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age 27
27 years old from Zaporozhye

Birth Date








She is



I’m looking for

23 July


157cm 5' 2''

45 kg 99 lbs



slim (slender)





Marriage, Romance, Relationship, Dating, Traveling



University degree


Field of activity



nail artist

Marital status

Divorced and I have children / 1 girl

Children age

11 y.o.15 May

Want to have children?


My Languages



Means is a native speaker, needs no help in speaking



Speaks since childhood

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About my family

My family is very small, but very loving. I have only mother and daughter. We are very close and we love going out all together to have a dinner or a picnic. I am very close with my mother, I can trust her everything and I can always count on my support. She is a wonderful mother and I am trying to be the same example and a good role model for my daughter.

How would I describe myself

I am a cheerful, romantic and positive person. I am trying to always see good in people and in every situation. I believe that everything is happening for some reason and it is in our hands to create a happy life and happy future. I am very romantic and I miss romance in my life a lot! I am very affectionate and love hugs and tenderness! I just want to feel myself loved and happy in warm embraces of my special man :). I am looking for a simple happiness.

The type of man that I desire

I am looking for a responsible, kind and caring man. I am looking for someone who is the same easy-going as I am, who wants to enjoy simple pleasures in life. I am looking for someone very humorous and open, who can turn on little troubles into a joke and we could laugh at it together :). Being a very romantic woman myself, I am also looking for someone who is romantic, who enjoyed giving and receiving surprises. I am looking for someone who is ready for a responsibility of raising children, someone who is devoted, loyal and honest.

What I do in my leisure time?

Most of my free time I spend with my treasure - my daughter :). She is fond of dancing and teaching me to dance too :). We arrange our little parties at home with milk cocktails and a loud music:). Do you do this sometimes too? :) I love travelling and discovering new interesting places! I am not a very experienced traveller yet, but I am open to new adventures! :) I love spending time outdoors, just anything to do outdoors I am up to! Any ideas? I am just a happy person enjoying simple things life is offering us every day! I believe that it is always better to try than regret of not taking a chance!

My future goals are

Most of all I am dreaming about creating a strong family. I dream of creating a cozy home, to make my close people happy with my love and attention. It would be great to open my own beauty salon in the future, but it is just an idea as first of all I would like to devote my attention to my future husband and our kids :).

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Lady is very positive and optimistic. She is smiling all the time and always has a warm and kind word for everyone. Very supportive and understanding. Very responsible and goal-oriented.