22 years old from Mykolaiv

  • Birth Date

    15 February

  • Height

    166 cm5' 5''

  • Weight

    55 kg121 lbs

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  • Occupation

    Graphics design

  • Marital status

    Single and No children

  • Want to have children?

    will decide with my husband

  • My Languages

    English IntermediateGerman Pre-Intermediate

  • I’m looking for

    Marriage, Romance

Maria 9631

About my family

My family is the dearest and closest people. For me, my family starts with my mother. Mom's caress, tenderness, and warmth always surrounds me and I am extremely grateful to her for this. Mom is everything to me. This is my whole world.

I also have a brother who is 22 years older than me. And this is the best man in my life. He always protects and supports me. Therefore, I would like to meet the same person with whom I will feel at home and behind a stone wall.

This is my family. 3 people who love each other madly no matter what?

My typical day

My typical day? Oh no.. Routine is not about me! Each new day is different from the previous one. In every new day I meet new people, get new emotions and impressions. It doesn't matter if people and emotions are good or bad. The main thing is that they exist - this is what makes us living people. It is important for me to bring as many colors as possible into my life, and the color palette, as we all know, has no boundaries. Each color has many shades and all these shades increase with each new day. Therefore, I can say with confidence that it is never boring with me. And that's why I want to meet the same person as me. A person who will bring new colors into my life ..

The type of man that I desire

Many people are chasing the ideal person. What is the concept of "ideal" for me? Probably, the synonyms that I select mentally when I hear this word will answer this question: utopia, unreal image, template, standard. But this is a very superficial judgment, and next to me I want to see a living person (not a robot).

The key qualities are:

Masculinity. It is important for me that a man has the strength of mind, nobility, honor, and courage.

Kindness. For me, this is an integral quality of every standing man, especially if we have a family with him.

Honesty. This is incredibly important to me because I don't like lies. Lies ruin everything.

Diligence. My man should not be lazy, because I myself am a very hardworking person and next to me I want to see the same person.

A responsibility. A man should be responsible for his words and deeds. I don't like it when a person makes empty promises and ends up just disappearing. This is very humiliating.

How would I describe myself

I am a very versatile person. My soul, my thoughts and my heart are always aimed at learning something new and improving, enjoying the old, dear. I know what I want. And I know that everything is in my hands. And I know that I will definitely achieve what I want.

It is important for me to be close to the person who understands me perfectly, with whom I will not have any particular disagreements. Although conflicts cannot be avoided and this is quite normal.

It is important for me that in my family (as well as with friends) there is trust, honesty and sincerity. I am always open to something new. I am not afraid to open up to people, because I can always find a common language and I rarely make mistakes in people.

I also have a special love for nature and films... this is the love I want to share with my beloved man.

What I do in my leisure time?

There are many things in my life that I love to do. As soon as I have free time, I immediately try to grab this opportunity and go to the cinema to enjoy a good film. Also, my passion is music. I can't imagine my life without music. It's always with me. I also love nature madly. Walking by the sea or in the forest is something incredible, divine and inspiring. I also have a special passion for cooking, painting, and cleaning.

However, I'm always open to something new and I don't mind doing something else. The more you develop, the better it is. And so the probability of meeting your man, with whom I will always have something to talk about, grows.

My future goals are

My goals are simple enough in words, so I want these words to become a reality. In general, I think so - if you don’t set a goal for yourself correctly, you don’t write it down for yourself, then it will be difficult to achieve something at all. If you don’t think in advance about what kind of person you want to be with, what kind of family you want to create, how many and what kind of children you want, where you want to live, if you don’t create a portrait of your ideal family, then it will be difficult to build it. All this must be thought out in detail, to the smallest detail, planned. Accordingly, I want two beautiful children and a beloved husband. These are people to whom I would like to devote all of myself.

Also one of the most important goals is the dream job. Now I am doing everything possible to achieve what I want and I am sure that I can do it.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Maria is very cute and interesting. We are struck by her penetrating gaze, full of confidence and thirst to achieve her goal. She knows what she wants and she does her best to get it. Also, the girl is a very creative person, so it is always interesting with her. Another advantage of Maria is that she is beautiful both outside and inside - and this is really mesmerizing when a person is smart and at the same time beautiful.

We also like that Maria specifically talks about her desires. It is important for her to find the same deep-thinking person and build a career and family with him. And it's just wonderful when a person does not choose one thing, but can reasonably distribute his strengths, capabilities and abilities.