with warmth and care. This experience has filled my soul with the desire to create a family as strong and friendly as mine.

I have an older brother Lyosha, he is 29 years old, and he is not only a brother but also my constant support and encouragement. Since my early childhood, Lyosha has been there for me, ready to protect and help. His advice and support became a reliable beacon in my life.

I realize that many girls dream of having an older brother, and I can proudly confirm that I am lucky to have Lyosha in my life. His strong shoulder is always by my side, despite the difficulties and trials, and this makes me strong and confident.

The dream of my own family, full of love and mutual understanding, has become a shining thread for me, leading me into the future. I aspire to create the same cosy corner where every family member will feel loved and supported. My family is a source of inspiration and happiness, and I am ready to pass this light to my future children, creating a strong and friendly family like the one I grew up in.

What I do in my leisure time?

I am a truly creative person who has a unique ability to play a variety of musical instruments.

A lot of my activities and free time are closely related to music, but beyond that, dancing has become an integral part of my life. I indulge in breakdancing and vakking, finding in it an exceptional pleasure and an opportunity to express my creative side.

Dancing for me is not just a movement, but a way of interacting with music, inner rhythm and my own emotions. This art form allows me to escape into myself when reality seems too heavy. I find joy and freedom in the world of dance, and I always receive an enthusiastic welcome there.

Among my hobbies, there are many more fascinating activities, and thanks to them I am never bored. 

But despite the variety of interests, I also pay attention to my spiritual side. Meditations and reading spiritual literature have become a way for me to dive into the depths of my own consciousness.

These moments of calm and self-discovery bring balance to my life, filling my body and mind with positive energy. In this way, my creative and spiritual sides combine to create a harmonious and fulfilling lifestyle full of emotion, inspiration and joy.

How would I describe myself

In my world, kindness is not just a desirable trait, but a prerequisite for anyone, who wants to share life with me. I believe that our society is better when we remain kind and caring)

However, my love is not limited to humans. I am madly in love with animals and believe that people should help our smaller brothers! I have a cat and a dog, which I took from the street to save them and I have not regretted a minute about my choice!

I believe that loving animals is not just an act of kindness, but a sign of how a person treats those who cannot say with words, but feel with their heart. If someone doesn't love pets, to me it is a sign that something is missing in the person, perhaps a modicum of kindness and compassion.

By asking a man if he loves animals, I basically find out how heartfelt he is! 

Someone who knows how to be in awe of small creatures is probably able to genuinely care for those he loves as well.

I am willing to give my heart to a man who, like me, sees animals not just as creatures, but as our faithful companions and friends.

My behaviour may seem unorthodox and emotional at times, but it's just another side of my personality. I believe that fun and positive energy bring bright colours to life! I am willing to share my kindness, love of animals and positive attitude with someone, who appreciates these values and is willing to share their world with me.

My future goals are

For me, as a real girl, family is central to life. These are not just words, but a conscious belief that true happiness is often found in sharing your life with your nearest and dearest.

In the past, I may not have believed in the power of social media, but in the 21st century, I have come to realize that the internet can be a place where true feelings are born and dating can grow into deep relationships)

I dream of a partner with whom we explore the world together, grow as individuals and realize our goals. It is important to me that there is meaning, inspiration and mutual support in a relationship. 

I am not looking for a ready-made solution, I am ready to actively participate in building our future together by supporting and inspiring my partner!

Realizing the importance of motivation and positive words for a man, I am ready to be his pillar, helper and best support.

My dream is to have my own family, to raise a boy and a girl in an atmosphere of love and care. I grew up in a big family and that is what made me who I am)

Ultimately, my goal is to find not just a life partner, but someone with whom we will build our family, with respect and love, walking together through joys and challenges, creating a true and lasting union...

The type of man that I desire

I would like to find a responsible, courageous and cheerful man with a great sense of humour. Laughter is what saves in bad times so having a positive mindset is very important to me!

My ideal partner not only understands and supports my creative passion but also has his own creative vision of the world!

I need not just a life companion, but an inspiring companion in the art of living.

Common interests in a relationship are not just an ornament for me, but an important glue, that can come together to form a unique union.

It's important to me that my man and I have common interests and hobbies because when two people have a lot in common, it not only strengthens their bond but also creates moments of true understanding and bonding!

Don't you agree?

Our personal opinion of this Lady

The most tender and charming creature who really understands what unconditional love is! This girl is full of tenderness and ready to give herself to family values. Her heart is filled with love, and her a family is not just a word, but a sacred concept to which she is ready to devote herself. 

She is a creative person and her hobbies are an integral part of her life.

Lina is a virtuoso in three musical instruments, which makes her not only talented but also a multifaceted person. Besides, her talent for dancing gives her a special charm. She attends dance circles where every movement of her body is a real art. Such grace and passion in dance is a perfect complement to her gentle and caring nature.

Despite her many interests and hobbies, she is ready to sacrifice her time and efforts for the happiness of her family. Her love for her loved ones transforms her interests into caring and joy for others. She is the one who brings comfort and warmth into the home, creating an atmosphere where love and understanding blossom.

Her energy, her talents and her tenderness make her an indispensable companion in life. With this girl, every day is filled with miracles and joy because it is important for her to make her man happy.

My typical day

My typical day is filled with the magic of music, children's smiles, and the comfort of home quiet. I am a music teacher, and every day greets me with new notes and experiences.

The morning begins with preparing for class. Picking up chords and melodies, I prepare to greet my young students, ages 5 to 16. My lessons include learning to play various instruments that I myself own. Working with children is a real pleasure, and I respect every step in their musical development.

The most exciting thing for me is to see the grateful smiles of children when they successfully master a new part or perform their first composition. Children's eyes full of admiration and joy become the best reward for me. These moments are incomparable to any material possessions and make my work truly special.

After a busy day in a musical atmosphere, when I return home, my soul longs for silence. Picking up my favourite book, I immerse myself in a world of words and ideas, putting my thoughts in order. Reading becomes not only a way for me to relax but also an opportunity to find inspiration and new horizons of thinking.

Cooking is another favourite hobby that fills my evening with aromas and flavours. It is also a creative process that gives me inspiration and strength for the next day.